Maddox Disputes Burnette Bribery Charge on the Stand

Maddox Disputes Burnette Bribery Charge on the Stand

Former City Commissioner Scott Maddox took the stand today as witness in the J.T. Burnette trial and disputed on one of the main charges against Burnette.

The indictment alleged that Burnette arranged the logistics of bribe payments of $10,000 per month to Maddox through Governance, and told the company representatives that Maddox wanted them to deal only with Burnette. 

However, Maddox stated on the stand that the $10,000 payments were for lobbying services by Paige-Carter Smith. Maddox said the payments sent by Southern Pines to Governance was for legitimate consulting on Fallschase by Paige Carter-Smith.

Maddox said the payments had nothing to do with him selling his vote.

Maddox also addressed the Mckibbon hotel project.

The indictment alleges Burnette “caused a company to pay $110,000 in exchange for Maddox declaring a conflict and not voting at a Tallahassee City Commission meeting. At that meeting, the Commission was slated to vote on an extension sought by a hotel development group to allow more time to meet certain City requirements to build a hotel close to a downtown hotel owned by Burnette.”

Maddox’s failure to participate resulted in a 2-2 tie vote by the Commission that denied the hotel development group the extension it sought and ended the project.

Maddox said after an April 2013 city commission meeting, when the Mckibbon hotel project was discussed, Burnette asked him not to support the McKibbon project. 

Maddox said he told Burnette he would declare a conflict.

Maddox also said Burnette asked that Paige Carter-Smith not represent Mckibbon. Maddox said Burnette promised to pay Carter-Smith $100,000 for the business she would’ve gotten if she had represented McKibbon. McKibbon was a previous Governance client. 

11 Responses to "Maddox Disputes Burnette Bribery Charge on the Stand"

  1. Ya know as bad as this cluster eff stinking pile of dung smells the guilty colluding leftist “players” from the Judge and FBI down to the Commissioners and business people are not the real guilty parties.
    The real scum of the earth are the leftist voters in Leon/Tallahassee that keep voting their leftist idiots into office time and time again. Be ashamed of yourselves Leon/Tallahassee leftist voters.

  2. You make bad decisions when your brain is on alcohol and drugs. Once again drug tests are needed for anyone involved in the Tallahassee Chamber Buffalo Pool Party… this town has had enough of this nonsense.

    Isn’t the main sponsor Kim Rivers of Trulieve (cough,cough)? Nothing but a PR event to glorify and give cover to this ridiculous cast of characters soon-to-be criminals.

  3. Any decent citizen would have turned the undercover agents over to federal authorities. Instead they took the bait.

  4. @ Mike L: NONE of them will see even 5 Years behind Bars. I am betting that Burnette will get 3 and the rest, 0 to 18 Months.

  5. Maddox still hopes to resurrect his career. Deep in denial. Acting like a choir boy after pleading guilty to felonies won’t fly with the public.

  6. @ Snidely… unfortunately, in today’s hyper partisan deep state structure… given the history of each of the players, it’s actually a toss-up.

  7. Two considerations:
    1. Either Maddox lied on the stand today.
    2. The Feds have been lying all along.
    Which is it?

  8. Its obvious Maddox is more afraid of what Burnette will do to him for his testimony than the 40 years he’ll get from the feds when they revoke his plea deal. He knows Burnette and Rivers will have him wacked, the feds will just lock him up and hive him three squares a day.

    Scott Maddox is a crook, but he ain’t stupid.

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