LCSO Investigating Traffic Crash that Claims Two Lives

LCSO Investigating Traffic Crash that Claims Two Lives

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) Traffic Unit is investigating a fatal traffic crash that occurred early this morning, July 25, 2021.

Around 12:30 a.m. deputies with the LCSO performed a routine traffic stop for a traffic violation on a black Infinity passenger car, on West Tennessee Street. The deputies made contact with the driver of the vehicle and after a brief interaction the Infinity fled the scene at a high rate of speed. The deputy was injured when the car sped away, running over his foot, and dragging him a short distance.

Moments later a traffic crash was reported on West Tennessee Street and Blountstown Highway, involving two vehicles, one of which was the suspect car that previously fled from the traffic stop. The other vehicle was a Chevrolet passenger car. The suspect car also damaged several other vehicles at a nearby car dealership.

The driver of the Chevrolet was pronounced dead at the scene, and the driver and the passenger of the suspect car was taken to a local hospital. The passenger of the suspect car later died due to his injuries and the driver remains under medical care.

The investigation remains active at this time.

8 Responses to "LCSO Investigating Traffic Crash that Claims Two Lives"

  1. You make bad decisions when your brain is on alcohol and drugs. Once again drug tests are needed for anyone involved in the Tallahassee Chamber Buffalo Pool Party… this town has had enough of this nonsense.

    Isn’t the main sponsor Kim Rivers of Trulieve (cough,cough)? Nothing but a PR event to glorify and give cover to this ridiculous cast of characters soon-to-be criminals.

  2. I would hope that FAMU take the high road and cancel Ben Crump’s appearance to speak with students.

    Never once has Crump spoken about, talked about, preached the importance of treating Law Officers with respect and complying. Students deserve to hear a true humanitarian.

  3. Who wants to bet that the two Suspects Mothers will Sue the Sheriff’s Department because their Baby Boys were good Boys, did nothing wrong and had planned to go to College.

  4. I know information isn’t always available right after an incident, but I don’t understand why I never see a follow up with who, why, and results of the trial/sentencing. It’s like someone’s trying to hide something. How can voters evaluate the effectiveness of the criminal justice system if there’s no information?

  5. The DemoKKKrats and their Media PACs own this mayhem, and there’ s no getting around that reality. It’s far past time to name the problem, expose the culprit(s), and call it what it is.

    Stop selling and profiting off hate.

    May God be with those who suffer as a result if the insanity.

  6. Yes Hope prayers for all involved and their families.
    There is no joy for anybody when this sort of thing happens.

    Thanks Tallahassee Reports and Steve Stewart for reporting on this current news.

  7. Tallahassee is a very dangerous city, especially at night.

    And none of those no count city commissioners will say boo about it… oh heck no, they’re too busy naming streets for their political dogs, zoning shenanigan’s, conflicting themselves in and out of votes and giving away our money, just cause they can…!
    The result is a city that sounds like the Ok Corral every night.

    What a bunch of friggin miscreants that run this town. I want to know why Kim Rivers and Gary Yordon aren’t scheduled for trial? I already know to stay away from Tennessee St after midnight…. that’s pretty much a given all over town.

  8. Prayers for all involved and all affected this is a tragedy. So many had the opportunity to teach and preach compliance. Another heartbreaking tragedy because of not complying. Please make it stop.

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