Rosanne Wood Proposes Mask Policy for 2021-22 School Year

Rosanne Wood Proposes Mask Policy for 2021-22 School Year

During the Leon County School’s agenda review meeting on Monday, Board member Rosanne Wood submitted a proposal for COVID-19 policies for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.

Mrs. Wood has previously voiced concerns about policies related to mask mandates and vaccinations. She cited concerns with reports that indicate approximately 50% of the population of Leon County have been vaccinated. She is also concerned that new variants are quite contagious.

In her proposal, Wood stated that parents, not children, should decide if their child should wear a mask if the board moves forward with a “mask-optional” policy. Wood proposed a policy that differentiates between adults, young children, and older students, that includes:

1. To protect our vulnerable children and employees, we strongly encourage all eligible employees, students, and families of school age children to get vaccinated.

2. We strongly encourage all vaccinated LCS employees and any adult who enters LCSB property to disclose their vaccination status to the building administrator.

3. All LCS employees and adults who are vaccinated are not expected to wear a mask. Unvaccinated LCS employees and adults on LCSB property are expected to wear a mask indoors.

4. Parents with children under age 12, will designate whether their child should wear a mask inside classrooms. School employees will undertake reasonable efforts to reinforce the parent’s designation.

5. School administrators will group children under 12 who are required by their parents to wear masks, when feasible and appropriate.

6. For students 12 and over, mask wearing will be directed by the parent with no expectation of enforcement by LCS employees.

The policy issue should be addressed at Tuesday’s regular school board meeting.

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  1. Wow., Well I would pull my kids out of school and home school them. Then once the Vaccine finishes killing everyone who took it, then my kids would emerge from the bunker and set about rebuilding a dead planet. Or they can get vaxxed and die with everyone else. What to do?

  2. #4 – Parents will decide.
    If we focus on just that, and the indication that teacher’s will try and maintain compliance with the parent’s decision for children under 12 and not do so for children over 12 (#6,) this may actually be a positive. Certainly better than “everyone at all times” regardless of parent’s input.

    When else do the teacher’s let the parents decide anything? If you want your kid masked, you can indicate so. If you don’t want your kid masked, you can indicate so. Just like at home and in the general public. Dress them up any way you want.

    All the “strongly recommend” is just fluffy language with no teeth and can essentially be ignored.

    I will bet the grouping of masked with other masked kids is probably going to be a train wreck. When kids in masks see other kids without masks back to eating crayons and generally being normal they will revolt.

  3. Honestly,
    After reading over this, if you are vaccinated, who cares…

    If you choose not to be vaccinated, wear a mask and shut up for select students. That is simply what she is saying bluntly.

  4. “2. We strongly encourage all vaccinated LCS employees and any adult who enters LCSB property to disclose their vaccination status to the building administrator. ”
    They could flash the Peace Sign when they enter…………..

  5. TR Staff, I am holding back considerably and trying to be as polite but as firm as possible. I pray you do not delete this like you have on some of my other posts.

    Absolute psychopathy on display by the Capital District, School Kommissar. Sadly, this is what we’ve come to expect from these vile cult members of Covidstan and the maskholes. This despicable Kommissar is essentially proposing a de-facto death jab passport and the equivalent of a yellow arm band to display that you are not death jabbed. She has zero ability to look at the span of human history where these vile actions were carried out to destroy folks.

    Kommissar, go back and look at what the authorities did in the 1665 Great Plague of London. You clearly would fit right in with the invincibly ignorant authorities of that era because you are proposing the same tactics for our schools, employees and children.

    Finally, I challenge ALL readers to watch the banned YouTube video of the 3-hour panel discussion with Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the MRNA vaccine process. He is still an active consultant with DoD and the FDA and calls out the massive misinformation campaign on these killer “Covid vaccines.” You can find it on Rumble or Odysee. If ANY psychopath thinks these “vaccines” are safe for children and young people you need your head examined. May God forgive us and any parent that allows their child to be “vaccinated.” What we are allowing to be done to our children is pure evil.

  6. All “Science” points to the reality that face diapers are ineffective against the China Bio-Weapon Flu. Additionally, both the WHO and the CDC now advise against children and young adults getting the 2-shots of sugar water and fertilizer runoff.

    I told you that these wackjobs would keep this foolishness up, and ramp it up even more the closer we get to the 2022 Election Cycle. It helped the NaziCrats steal several elections in 2020, and they will do their criminal best to make it happen again.

  7. Vaccine passports are not legal. No one should comply with proposal numbers 2 and 3.

    I agree with LSW; she should be voted out of office.

  8. Good post LSW.
    Sorry but I cant comment on this any further as I have spent all my ammo on the Alva/Daryl dust up…I am tapped out.
    School Board going off the rails on a crazy train. Credit to Ozzy Osbourne.

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