Striplin Walks Out of School Board Meeting

Striplin Walks Out of School Board Meeting


School Board meeting is adjourned.


DeeDee Rasmussen to the rescue…sort of. Rasmussen, due to a potential conflict, will not vote on construction related items.


When asked about her exit, Striplin told TR she had no comment.


Leon County School Board is in recess while waiting on another Board member to arrive.

Original Post

A discussion over future policies related to masks has lead to Leon County School Board member Alva Striplin walking out of a school board meeting.

Since two members – Bowen & Rasmussen – were already absent, the LCSB now has no quorum and was informed by the Board attorney that official business could not be conducted.

About thirty-five speakers showed up to the meeting to offer support for a mask optional policy. Striplin made comments in support of the group and then Board member Daryl Jones made a comment related to the race of the speakers.

Jones said he does not see his demographic in the group of speakers. Jones is African-American.

The speakers who were gathered at the back of the room, began to interrupt Jones and then left. Striplin then left the dias and followed the group outside.

Striplin then returned and gathered her belongings and said “you no longer have a quorum at this meeting.”

Striplin then left the meeting.

20 Responses to "Striplin Walks Out of School Board Meeting"

  1. Mr. Jones, you did not see your demographic present because they didn’t show-up to a public meeting. Maybe you should get the word out better or hold that demographic responsible for showing up. You made it to the public meeting so clearly no demographic group was blocked from entering. If you are going to sit in an elected seat take responsibility for getting people you want to the public meeting. If they don’t care enough to show-up then that is on them to not have voiced an opinion on the topic. Stop making it about race and just the topic being discussed. Pretty simple concept you are on the board for all kids not just your demographic. You should have been embarrassed to said what you did and not use your position to ask questions on the subject matter being discussed. Just leave office if you can’t leave your race at the door or your search for your demographic in the audience. Just shows you are focused on one group and one group alone at the expense of everyone you represent.

  2. @ A Teacher: Children do not care about Race. Just like they don’t care about Sex or Gender. The reply’s here are because Mr. Jones brought the Race Card into Play. If Mr. Jones had not said “he does not see his demographic in the group of speakers”, I don’t think anyone would be talking about him. Just my 2 Cents.

  3. It is funny that the people who are mostly commenting are the ones who have a problem with race and do not want to provide solutions. As a country we need to do better but you first have to unlearn what you were conditioned to learn from a child.

  4. Daryl Jones… You race baiting idiot! Your demographic didn’t bring their A$$E$ to the meeting! You sound so smart using your big words! Did you raid the whole thesaurus? Hims a big boy now using hims words! U get a cookie! Dirt bag needsto be voted out, but tnat won’t happen!

  5. The Leon County School Board and the City Commission and the Leon County Commission are all a bunch of race baiting hucksters. Mr. Jones makes assumptions based on skin color… which is the source of his beef to begin with.

    If he only had the sense to himself like I do… nah, he’d still be an idiot.

  6. Mr. Jones sees no black people among the public gathered and assumes none of them could be his voters, way to play the racial political game.

  7. So you are saying that YOU do not support a mask optional policy and therefore your demographic wouldn’t either?
    You and your fellow Board Members really should think about new ways to get the word out on WHAT Topics you will be discussing and WHEN that will happen as well as WHERE it will happen, then maybe a lot more people will show up.

  8. This has become a regular occurrence across the country and it has the Democrat Socialists worried. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  9. How utterly embarrassing… and yet so predictable. Striplin’s actions are indicative of the growing sentiment among Americans of all colors… ie: the reckless and irresponsible misuse of the race card no longer has a quorum.

    DemoKKKrat dysfunction and Woke Supremacy have rendered this body (and others) completely ineffective and feckless. They no longer serve a purpose, or the needs of our children.

    Dr. King weeps at what these DemoKKKrats have done to his Dream.

  10. Alva did the right thing. This Board is the most liberal Democratic Board in our history. Parents take notice! There is more to come from this group. Common sence left the Board when we lost Crumpler and Van Camp. Hang in there Alva. I think you still have conservative thoughts and beliefs.

  11. Mr. Jones along with Mrs. Wood needs to be voted off the Board. We don’t need or want a “woke” school board.

    We need a school board that can focus on academic achievement. For example, making sure the children can read (regardless of their color, Mr. Jones).

  12. Last I checked public forums means anyone can show up. If YOUR demographic/voters aren’t there, then that’s your problem. And, they’re obviously not concerned with the issues.

  13. Ms. Alva already has a new job and is no longer obligated to put up with you all’s trifling Bull Shizz any longer.
    “In your Fool face” Daryl Jones! Courtesy of Ms. Alva.

    And furthermore:
    Daryl what crawled up your normally quiet vote along to get along backside that motivated you to open your mouth for the first time in God knows when?
    Daryl this is not a hill you want to fight for. Now just get yourself back in your corner, keep your mouth shut, and quietly vote the way Rocky wants you to vote.
    Thanks Daryl I’m glad we had this talk and I was able to save your do nothing vote along to get along job.
    Remember going forward:
    Rocky wants your vote only. You better just leave your big mouth at home from now on.
    Carry on School Board.

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