Governor DeSantis Trails Florida Cabinet Members in Net Worth

Governor DeSantis Trails Florida Cabinet Members in Net Worth

Recently filed financial disclosure forms filed by state-wide elected leaders show that the net worth of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is significantly less than Florida’s three cabinet members.

The financial disclosure forms, known as Form 6, are required to be filed annually by state elected officials and some state employees. The forms were due to the Florida Commission on Ethics by July 1, 2021.

DeSantis reported a 2020 net worth of $348,832 on his Form 6 filed on June 20, 2021. This is up 16.5 percent from the $291,449 reported for 2019.

In contrast, Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis reported a net worth of $6.67 million, down 0.1 percent from 2019 and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody reported a net worth of $3.94 million, up 17.9 percent.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried missed the deadline for filing the 2020 Form 6. She has until September 1 before fines begin accruing. Fried’s 2019 Form 6 reported a net worth of $1.45 million.

Net Worth Gain Since Last Election

Since filing the first required financial disclosure related to their current office, Fried leads the state-wide elected officials in net worth growth as an elected official.

DeSantis’ net worth has increased 12.2 percent to $348,832 in 2020 from $310,971 in 2017.

Patronis’ net worth has increased 2.8 percent to $6.67 million in 2020 from $6.49 million in 2017.

Moody’s net worth has increased 30.5 percent to $ 3.94 million from $3.02 million in 2017.

Fried’s net worth has increased 433.5 percent to $1.45 million in 2019 from the $271,613 reported in June, 2018.

What is driving the approximate $1.1 million growth in Fried’s net worth after she became an elected official?

First, there was an approximate $720,000 gift from her fiancé related to a financial interest in a home they were sharing. And second, the value of Fried’s “Household Goods and Personal Effects” increased from $20,000 in 2018 to $230,000 in 2019.

Fried, through a spokesperson, recently stated that the 2020 financial disclosure will be filed by September 1st.

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11 Responses to "Governor DeSantis Trails Florida Cabinet Members in Net Worth"

  1. He should ask Rick Scott how to go about stealing public taxpayer money.

    It’s absolutely hilarious how Republicans throw fits about the tiny amounts of money public assistance people get but are totally OK with Republicans like Scott whose company STOLE over a BILLION in taxpayer money.

    And when Governor Scott required drug tests for welfare recipients and that money went to Scott’s medical companies no Republicans cared either.

    I suppose that’s why you people are fine with DeSantis spending FLORIDA money on the TEXAS border saying that will save lives, but he doesn’t care that 38,000 Floridians died of COVID.

    In fact, his political action committee is busy cranking out anti-vax tshirts. (Just a reminder that Florida had 20% of the US’s NEW virus cases last week.)

    But I’m sure that you’ll vote for that again because Trump pegged you guys right as the dumbest people ever.

  2. REfreshing to see Desantis working for the taxpayers of Florida instead of personal gain like some folks. Those of us that worked hard a lifetime and kepted our nose clean , respect honesty and dedication , which obviously is so rare in today’s political world..AMEN

  3. Damn, I love a man who isn’t getting rich while in elected office. It sends a very clear message about his personal scruples.

  4. If it takes 6 months for Fried to figure out what assets she had last December how is she supposed to run a state of 22 million people? Her lawyers are cooking the books somehow.

  5. “Governor DeSantis Trails Florida Cabinet Members in Net Worth”
    That tells me that Gov. DeSantis has been spending HIS time WORKING for the People and not spending his time committing Insider Trading.

  6. That sounds about right… when I was in college I recall at least a 400% percent increase in my net worth when I started selling reefer too. Lil Nicky is trying to figure out how to hide most of what she’s made, that’s why she’s delinquent in her filings.

    I bought a Corvette… she’ll probably need to buy a jet to hide what she’s made off our dime.

  7. One doesn’t need VISziNE to clearly see the bullfoolery of Madame Fried and her trifling mess. MADAMe Fried time a ticking. 9.1.21 here in a WINK, Wink of your red EYES.
    Game over. Democrats not going to shoo in a female shyster in this good ole boys club of Florida. Take the “L” lost now, stay in your LANE and focus on your lucre.

  8. Desantis has much more money in his political war chest than those two dummies Crist and Fried.
    And when is Crist going to ‘come out’ so to speak and announce his choice of running mate…Andrew Gillum????

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