LCS Awards Contracts for Temporary Staffing

LCS Awards Contracts for Temporary Staffing

The Leon County School Board awarded three contracts to companies to provide temporary staffing services for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.

The Boards Purchasing Department issued an invitation for qualified vendors to submit bids for the provision of temporary personnel services to schools district wide. The services will be on an as needed basis and the initial term of the resulting contracts will be for two years, with an option to renew for up to three years.

The contracts were awarded to three firms, Datson360, Lyneer Staffing Solutions and SS Solutions, LLC. According to the Purchasing Department, the vendors listed above provided the lowest bids to the district.

The three vendors are responsible for filling various positions. The chart below details the each vendors responsibilities.

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Some of the positions which require staffing are Classroom Behavior Assistant, Electrician, and Painter with the pay range being $17.68-$28.97, a Food Service Assistant and Activities Leader, with pay ranging from $12.15 to $20.17, or a Secretary and Account Clerk with possible earnings of $13.75-$22.42.

According to, staffing agencies typically have a markup between 25% and 100%, as the agencies manage the employment taxes and payroll. Datson360, LLC submitted the lowest bid with a markup of 19%, followed by a 22.99% markup by SS Solutions, and Lyneer Staffing Solutions’ markup ranges from 27% to 29.75%.

6 Responses to "LCS Awards Contracts for Temporary Staffing"

  1. The inquiries I might want a response to is: WHY are generally these Temp People required? Are your Staff Members declining to returned TO work, Resigned or were terminated? For what reason is the Contract for Two Years with a 3 Year Option? Has these Jobs consistently been loaded up with Temp Hires?

  2. To Alex. Your comments are very good; however, official Leon County Schools employees can be dismissed at any time by the district for any reason or no reason.
    Yet another reason why staffing services are required. When there are high percentages of women working together, not having a system in place for dismissal causes unfair and unreasonable dismissal practices.
    Before targeted as being sexist because of my comment, I am a woman who works in the Leon County School district. Sometimes it isn’t sexism; it is reality.

  3. There wouldn’t be a need for staffing services if the money paid to these services went toward increasing salaries. If employed by LCS, there are no Merritt based or time of service increases in wage for these categories of employees. An employee with six years of service to LCS earns the same amount as new hires to the same position.
    Who wants to work somewhere like that? There is no compensation (except for teaching positions) for work well done or experience/service (time in position) to the company(Leon County Schools).
    It goes without saying that this leads to high turnover and costs that a high turnover rate incurs not to mention, inexperienced unfamiliar staff.

  4. The questions I would like an answer to is: WHY are all these Temp People needed? Are your Staff Members refusing to come back TO work, Resigned or were fired? Why is the Contract for Two Years with a 3 Year Option? Has these Jobs always been filled with Temp Hires?

  5. When these folks are hired through the Temp Agency, I hope staff are giving them the true facts. Salaries my seem high but Temp employees get no sick leave, vacation, health insurance, life insurance or retirement. Unless, it offered by the Temp Agency. They can be dismissed at will by the District for any reason. The School District probably will save money but a School employee takes on a new meaning.

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