City Makes Donation to Big Bend Habitat for Humanity

City Makes Donation to Big Bend Habitat for Humanity

The City Commission approved the donation of city-owned lots and the disbursement of $195,000 to partner with Big Bend Habitat for Humanity on the construction of three homes.

The funds originate from the Affordable Housing Trust which currently has over $1 million in unallocated funds. The city is eligible to participate in the Community Contribution Tax Credit Program (CCTCP), as the city collects state sales tax through utility operations. Through the CCTCP the city is expected to recoup most of the $195,000.

The CCTCP “provides a financial incentive (up to 50 percent tax credit or sales tax refund) to encourage Florida businesses to make donations toward community development and housing projects for low-income persons.”

The city remitted over $4.7 million in sales tax revenue to the state in 2020. Under the CCTCP, the city is qualified to receive a 50% rebate of the value of the contributions to Habitat for Humanity. For some perspective, in 2019 the city received a rebate of $179,400 which is 92% of its initial cash donation of $195,000.

Along with the land donation and the funds, the city will commit to providing at least 600 volunteer hours to support construction. The city will also provide the volunteers food and refreshments during project working hours. Over the course of the construction of three homes, about 20 workdays per home, the costs for refreshments are roughly $12,000.

Over the last three years the city has partnered with Big Bend Habitat for Humanity to build 11 homes and staff volunteers have contributed over 5,400 volunteer hours.

One of the homes built last year through this collaboration was built with handicap conveniences, as one of the family members suffers from cerebral palsy. Additionally, Warrick Dunn Charities completely furnished the home for the family.

3 Responses to "City Makes Donation to Big Bend Habitat for Humanity"

  1. I don’t know who is in the picture, but the man in the turquoise shirt looks upset. It would be interesting to know what was going on when the picture was taken.

  2. Any time government gives away taxpayer money it is susceptible to waste, fraud, or abuse…but this program overall probably does more good than most of the others combined.

    However it would be better if this program was administered by local churches or faith based groups that didnt require taxpayer money.

  3. “Over the last three years the city has partnered with Big Bend Habitat for Humanity to build 11 homes ”

    I would like to see TR do an article on those 11 Homes now to see how the new owners are doing and how well they have been maintaining those Homes. I have been in a lot of Hud Homes when I was looking to buy a House for myself and there was no way I would buy one of those. Holes punched in doors and walls, cabinet doors missing roaches and filth. I would be curious to see how these Homes will compare.

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