Nikki Fried Misses Deadline for 2020 Financial Disclosure

Nikki Fried Misses Deadline for 2020 Financial Disclosure

Florida’s Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried has failed to timely file her 2020 financial disclosure form with the Florida Commission on Ethics (FCOE). The form was due July 1.

Max Flugrath, a spokesman for Fried said, “Commissioner Fried’s Form 6 is being finalized to ensure accuracy and will be submitted within the September 1 grace period.”

Disclosure of financial interest is required by all constitutional officers as well as candidates for constitutional offices, and is submitted through what is known as Form 6. Form 6 records a filers net worth, assets, liabilities, income, and interests in specified businesses.

Although Fried did not file by the deadline, the FCOE allows for a grace-period through September 1 that gives late filers a chance to turn in the form without accruing fines. However, after the grace period, late filers are charged $25 for each day the form is missing, for a maximum of 60 days or $1,500.

Fried is not new to controversy surrounding the disclosure of her income and financial interests. Questions have been raised regarding her 2018 income, specifically with her consulting company, Igniting Florida, which was omitted from the 2018 form.

As reported by The Florida Capital Star, Fried has filed three amendments to previously filed disclosures. Two of the amendments came days ahead of her gubernatorial campaign announcement. The amendment on January 30, 2020 added Igniting Florida as a source of $72,000 in income. And on May 28, Fried filed two amendments that significantly increased her income in 2017 and 2018.

Also, media reports have raised questions about potential conflicts based on her financial interests and her role in influencing cannabis policy. In response, Fried said, “Yes I do have stocks in a company that I earned when I was in the private sector but I do not regulate marijuana space so that’s first and foremost. Any conflict of interests that people allege to be out there doesn’t exist” and that such allegations are a “smear campaign” against her.

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16 Responses to "Nikki Fried Misses Deadline for 2020 Financial Disclosure"

  1. She needs to be paying attention to the job we elected her to do, not spending all her time campaigning. Her department is in disarray, her financial reporting is always incomplete, and her ethics are in shambles. She, or her stand in, has significant personal investment in the marijuana market, which she regulates. She manufactures issues, then claims to have a solution for them. Miss Fried will say or do anything to get elected. She seems to place victory above honor.I’m not sure who I will vote for, only who I won’t.

  2. Did a little digging on Nikki, looks like Jake Bergmann quitclaim deeded the Killearn house solely to Nikki back in September 2020(Leon county OR 5503 PG 1173). Then Nikki took out a $510,400 mortgage on the property(Leon county OR 5503 PG 1175). That liability should be listed on the 2020 financial disclosure form.

  3. Nikki eluded scrutiny in the Ag Commish race. Not gonna happen in her failed run for Governor.

  4. Nikki Weed and her futile campaign are going down faster than a bag of Doritos at a stoner party… or KamKam on anyone who can help her political career… or Chuck at one of Barry’s bathhouse gatherings… or… ahh, never mind.


  5. Well in Nikki’s defense she has been kind of busy taking credit for some Federal funds sent to Florida which she had nothing to do with.
    Her plate is pretty full you know.
    Meanwhile the conservative side of Florida’s upcoming Governors election allows Nikki to take that credit for the Federal funding without so much as a chirp of a cricket in response to the lie.
    What’s up with that?
    And further more Conservatives stop trying to take out Charlie Christ so soon. Let Charlie stay in the race. Conservatives are going to need Charlie in the race as long as possable to split up the liberal Florida vote for as long as possable. Then when it comes to the final vote whichever leftist prevails a significant portion of Charlie supporters will not be able to justify voting for Nikki and vice versa. Let them battle each other for as long as possable.

  6. I do not smoke pot, but the way to end her empire is to let these pot smokers grow it for themselves. Big companies should not dominate the domain. Licensed by the government, give the average person a break

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