CRMC, TMH Release Joint Statement Related to COVID

CRMC, TMH Release Joint Statement Related to COVID

Joint Statement from Capital Regional Medical Center and Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

The Tallahassee healthcare community is seeing a dramatic increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations in the non-vaccinated, under age 50 population, including many individuals in their 20s and 30s. Together, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare and Capital Regional Medical Center currently have 47 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, which is significantly higher than last week.

With over 77 percent of Leon County residents aged 65 and over already vaccinated, we are seeing the number of hospitalizations in this population decrease.

“We are closely monitoring this spike in positive cases and continuing to practice the same mitigation strategies we have used throughout the pandemic to protect our colleagues and patients,” shared Trey Blake, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Capital Regional Medical Center. “Across the nation, we are seeing younger patients, on average 40-50 years old and unvaccinated, who need treatment and hospitalization. We want to ensure this trend does not continue. We cannot stress enough the importance of becoming vaccinated. Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine has been proven to be one of the most effective tools we have to stop the spread of the virus. It is imperative that everyone continue to take measures to protect yourself, your family and our community, and follow guidance from public health officials to help stop this new wave in its tracks.” 

“We now know the delta variant has reached Leon County,” said Dean Watson, MD, Chief Integration Officer at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare and Capital Health Plan. “This variant is significantly more contagious than the original (alpha) variant of the virus. The good news is the COVID-19 vaccine has shown to be incredibly effective against the delta variant. Because of this, the delta variant is spreading predominantly amongst the unvaccinated population. Many individuals feel they don’t need a vaccine if they have had COVID-19 previously. This is a myth. Past infection does not ensure immunity to variants. The best mode of ensuring immunity is by receiving the COVID-19 vaccine that is proven to be effective.”  

While COVID-19 vaccines have proven to have efficacy rates of 90 to 95 percent, no vaccine prevents illness 100 percent of the time. There will be a small percentage of fully vaccinated individuals who contract the virus. However, the vaccine remains a highly effective, lifesaving tool; symptoms in these “breakthrough cases” are likely to be significantly less severe than if the individuals had not been vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines continue to be our best tool to protect people from getting COVID-19 or becoming severely ill from the virus, including reducing the risk of hospitalization and death. 

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  1. Buh buh buh bullsh*t! Give me a break! Nobody that I know has gotten sick or they just didn’t get tested and didn’t know or care because symptoms were mild….enough is enough!

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Dr. Fraudci is to the DemoKKKrat Party what Joseph Mengele was to Hitler. And I believe time will bare this out.

    Beware the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex

  3. While the gain-of-function Covid19 and its variants were developed in the Wuhan Lab with NIH Fauci’s funding, so I know it’s a real virus and attacks mostly the elderly, when I began to read everywhere that not “enough” people had chosen to be vaccinated, I knew things would get bad again.

    For example, I knew hospitals would ONCE AGAIN be willing to begin labeling patients as “Covid patients” if they tested positive, REGARDLESS of the condition they went into the hospital with.

    Also, vaccinated people are ending up with Covid again. What does that tell us?

    Same thing, different day. Profits are profits. Pharma doesn’t mess around, they want what their expected vaccine profits, and leftist indoctrinating mainstream media and leftist politicians know that terrifying the population is very convenient in order to tamper with elections and destroy our country.

    Let’s keep in mind that recent photo of the airplane filled with unmasked Democrat politicians and other assorted Democrats. We know what all this is about.

  4. Don’t let the pushers of big pharma scare you into getting this shot or any shot you’re not 100% convinced you need. It’s personal choice people, not a government mandate, YET.

  5. Hospitals have a monetary incentive to code patients as ‘Covid’ positive. They can charge for covid treatment even though you come in with a broken leg. Hospitals test everyone admitted regardless of symptoms. A few months ago my wife was admitted to labor and delivery at a local hospital, first thing they do run a Covid test.

  6. Fed Up

    When you asked the question, “Are they hospitalized for COVID or with COVID?” you truly got to the heart of all this COVID data confusion that we’ve been bombarded with for over a year.

    A neighbor of mine went into TMH with a broken leg. They tested positive for COVID and were classified as a patient that came in BECAUSE of COVID. Not exactly true or accurate.

    I’m afraid most of the data and statistics we’ve been hearing from multiple sources is tainted with this type of false and perhaps politicized interpretation.

    The dilemma we face is, who do we turn to for accurate, truthful information and guidance?

  7. Mark my words. The evil CDC will purge all negative VAERS data on Death Jabs. Any truth bombs must be avoided to keep the Branch Covidian Cult machine motoring along to scare the hell out of folks and the Death Jabs going.

  8. I also want to mention that I heard the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has serious health risks for men over the age of 50. They may have to add a label to that effect.

    Since this statement from the hospitals does not disclose any warnings, we have to share with each other what we have heard and read and do our own research.

  9. With more and more “breakthrough” cases being reported on a daily basis it becoming clear that these vaccines are not turning out to be as advertised. Covid is becoming something akin to the flu, take a vaccine if you want but many will still end up getting sick. Just look at the UK or Israel two of the most highly vaccinated countries and both are seeing cases go up.

  10. I told folks a while back… their goal is to have us back on unconstitutional civil and economically-destructive lockdowns, and in full-blown face diaper mania buy the time this election cycle gets into full swing. Why do you think the treasonous DemoKKKrats are going ballistic over attempts to improve our election integrity. We stood by (including Establishment Republicans) and allowed them to steal a Presidential election and at least two Senate seats using well-planned and well-organized systemic fraudulent mail-in ballot operation. A seditious – and truly insurrectionist – operation that targeted specific counties in specific states…. something I also exposed and explained well before the 2020 election.

    And don’t kid yourselves either, both the R & D DC Establishment wanted President Trump out. He exposed their impotence and stifled their mutually-corrupt and longstanding tax dollar fleecing operation and syndicate. It was never about Trump “The Man”… it was always about Trump “The Outsider”.

    Allow me to venture another projection if I may… I expect they’ll announce that you wont be able to enter a polling place in 2022, unless you can prove you’ve had at least a double shot of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex cocktail of sugar water and fertilizer runoff.

    Our Founders knew we’d be here… and here we are.

  11. This was entirely predictable. The sociopathic white coats and their handlers have deemed the Delta Scariant even worse than the initial virus, which was over 99% recoverable. Fact: the Delta Scariant is even milder than the original Covid virus with milder systems. Fact: India effectively destroyed their increase in cases of this Scariant when they told the WHO to pound sound and issued mass quantities of the real Covid cure, Ivermectin. Fact: the CFR of the Delta Scariant is 0.2%, less than the original Covid CFR of 1.78% in the US (if you believe the full death count by the evil CDC.) Fact: the average age of those who have died from Covid is in line with the average life expectancy of a U.S. citizen, 78 years old. Fact: those who died WITH Covid had 2 or more co-morbidities already. Fact: WEARING A MASK OF ANY KIND WILL NOT STOP ANY VIRUS FULL STOP!! SO STOP WEARING ONE ALONE IN YOUR CAR, I STILL SEE YOU FOLKS DOING THIS! YOU ARE SHOWING TO EVERYONE YOUR LEVEL OF INVINCIBLE IGNORANCE. BUSINESSES, STOP ABUSING YOUR EMPLOYEES BY FORCING THEM TO WEAR THE FACE DIAPERS. THEY ARE RE-BREATHING THEIR OWN EXCREMENT THAT HAPPENS TO COME FROM THEIR MOUTHS. Fact: TO BRANCH COVIDIAN PARENTS, SCRUEL STAFF AND SCRUEL BOARD KOMMISSARS, OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT SIGNIFICANT VECTORS NOR SIGNIFICANT RECEPTORS OF COVID! STOP ABUSING THEM BY THREATENING THEM WITH MASK WEARING, AGAIN!!

    These despicable, politicized medical institutions are lying to all of us about the experimental death jabs. NEVER in US history have experimental death jabs been allowed to continue with the number of reported deaths from the CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) that only reports from 1-10% of actual data. As of July 9, 2021 we are at 463,456 Adverse Events from the Death Jabs, 10,991 deaths, 30,781 hospitalizations, 59,402 urgent care visits, 82,535 office visits, 2,487 anaphylaxis, 2,885 Bell’s Palsy, 1,073 miscarriages, 3,906 heart attacks, 2,466 Myocarditis/Pericarditis, 9,274 disabled. I could go on and on. Adverse events in just a few months have surpassed all adverse events from ALL vaccines for the last 10 years. For the last two weeks there have been more deaths from the death jabs reported than deaths from Covid. LET THAT SINK IN! For TMH and CRMC to parrot the talking points of the despicable Chicom Pedophile Joe Bidum administration is disgraceful. For TMH and CRMC to not provide full disclosure of the possible effects of these Death Jabs is nothing short of evil.

    Why is it left up to us critical thinkers to call out these despicable sociopaths in the enemedia, government, corrupt medical institutions and Big Pharma? The cure for Covid is clear, Ivermectin and a host of other cheap, insanely safe medications like HCQ, typically provided over the counter in more sane and rational countries. Ivermectin alone treats a host of viruses. The American Journal of Therapeutics in a global peer reviewed study has already shown the wild success of Ivermectin as both a treatment and preventative. India is the role model in this. A virus is going to virus. Scaring folks will not stop it, it will run its course and yes, Covid and all its stupid variants are here to stay. Get over it folks, if you do get it, you’ll probably get the sniffles and recover just fine, like my family. And thankfully, these new Scariants are even weaker than the original, AND THAT IS GOOD NEWS that should be shared, but the Covidiot propaganda machine has to continue to scare folks.


  12. There was no mention that the vaccines are experimental and have not been FDA approved. Additionally, it is my understanding that for people under 30 there is a greater health risk from the vaccines than from the virus.

    The medical community is usually big on informed consent. This statement seems out of character.

  13. Thousands of pounds of drugs and over a million untested, unvetted, disease-carrying, criminal, gangbanger illegal aliens have invaded our country in just under 7-months. Is it a wonder crime, OD’s, and China Bio-Weapon Flu infections are skyrocketing?

    Thanks Joe!

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