Florida Congressman Byron Donalds Slams Critical Race Theory

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds Slams Critical Race Theory

U.S. Representative Byron Donalds, from Florida’s 19th congressional district, recently slammed Critical Race Theory in an opinion article from a very personal perspective. Donalds, who is African-American, has a White wife and biracial children.

Donalds, like many other critics of CRT, views the movement as tool of the left used to divide the country.

Donalds wrote, “If the issue were that American schools aren’t teaching the complete and accurate history to our school children, then I’d agree wholeheartedly, but that is not what CRT peddlers are saying. The Marxist race hustlers and charlatans at the New York Times and in the Democrat Party aren’t in the business of pushing for equity; they are in the business of division.”

The National Education Association recently decided to take a strong position supporting CRT and other controversial positions.

Donalds also sees CRT as opposed to the views promoted by Martin Luther King.

Donalds said those “proposing this wicked curriculum would like to live in an America where every American is judged based on the color of their skin and not the content of their character, which, if I remember my history correctly, is the complete opposite of the teachings of Dr. King and decades of civil rights progress and commitment to creating a more perfect union. Today, radical leftists are upending this longstanding American virtue to push this un-American and divisive agenda.”

But Donalds most powerful comments on CRT came when he noted that the “essence of critical race theory would teach my three bi-racial children that I, their Black father, am oppressed by America’s history of White supremacy and that their mother, my wife, is my oppressor.”

Donalds asked, “what does that mean for my children? Does half of them qualify as oppressed, and the other half count as the oppressor? ”

Donalds critque of the controversial theory also comes with a call to action. “Those of us that acknowledge America’s past realize we are a far better nation than we were 50, 60, 100 years ago, and although we aren’t always the loudest in the room, we have unwavering courage in defense of America, and it’s time to stand up to the Left’s attempt to cancel our great nation,” said Donalds.

Donalds concludes by writing, “America is not a racist nation. The mother of my children is not a product of White supremacy, and I am not an oppressed Black man in America.”

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Steve Stewart is the Managing Editor and a contributor at The Florida Capital Star. Email tips to sstewart@floridacapitalstar.com.

13 Responses to "Florida Congressman Byron Donalds Slams Critical Race Theory"

  1. CRT isn’t taught in grades 1-12. It’s a college course. This guy ever hasn’t read about CRT or he’s listening to the uninformed.

  2. Ok, Byron America Is Not Racist Donald,
    As the song said, are you stupid or just naive to continue to believe money can buy you anything, including a slice of the American Dream!!
    Explain to your children why unarmed Black men or women are often shot and killed by police while white male mass shooters get arrested!
    Explain how whites accumulated such wealth in this country and the world by murder, kidnappings, enslavement, stealing minds, body and souls, rape and murder!! Explain the Berlin Conference of 1883. Explain why France for decades have been stealing 500 billion dollars from its former colonies. Explain why America & Belgium murdered Patrice Lumumba!!
    Steve Biko said, the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed!! Toni Morrison on You Tube about white people have a serious problem. Show the photographs of lynchings in the south. Explain why America dropped an atomic bomb on civilians, men, women, and children.
    You are still on the plantation!!!
    Now you mentioned teach accurate history, you’re a congressman, get it going because I notice you don’t push back on the current inaccuracies.
    You’re happy on the plantation, are you not?Malcolm X mentioned the house and field, you’re a house *****!!!!

  3. When will Black People understand that they are STILL Slaves, instead of being Slaves to Plantation Owners, they are Slaves to the Democratic Party. Biden fought to keep Schools segregated to keep them from being Jungles AND he thinks little Black Kids are Cockroaches, watch the Video of him talking about being a Lifeguard at a Public Pool.

  4. So do inform us Sean… exactly who is “his” base? And is 100% of the District he represents comprised of “his” base?… or might there be an alternative thought to the DemoKKKrat strategy of division and hate?

    … if it was only sarcasm, then please forgive me.

  5. Pam, those tools you referred to are quite effective tools and the leaders have made quite a bit of money. Much of the blame is to be placed on them.

    Thank you Rep. Donalds for speaking up.

  6. Recently, several writers have lead me to think beyond the rhetoric. Some are saying that the left is trying to push us into a civil war – if racism doesn’t work, then try rampant crime or Covid-19, or whatever works. So then who is behind this push? Something that I learned was true when teaching courses on health policy – always follow the money. So is it China? The players in the Great Reset? It’s not BLM, Antifa, Democrat leftists, mainstream news, NFL, Disney, airline industry, or whoever is the most woke de jour. They are all just tools, vying for short term gain. It’s sad —- 80% or more of this country is a country of wonderful people. Thank you Byron Donalds for stepping up to help us.

  7. The main take-away is that his views represent the views of around 80% of everyone in the USA.
    Dont get focused on his race, his wife’s race, or the biracial kids. Thats kind of like when a snowflake white guy tells you hes not raciest because he had a black friend back in highschool.
    Our nation is being plagued by just 20% of the population who over the years have seized control of our government along with the schools. This 20% is for the most part all white with a few token people of color (like that black friend from highschool). And this same 20% is so annoying like a giant pimple on your butt that wont go away.
    Great information from the US Representative and thank you for publishing the article Steve.

  8. Dr. Martin Luther King weeps at what the DemoKKKrats and their Media PACs have done to his dream.

    Like I always say; No matter how you arrange the letters D E M O C R A T… it will always spell HYPOCRITE.

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