LCS Board Meeting Briefs June 16, 2021

LCS Board Meeting Briefs June 16, 2021

Listed below are notes from the June 16th Leon County School Board meeting.

  • Superintendent Rocky Hanna recognized Mrs. Pat Phelan of Lawton Chiles High School who has been teaching for over 50 years. She had a long career at Amos P. Godby High School for 30 years, and now at Chiles High for 20 years. Hanna stated that he did not want to wait for Mrs. Phelan to retire before she was recognized, he wanted to recognize her teaching accomplishments now.
  • Hanna also acknowledged Mr. Harry Pounsel with Pineview Elementary School. Mr. Pounsel is retiring after 50 years of teaching at Pineview. Pounsel thanked the school board, district 1 for helping him establish his career in Leon County and is thankful for having the opportunity to teach children.
  • Prime Meridian Bank presented a check for $4,000 to Dr. Jasmine Smith the Principal of Oak Ridge Elementary School for a summer bookfair for the students.
  • Jakhira Berry of Leon County Virtual School was recognized during the LCSB meeting for her recent success in placing first in the National Weightlifting Federation’s Powerlifting State Championship. She will soon travel to Detroit, Michigan for the national competition on June 28th.
  • Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Alan Cox, discussed the positivity rate currently being 3.48% down from 4% in the last two weeks.
  • The Leon County Teacher Association requested the Superintendent pull an item from Tuesday’s meeting regarding changes in the contract for insurance premiums. The item was pulled and will be reviewed then added to the next meeting, June 28th.
  • Mr. Mario Crespo, the Director of Operations, discussed the services that Dynamic Integrated Security will provide for Leon County Schools. Crespo stated that Dynamic Integrated Security is the number one provider in the state of Florida, offering their services in Palm Beach County and Lauderdale, FL. Board member Rosanne Wood stated they are excited to have such highly trained and experienced officers in Leon Schools.
  • Alva Striplin announced that she is resigning from the Children Services Council due to conflicts and motioned for the appointment of Vice-Chair Darryl Jones in her stead. It was stated by the LCSB Attorney, Mrs. Opal Mckinney-Williams, that the selection of Vice-Chair Darryl Jones presents no conflict in regard to his current position with Blueprint.

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  1. So if DIS is coming to the schools I guess the security monitors are just out of work… UNEMPLOYED! Good JOB SCHOOL BOARD!

  2. Mark this as an historicaly date of great importance folks.

    I proclaim this date in history as the first LCSB meeting since prior to the Obama administration as: “No Woke Speak Day” by the LCSB!!!!

    Careful inspection by Snopes of the minutes of the meeting verifies not a word of Woke Speak was uttered by any of the esteemed LCSB members. WOW!!!


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