School Board to Consider Recommended Suspension of Chiles High School Principal Joe Burgess

School Board to Consider Recommended Suspension of Chiles High School Principal Joe Burgess

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Tonight the Leon County School Board will consider Superintendent Hanna’s a recommendation related to the suspension of Chiles High School principal, Joe Burgess.

Hanna’s recommends that the School Board refer the “appeal submitted by Mr. Joseph Burgess of the Superintendent’s recommended two-week suspension without pay to the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings (“DOAH”).”

In June of 2021, the Superintendent was informed of possible misconduct at Chiles High School. After an investigation was conducted by an outside firm, the Superintendent recommended a two-week suspension without pay and a formal written reprimand for misconduct in office.

The agenda item before the School Board does not provide any information on the nature of the alleged misconduct.

On July 12, 2021, the District received a written notice of appeal from counsel for Mr. Burgess. A hearing conducted by DOAH ensures due process and provides an impartial and fair hearing for all parties at minimal disruption to the School Board.

At its conclusion, DOAH will issue a final recommended order including findings of fact, conclusions of law, and recommended action for final approval by the School Board.

Absent referral to DOAH, the School Board would be required to craft new procedures and conduct a due process compliant hearing. Current School Board’s policies on administrator discipline do not contain procedures specifying how administrators can appeal discipline.

20 Responses to "School Board to Consider Recommended Suspension of Chiles High School Principal Joe Burgess"

  1. I will be a senior this year at Chiles. I’ve been on the soccer team my freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Principal Burgess has done nothing but be the best principal I’ve ever had. He goes to almost every sports, game, banquet, and other extracurricular activities that Chiles does. This doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Publishing an article like this with no detailed facts to back it up is irresponsible and sadly tarnishes a good man’s reputation who is then forced to defend himself even if there is no wrongdoing, but the damage is done. Waiting until you have the full story and detailed facts of everything should be the norm but sadly it is not in today’s world when dealing with the media and politicians. There is usually a bigger motive with something like this whether it be social media clicks/exposure and/or political gain, favors owed, etc. Always look at who stands to benefit when something like this happens and you will get the full truth. Perhaps we need to look at how much was paid to the “independent investigator” and therefore fault must be found to justify the taxpayer expense that was spent, even if there was no wrong doing found. My child goes to Chiles and Joe has been a great principal in my opinion. Not everyone will agree with every decision he makes but it is a tireless and challenging job and you can tell he truly cares about his students. If he truly did something wrong then let due process work it out and he will be punished but the way this is being handled is wrong. It also seems that Chiles is a target of this publication for some reason as well, which is a little perplexing. I can’t imagine that the other schools in the district don’t have any drama to be reported on, again, what is the bigger motive here?

  3. We went through our first year with our son at Chiles. We have experienced great communication and leadership with Principal Burgess and his staff, especially during a tough year with Covid running rampant. Principal Burgess always seems straight forward and transparent with sharing information to the parents and students. The lack of information by the district on this matter is unsettling, because it puts all this speculation that this individual did something wrong. The Chiles community is trying to get ready for a new school year in a few weeks and to move forward with continued confidence by everyone, this issue should be reviewed and addressed quickly. At a minimum, Mr. Burgess deserves an apology from the district once he is able to clear his name.

  4. “At its conclusion, DOAH will issue a final recommended order including findings of fact, conclusions of law, and recommended action for final approval by the School Board.”

    So… punishment before proof… It’s the DemoKKKrat way don’t ya know.

    got it :-/

  5. I think people are forgetting that it doesn’t matter if Joe Burgess is a good person or not, if he did something wrong then he gets a suspension, that’s just how it works. Based on this information alone why is anybody suspecting it being a purely political thing or a purely Rocky Hanna thing? We don’t even know what the alleged ‘misconduct’ is and even if Burgess is suspended for two weeks (which is a very miniscule time) it’s not like school is even in session.

  6. Bravo, Tatum.

    Hannah is the creep in this story. If Rocky only wants to suspend the principal for a week it couldn’t be very serious, he was probably walking around breathing good air without a mask.

    Hannah blew millions on failed bus software and didn’t miss a lick, he even got a bonus!

    P.S. I rode the bus to Fairview and Rickards and never missed a day…sans software! Rocky has a lotta nerve suspending anyone after the poor showing he’s made.

  7. I support Joe Burgess 100 percent. This sounds like Rocky continuing to play dirty politics. He discredits anyone very publicly in a snake fashion that he finds is a threat to his elected position.

  8. Is this the same Whistleblower Rocky Hanna? What has happened to bringing hidden wrongdoings to the light of day. I guess that is only when you see it as a way to claim the Superintendent’s seat for yourself. Question does this mean that Joe Burgess is still sitting in the seat and acting as the Principal until the DOAH makes a decision?

  9. Is my sense correct that Rocky’s suspension for alleged misconduct is something Joe Burgess intends to appeal?

    I think the superintendent needs to disclose the general nature of the supposed misconduct and not leave a highly respected administrator to twist in the winds of public opinion.

  10. Probley another pervert school administrator disgusting and unprofessional issue. Since we dont know then history tells us the odd of yet another horny pervert amongst our precious children are pretty good. And since we dont know, and its a secret at this time, we are free to make assumptions based on historical Leon County Schools past.
    Yep we most likely got another pervert for Rocky to reassign out to the LCSB main office on Pensacola Street to quietly serve out his time until retirement. Sigh.

  11. I recently graduated from Chiles and I support Mr. Burgess. He genuinely cares about his students. I have seen this throughout my four years at Chiles. He is the best principal I’ve ever had.

  12. I support Joe Burgess. I have 2 children who were students over the last 7 years at Chiles High School. He is a strong, positive administrator. This looks like someone is playing politics in the Leon County District office. Doesn’t the school board have policies in place required by law to allow Principal Burgess to appeal? Why drag this administrator’s name through the mud? We support you, Mr. Burgess!

  13. As a parent of children in the last 7 years at Chiles this is shocking. Mr Burgess is an amazing principal. We support Joe Burgess; we see the wonderful job he is doing and this looks like politics in our district at its worst. Does the school board have policies in place required by law to allow Principal Burgess to appeal? How can anyone in good conscience do this to a principal. We are here for you Mr Burgess!

  14. I support Joe and see 1st hand the amazing job he is doing. Joe is a principal who supports his teachers and students. Joe attends all activities at school, he wants the students to know they matter! Because of the leadership he demonstrates and the admin that surrounds him, my husband and I chose to be in the Chiles district just so our daughter could attend school under his guidance. Thank you Mr. Burgess for your dedication to education and for caring about the welfare of all your students.

    With that being said, my concern is this feels like they are playing politics. Why doesn’t the school board have policies in place required by law to allow Principal Burgess to appeal?

  15. All Rocky Hannah cares about is his narrow, corrupt little backside. The public should know what Rocky is hiding about one of the most trusted positions in public service.

    Its only secret because Rocky wants to hide it from you and the fact that he can get away with it means there is a bigger problem than the one at Chiles High School.

    1. It tells you more than nothing, but I understand your frustration. We have made a public records request to get the details since limited info was provided in the meeting agenda.

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