LCS Meeting Briefs July 13th, 2021

LCS Meeting Briefs July 13th, 2021

Listed below are notes from the July 13th Leon County School Board meeting.

Tensions were high during the Tuesday evening Leon County School Board (LCSB) meeting, as a large assembly of engaged citizens gathered in support of and against having a mask optional policy for the 2021-2022 school year.

Many speakers cited data regarding the hazards of children wearing masks for long periods of time, as well as constitutional rights and rights to medical privacy regarding vaccinations. Some speakers became emotional when they spoke of their concerns sending their children back to school without masks.

Chair Georgia Bowen made remarks to the public speakers, stating she is grateful for their participation in the meeting and sharing their thoughts. She said the Board must make difficult decisions and their priority is the safety of the children.


Assistant Superintendent Dr. Alan Cox spoke regarding the plan for dealing with COVID-19 going forward for the upcoming school year. He stated they will continue to follow the current plan, involving training of staff, continuing with contract tracing, and quarantining students and staff as needed.

According to what data is available, Dr. Cox explained that the vaccination rate of Leon County Schools staff, is around 7 to 8 out of every 10 employees.

Dr. Cox further discussed that during the Monday night agenda review, the Board and Superintendent plan to continue the mask optional policy. As well as begin an aggressive campaign to encourage staff and families to have the vaccination.


Superintendent Rocky Hanna said he did not feel comfortable with the campaign for vaccinations, due to his personal experiences and he does not want to endorse it. He stated getting the vaccine or deciding not to is a personal decision. He is in favor of the mask optional policy.

The Board was split in their decision to move ahead with the vaccination campaign, but the motion was carried forward with a vote of 3-2. Vice-Chair Darryl Jones, Chair Georgia Bowen, and Rosanne Wood were in favor of the campaign, and Alva Striplin and DeeDee Rasmussen were against.


Board member Rosanne Wood remarked that the Board and the Superintendent have bent over backwards to accommodate those who do not want their child to wear a mask. However, Wood said the Board has not provide options for those who worry about sending their children to school without a mask. She stated she has made many suggestions and she is requesting the Superintendent and the Board to work harder for those who are pleading for the use of masks.

In response to Wood’s remarks, Hanna explained that he read a great deal of data which led him to make the decision about a mask optional policy. He contends there are approximately 21,000 children in Leon County between the ages of 5-11. The data from the health department shows that there were zero hospitalization of that age group since the pandemic began. He continued, there are approximately 42,000 students between the ages of 5-18. In that age group, there were only 5 cases of hospitalization, and 0 deaths.


The Board approved the referral for the appeal of suspension of Principal Joe Burgess to the Department Of Administrative Hearings (DOAH).
Superintendent Hanna disclosed that he received information several weeks ago about “possible wrongdoing” at Lawton Chiles High. He stated he initiated an investigation and brought on an external council to review the matter. Hanna has recommended a 2-week suspension, without pay, and a formal reprimand to Principal Joe Burgess. Principal Burgess has requested an appeal and the matter will now be heard by the DOAH, who will make a recommendation whether to uphold the suspension and reprimand.


Vice-Chair Jones wants to discuss, in future meetings, the optimizing of pathways to college and trade schools for high school students. He stated, in other counties there are programs in place to help students graduate high school, having already completed or nearly complete their Associates of Arts degree.

He also wants to be sure to include trade certificates in these efforts, as there is a critical shortage in the trade industries. He maintained that it is important that “our students are ready to leave our high schools, prepared to go to college or into a career.”

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  1. I’m shocked that I actually have to agree with the despicable Scruel Superintendent Hanna. The Kommissars that voted for pursuing an aggressive campaign of a de facto yellow armband upon our children and families should be taken to the woodshed. They are nothing short of radical Marxists pursuing full Branch Covidian, Covidstan tactics to circumvent the state’s ban on vaccine passports.

    We are already at a point where hospitals are seeing more death jab related illnesses than Covid. The CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as of July 7th, reports 438,440 adverse events of which there are now 9,048 deaths, 26,818 hospitalizations, 56,970 urgent care visits, 80,269 office visits among a host of other horrific side effects. The “Adverse Events” of all death jabs now far surpass all other vaccine adverse events over the past 10 years. All this in the span of a few months. And remember, VAERS relies on self-reporting and is estimated to only capture 1-10% of the real impacts of the death jabs. Let. That. Sink. In.

    Folks, while these evil Kommissars and their minions push the death jab with possible long-term disastrous side-effects, the world completely ignores that Covid is completely controlled and eradicated by a cheap, simple drug, Ivermectin. Because it is cheap and no money can be made from it, Ivermectin must be banned. India squashed the “Delta” variant by issuing Ivermectin when their cases hit the roof. The American Journal of Therapeutics recently published a peer reviewed global study demonstrating the efficacy of Ivermectin as a preventative and treatment of Covid. Anyone with any ounce of critical thinking can see through this plandemic for what it truly is, fear mongering and control to be used by any Branch Covidian Cult member. Clearly three of the Scruel Kommissars belong to that Cult.

  2. Darryl Jones, Georgia Bowen, and Rosanne Wood: Get a clue you fools! I didn’t watch the meeting… Did Darryl cry to get his point across or did he muddle the facts with his racist hyperbole?

  3. The vaccination campaign that was pushed through is a LIBERAL POLICY being FORCED down everyone’s throat. The dirt bags that voted for it need to be VOTED OFF THE SCHOOL BOARD! They are pushing their own personal agendas and not looking out for the welfare of the ENTIRE DISTRICT! Liberal brain wash! Wake up you dummies! But then again we live in a haven of idiotic Liberals! Tallahassee, the small town afraid to grow up and be a big boy city!

  4. An aggressive campaign for vaccinations is a way of undermining the ban on vaccine passports. This campaign is a political move, it is about control not health. The vaccines are experimental, they are not FDA approved which is why they cannot make you take the vaccine. Children are at a greater risk from the vaccine than from Covid.

    “Campaign” is a euphemism for mistreating your child. For instance, will your unvaccinated child have to sit in a segregated area of the classroom?, will the teacher tell the students your unvaccinated child is selfishly endangering everyone else?, will your unvaccinated child not be able to play with the other children during recess?, etc.

    I wonder if Jones, Bowen and Wood can be recalled for undermining the ban on vaccine passports and for embracing Marxist ideology and tactics.

  5. As far as adding Trades Classes to High Schools, I am all for that. Make it where P.E., Foreign Language and the Higher Math Classes are no long Mandatory to free up time for the Trades Classes. I and many others hated P.E.

  6. The mask optional Policy means, each Parent has the OPTION to have their Kids wear a Mask in School or NOT to have their Kids wear a Mask in School so, why are Parents worrying about sending their children to school without a mask when they have the option to send their Kids to School WITH a Mask?

  7. @ Edward Lyle
    That’s why we are homeschooling our 4, I am done and it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to get better. We are embarking on a new life of freedom and we can’t wait!

  8. “The Board was split in their decision to move ahead with the vaccination campaign…”

    Why are our School Board members and our tax dollars (both meant to educate our children) being used to sell experimental medicine on behalf of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex? They’re already misusing our tax dollars and resources to feed the children of worthless parents breakfast, lunch, and dinner… and teach them how to be activists and hate each other.


    While other countries our teaching their children the necessary skills to compete in the workforce and become a productive member of society… we’re teaching our children how to wear a face diaper, how to play with themselves, how to pretend to be the opposite sex, and who to blame when they fail.

    We’re in trouble people, and we had better wake up but fast before it’s too late to fix the damage these lunatics are causing.

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