Christian Radio Network Purchases Tallahassee’s ESPN Affiliated Radio Station

Christian Radio Network Purchases Tallahassee’s ESPN Affiliated Radio Station

There appears to be a major change coming to the radio waves in Tallahassee.

Reports indicate that Tallahassee’s WTSM 97.9 ESPN Radio station – home to the popular Jeff Cameron Show (JCS) – has been purchased by the Radio Training Network.

The Radio Training Network (RTN) owns and operates 14 christian adult contemporary format stations under “The Joy FM” name. Along with WTSM 97.9, RTN purchased Coast 101.3 WHLG in Port St. Lucie, Florida for $1.3 million from Horizon Broadcasting Company.

It is anticipated that the stations will flip to the Joy FM format in the near future.

So what happens to the Jeff Cameron Show?

It is clear there are changes afoot.  Longtime producer Tom Lang announced abruptly that the show on Tuesday, June 15th, was his last. 

Lang joined the Jeff Cameron Show as an intern when the show was broadcast on the Clear Channel station 1270 The Team. Lang reconnected with the enterprise when it debuted on WTSM 97.9 ESPN approximately ten years ago.

Referring to Lang, Jeff Cameron told his audience the “relationship has been fantastic” and was quick to add that “there is good stuff on the horizon.” Lang thanked listeners and left them guessing about his future by saying he would remain in Tallahassee as a member of the sports media.

Cameron was quick to point out that the Jeff Cameron Show would continue, but hinted at future changes.

In an exclusive interview, Jeff Cameron told Tallahassee Reports that he will remain on terrestrial radio in Tallahassee in the future, but could not be more specific at this time. He added that he is also pursing opportunities available through podcasts and other media platforms.

Cameron expects things to be worked out by the end of July. Until then he will be on 97.9 ESPN.

Tallahassee Reports reached out to Jon Jopling, the general manager of Real Talk 93.3, to get an industry perspective on the situation.

Jopling told TR that from his perspective local programming is extremely important and that the Jeff Cameron Show has developed a unique and valuable brand around FSU football. Jopling said, “the Jeff Cameron Show would be a huge benefit to any radio station.”

However, Jopling said “most radio stations in Tallahassee are corporate owned and do not have the flexibility to get a deal done. It will be interesting to see what happens.”

With the start of college football on the horizon, diehard college football fans will be waiting to see what form the Jeff Cameron Show takes in the coming weeks.

8 Responses to "Christian Radio Network Purchases Tallahassee’s ESPN Affiliated Radio Station"

  1. It is about time for this buffoon to go. I have just returned to Tallahassee after being gone for 22 years, and I enjoy sports radio very much. However, the Jeff Cameron show has been a major disappointment. He is not funny and, in making fun of Jimmy Buffet and Billy Joel, he discredits himself in a major way. Those two artists have forgotten far more about music that Cameron will ever know. Glad to see Cameron go; roughly 20 years too late!!

  2. Well, that’s a bummer. I moved away from Tallahassee a year and a half ago after 20 years in Tally. I have continued to listen to the Jeff Cameron Show ever since I’ve been gone. Jeff & Tom have been a bastion of clear thinking, sports insight, and comedy gold for many years.

    Hopefully, despite 97.9 changing to a “christian” format, there will be a secular sports outlet in Tallahassee that features Jeff Cameron. If not, Jeff has proven his sports bona fides at the national level and will certainly be available to all of us going forward in some fashion.

    Unbelievable that folks don’t understand the axiom of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but when you’re dealing with the “let’s devote our lives to a fairy tale” crowd, reality and rationality make no difference.

    I’m really sad to see these guys go. From a distance, it’s hard for me to tell what and where Jeff is headed, but it’s obvious he’s not going to be in this venue going forward.

    I’m gonna miss you guys and wish you the absolute best. You have enriched my life more than I can say.

    (And @Mike L, chill the F out, dude.)

  3. If any of you detractors actually listened to the show you would know it provides much more than sports. Plus whether you like it or not sports is deeply ingrained and woven into the fabric of American life. As soccer is to the rest of the world (and growing by leaps and bounds here in the US) football is to this country, important. A carthosis if you will to millions of Americans and an escape from the doldrums of everyday life and the many things that are currently wrong with this country. Jeff oftens provides insights into music, the great joys he experiences as a father and family man and he is always fair and balanced when discussing other issues outside of sports. He loves Tallahassee and it’s citizens and expresses that often. He promotes the city constantly and represents his sponsors with great pride and conviction. His show has become an institution in Tallahassee and this state. I currently live in Pensacola and I can tell you the JCS has many fans here in this town. It would be a major blow to Tallahassee, FSU, and the thousands of fans that tune in daily to her Jeff pontificate on his alma mater and the entire sports fabric of the city. He reports on and supports FAMU as well. So the tens of you that want to send out bad vibes and talk down the Jeff Cameron Show can kick rocks as far as I am concerned. LONG LIVE THE JCS!!

  4. Well I’ll be.. And 93.3 / Magic Broadcasting is arguably the least corporate. Looking forward to the new JCS.

  5. Probably a blessing.
    American men that are still sports junkies after all the disrespect sports teams and individuals have heaped on our great nation should use this as a sign to check yourself.
    Check with your wife if you cant check yourself.
    You may have an un-natural addiction to sports.
    Kind of like a porn addiction.
    Get a weekend job, spend time with your kids, go fishing.
    For God’s sake save yourself while you still can my man. And dont talk sports at work or around normal people. Its no longer cool my man.

  6. I’m thinking that constantly bragging about being a degenerate gambler, using foul language
    at every opportunity, and laughing at the misfortunes of others isn’t in keeping with a Christian radio network…

    Sports is ancillary on the Jeff Cameron Show most days.

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