Tallahassee Gas Prices Up 45.6% Over Last 12 Months

Tallahassee Gas Prices Up 45.6% Over Last 12 Months

According to publicly available data, gas prices in Tallahassee have increased approximately 45.6% over the last 12 months. The current price of a gallon of regular gas, as of June 19, was $2.97. This is up from $2.04 per gallon reported one year ago.

The chart below shows the 12-months trend of average gas prices for the United States, Florida, and Tallahassee. The change in gas prices across the three different area is fairly consistent.

In Tallahassee, the cost of a gallon gas has been relatively flat since March 11, 2021. However, over a four month period – November 5, 2020 and March 11, 2021 – the price of a gallon of gas increased 48.4% from $1.92 from to $2.85.

This week OPEC forecast that demand for its oil, which fell during the pandemic, would continue to increase in 2021. In its Monthly Oil Report, the 13-member Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries predicted favorable market conditions which could potentially lead to higher prices for consumers.

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  1. We went from low demand for gas during the height of the pandemic to now when demand is high. Yeah, the price goes up.

    And to Pam, this city generates electricity from natural gas and solar. (Yes, we have solar farms around here.)

    Who uses oil for electricity? No city I know of.

  2. To Max Epstein: It sounds like you know more than I do about electric cars. I try to be open minded. Please explain, although many iterations of electric cars/trucks are on the market, that we are not seeing more on the road. How will that effect trucks, ships, and planes. Also, please tell me how we make electricity in Florida. I thought it was made by using oil. If the price of oil goes through the roof, won’t the price of electricity become cost prohibiting?
    I honestly want to understand.

  3. Sounds like it might be time to transition to electric vehicles. $66 round trip to Key Largo in a Model 3 — plus fewer emissions all around by producing at power plants. That $2.89 price you see would be $1.08.

    Battery packs and chassis are being engineered for 1,000,000 miles, electric motors are easy to replace, no oil/less pollution. Fewer leaking offshore rigs.

    Yes, the battery pack technology must be made recyclable and not rely on slave labor/environmental destruction. Volkswagen is building a facility to recycle 100% of their batteries worldwide, and recycle rare earth metals.

    Not saying ICE will disappear or right for every situation. Including a 6-speed transmission… nothing will replace that.

    Won’t take long for Amazon to take advantage of the savings and I bet pulling a trailer in a Tesla Truck/Hummer/Ford E-150 will be a dream.

    You might call it socialist, I call it capitalist…

  4. This is an effective tax increase by design from Joe’s boss’s. Someone told him to kill the gas pipelines his first week in office, and stop the energy leases on Federal lands. They cant make enough renewable energy or make it cheaper yet, but they can make oil and gas more expensive. This is a tax increase for everyone making less than $400k…but especially for those making less than 60k with a family. Remember when Obama said he would regulate the utilities to the point that it would triple the cost of our electricity if the producers kept using fossil fuels? Gas goes up 10-15% every summer driving season but dont forget the objective of the left is for us to stop using fossil fuels, and if we have to pay 60K for a Tesla and give up AC, thats ok.

  5. At Thanksgiving 2020, gas was at $1.83+- per gallon at most of Tallahassee’s gas stations. Now it’s $3.00 per gallon. That is an increase of 61.7% in 7 months. A major shift towards destruction policies happened right about that time…the Presidential election.

  6. instead of looking at the 12 month chart(which started in the middle of the pandemic), a better gauge of true inflationary pressure would be looking at the 24 month chart.

  7. Looks like the malcontents of misinformation have found TR. Spin away kids… but be careful not to fall down.

  8. Edward… There was never any real energy independence under Trump. Those
    fracker’s out in Texas were losing their shirt and investors lost millions. OPEC
    lowered their prices and put most of them out of business before Trump had left
    office. It is simply to costly to frack when oil prices get to low, and OPEC is in control.

  9. This cannot be dismissed with a simple “supply and demand” retort “Ed”. Particularly when a corrupt government manipulated both the supply and demand factors.

    The Dementia Joe Biden Sadministration is picking up where the Obama Sadministration left off. You’ll remember when Obama made it clear that fuel prices would “necessarily have to increase” in order to push the costly and inefficient green energy agenda. President Trump guided us to energy independence and low fuel prices… which helps the less fortunate the most. Dementia Joe eliminated our energy independence which has led to increased fuel costs and a heavier burden on the less fortunate. On top of that, he help his buddies in Russia and China regain control and power over us. He’s made our enemies richer and stronger while making our Nation weaker and poorer… and has returned our Nation to a position of dependence on those who wish our destruction. Moreover his Sadministration is committing treason by calling for and aiding and abetting the invasion of our sovereign land by criminal foreign agents.

    Reality isn’t pleasant… but we had better start dealing with it before it’s too late.

  10. This in no surprise, last spring demand for fuel had it’s biggest drop in probably the last 50 years. So yeah prices were going to bounce back. The pipeline hack didn’t help things either.

  11. To you all that did not vote for Trump:
    Miss him much yet?

    The economey nation wide is going to stink a lot more under the President Harris administration (What you say? You thought Biden was President? HAA HAA on you!!!)

    Be thankful at least that you live where DeSantis is Governor. It wont su(k quite as bad here in Florida.

  12. Gasoline went from a low price as the pandemic raged and demand was low, to a higher price as pandemic recovery kicked in and demand surged. I am uncertain as to how “woke supremacy” is a factor.

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