Third Grade 2021 Reading Scores Released by FDOE

Third Grade 2021 Reading Scores Released by FDOE

On Tuesday, June 22nd, the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) announced the initial English Language Arts (ELA) results of the Grade 3 Florida Standards Assessment (FSA).

Overall, the 2021 performance at Level 3 and above (on grade level and above) decreased by 4 percentage points when compared to 2019 (58% to 54%).

The average score for Leon County Schools came in right at the state average of 54%. This is down 7% from the 61% reported in 2019.

State Results

Findings from the initial results include that districts with higher rates of in-person instruction had more consistent learning outcomes between 2019 and 2021 (state tests were not administered in Spring 2020).

Achievement gaps also narrowed for Florida’s African American and Hispanic students, who experienced less of a decline (3 percent) than White students (4 percent).

The reports indicate that charter school performance was higher than non-charter school performance by 8 percentage points on the 2021 Grade 3 FSA ELA (61% vs. 53% at Level 3 or above, respectively).

Leon County

Leon County schools scored an average of 300 with 54% of students scoring at level three or above. When compared to the other 67 school districts, the Leon County School district ranked 31st in the percentage of students scoring above level 3.

Listed below are the rankings of the 29 Leon County elementary schools, including the Florida State University School, based on the percentage of students scoring above level 3. The results show that 15 schools scored at or above the state average.

Four schools – Gilchrist, FSU, Hawks Rise, & Desoto Trail – scored above 80%, while six schools scored below 30%.

Leon County School 2021 Reading Scores

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  1. Wow! I woke up again this morning and another day there is no justice for Harry Brown… A man of color who had a job at the city and defended one of his workers who was wrongfully dismissed for walking in on a compromising position by an elected official who is now on his way to prison.

    Where are the apologies, the official acts to make it right or are they going to quietly make it right? The people involved in this situation who were victimized by this elected official need to be compensated. Whether the most ethical law firm in Florida, elected officials and the perpetrators need to figure out a way to make this right. And isn’t one of the people who helped victimize Harry Brown still an elected official position? Make it right!

    And Walt McNeil, Curtis Richardson, Diane Williams Cox, Nick Maddox, Bill Proctor did and continue to do and say nothing.

    Wasn’t Sheriff Walt McNeil in office at TPD at the time this went down and involved in this horrendous Injustice?

    Again I ask you are we l going to continue to do nothing about this horrendous Act or make it right? Bob Gabordi when asked if he was going to do anything about it in his effeminate smart alec critical retort said he didn’t see anything wrong.

    It is disgusting!

  2. The minority subgroups had less of a decline.

    I think that says something other than you anticipate, Mr. Whiplash.

  3. Snidley’s comments were right on! He was projecting language that our Supt. and Board understand. This language meets all criteria for Critical Race Theory so that no individual is disadvantaged because of language skills. Thanks Snidely for keeping us on track.

  4. O/T

    Sheriff McNeil stating that the skulls found at Lake Jackson are archaeological and no (criminal investigation)? I would get some oversight on that… Did the archaeological experts confirm this?

    There is something fishy here.

  5. Say what you will about my grammpar… but I’ll thank you to leave my grammar out of this. She was a good woman.

  6. @charliemac
    Focus on CONTENT not grammar corrections. We GOT the gist of his comments.
    Carry on Sir Snidely…

  7. I got a giggle out of thinking about the misspelled or misused words in comments about lack of guidance from the schools board, teachers, parents and voters in Leon county.
    “Wouldn’t spelled “wouldent”. “Counties” used for county’s. Cant for can’t. Its for it’s)
    Sorry Mr. Snidely. Couldn’t give you a pass for this.

  8. Dumb them down, keep them stoned, addict them to Big Tech, and keep them malleable.

    Parents; when will you realize that you must get your children out of the Public Indoctrination System NOW… if you care at all about their future.

  9. Would someone please put up a billboard entitled “Ignorance is Bliss” welcome to Leon County!

    Feature a photo of each elected official and take the cost out of their salary.

    Also under the pictures list the crime rate stats and the scholastic reading stats.

  10. Well of course we can not look to the Democrat leftist School Board and their esteemed leader Rocky and cast any shadow of blame for this epic failure.
    Its gotta be someone else’s fault. Right?
    Hey here’s an idea:
    Even though our voter base is a vast majority Democrat leftist here in Leon County why wouldent you voters make an exception for School Board elections and vote in responsable Republicans who you know will get the job done correctly? You all wouldent do that for the kids of Leon County? What kind of monsters are you local Leon County voters for having done this to our kids? You know Democrats cant do the job but you keep gleefully electing them again and again.
    If you dont give a rats @ss about your own kids just look at the above chart and know the extent of the damage you voters have inflicted on Leon Counties minority kids. See the schools at the bottom of the barrel? You voters have a heavy burden to bear for what you have done to Leon Counties Black kids.

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