Masks Remain Optional, Quarantine Protocol Unsettled

Masks Remain Optional, Quarantine Protocol Unsettled

During the July 27th meeting, the Leon County School Board decided to maintain a masks optional policy for now and debated the quarantine protocols for students or faculty who are exposed to COVID-19 during the 2021-2022 school year.

The mask optional policy has been the focus of public comment over the last two months. However, it appears unless there is a measurable change in the impact of COVID on the school system, parents and students will have the option of wearing a mask.

But now another issue has taken center stage.

During the Tuesday night meeting, many worried parents and their supporters gathered to voice concerns over the quarantine protocols. Numerous speakers expressed their dislike of the new procedures and implored the Board and the Superintendent to make changes.

A primary concern was that the quarantine protocol procedure for a vaccinated individual is different for someone who is not vaccinated. They believe this may lead to discrimination toward children and staff who have not been vaccinated.

The new recommendations state that if a vaccinated student is exposed to COVID-19, they do not have to get tested and do not have to quarantine. A vaccinated student is required to show proof of vaccination.

If a student who is not vaccinated is exposed to COVID-19, they must quarantine for 10 days. If after seven days the student tests negative, they can return to school.

Many speakers argued that there have been recent positive cases of vaccinated individuals testing positive for COVID, and those who are vaccinated can still spread the virus. Therefore, unless the exposed individual tests negative, regardless of their vaccination status, they should be treated equally and quarantine the same way.

In addition, some argued that the process is equivalent to requiring a vaccine passport which is not legal under state law.

Superintendent Hanna said he would speak the governor’s office to get clarity on the quarantine options moving forward.

Hanna commented after the public speakers, stating, “we are caught in crossfire of recommendations” from federal and state governments, but they are trying to make the best decisions possible, “we want to do what is best for our children, to keep them safe and educate them.”

LCS Quarantine Procedures

If exposed to a positive case:

—If FULLY vaccinated, no quarantine is needed, and the employee does not need to leave their site.
—Employee should NOT get tested if fully vaccinated. If tested and, and it is positive, full quarantine will be required.
—If NOT fully vaccinated, the employee should leave and get tested as soon as possible (Rapid or PCR).
—If the test is negative and asymptomatic, they can return immediately with a negative test result from an approved testing site with the result indicating the employee’s name.

—If FULLY vaccinated, the student must show proof of vaccination (Examples include – vaccination card, clearance letter from Health Department, or the Parent Portal in FL Shots printout).
—If NOT fully vaccinated, the student must quarantine 10 days starting from the day of their identified exposure to a positive case OR they can be tested (Rapid or PCR) on Day 7. The student can return to school on Day 8 with a negative test result from an approved testing site with the results indicating the student’s name.

15 Responses to "Masks Remain Optional, Quarantine Protocol Unsettled"

  1. Quarantine the power-mad, oath-breaking politicians (& illegal alien invaders) for 4 years (well, at least 40 days at a stretch) for the safety of the citizenry. If power-madness is communicable, then holding them & the immoral tech tyrants incommunicado are the only hope to save civilization. ?

    And maybe the city councilors & county kommissars should be required to wear little black burglar masks… plus a highwayman bandanna… Life in the fast lane always makes them lose their minds, every-where, all-the-time. (h/t Eagles)

  2. There are going to be a whole bunch of dumb dead Republicans at the end of this spurred on by their dumbo of a governor.

    And dumbo-in-chief doesn’t mind if his unmasked kids or yours are vectors for disease infecting the rest of the smarter kids.

    If I were the teachers unions, I’d be walking out until dumbo changes his mind on masks.

    We don’t deserve to get infected because you people are so GD stupid.

  3. So, unvaccinated teachers can get tested as soon as possible after exposure and return if negative and asymptotic, but students have to quarentine? ????

  4. @POC guess what, your link to the Governor’s round table conference got me to call one of the MD’s on the panel. He recommended this site. This is a goldmine of information for parents that are wanted to push back against the forced mask narrative. It seems you can actually say “no”. You might have to put up a fight thought. Please share with those interested in not having their children submitted to child abuse by the school system.

    Masks and the law:

    Lawyer written letter to school administrators:

    Thank you Governor DeSantis for having Dr. MacDonald at your Mask Roundtable, video provided by @POC in this comment thread. Thank you @POC.

    video reposted:

  5. Anyone of those fools that throws up percentage points is not so smart. The calculation does not take the whole population into account. It only shows percentage of people tested. That has no bearing on the ACTUAL PERCENTAGE OF THE POPULATION THAT HAS COVID! They throw out numbers like “20% infection rate”. 20% of people tested. That basically means that 2 in 10 people TESTED came back infected. Compare that number to the total population of any given area and it is MINISCULE! Stop listening to these bloviating gasbags throwing out BS data!

  6. Dear sir, there’s no cross fire. The state has made it’s position very clear. All you have to do is turn off CNN.

  7. @Brad Garlinghouse, as far as I know, they have that right, however abusive and despicable it is. Get them out fast. Florida Virtual School is a wonderful alternative if you cannot afford a private school and have time to work from home to monitor their online attendance. But they will miss out on any social interaction, sadly.

    In looking at another local private school, Trinity Catholic School, they still have mandatory child abusing mask mandates on their site under the Covid 19 protocols for 1st through 8th grade. Truly despicable considering they are suppose to be a God fearing private Catholic school but worship before the Cult of Covidstan by abusing children attending their school. Contrast that with John Paul II Catholic High School and masking appears to be optional. Kind of ironic.

    Everyone should watch the Governor’s Covid-19 Roundtable from Monday on Rumble:

    This is the type of conversation that should be going on, but instead we’ve allowed the sociopathic leftists to monopolize the narrative.

  8. Question for those here perhaps someone might have the answer. My nephew attends a charter school in Leon Country, School for Arts and Sciences. He might as well be going to a communist indoctrination camp. Anyway, they have a charter from Leon County Schools to operate. Their school board is making masks mandatory for the school year.

    Does anyone have any idea by which law or authority they can do so? Governor DeSantis Executive Order 21-101 invalidated all Covid Emergency Orders in the state of Florida. But the exact words are, “Nothing herein prohibits a political subdivision of the State from enacting ordinances pursuant to regular enactment procedures to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its local population. Only the COVID-19 emergency orders, as defined in SB 2006, enacted prior to July I, 2021 , are hereby invalidated.” So does that mean that a school board which is a political subdivision, can force students to wear a mask to “protect the health….local population”?

    Does anyone know of a doctor in the area that would sign a mask waiver for a child?

    Can anyone think of a way for a kid to get out of this. And those of you going to Leon County Schools, all it will take is the X variant to be pushed by the media as killing everyone it touches and you will go back to masks and lockdowns. This is the new plan for society. We need to share information.

  9. Sadly I watched this meeting, Kommissar Wood and Jones were just as invincibly ignorant and devoid of any ability to critically think. I was very impressed with the parents that came prepared with actual, factual, scientific information and how they conducted themselves. Kudos to them. Contrast this to the few racists of color that chose to go there since they cannot see beyond the color of their own skin. This is what is truly sad, how one side constantly devolves into tribalism and racism.

    This was a small victory for some sanity. Stay vigilant and hold these despicable Scruel Kommissars to account. They will attempt anything to abuse our children.

  10. Meantime, you have a County Commissioner (Fully Vaccinated) that teaches school and his whole family recently contracted COVID. But, others who may have already had COVID and have better antibodies, are not carriers and STILL need to be tested? TOTAL STUPIDITY! Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, go to school or do school online. You all have the choice without having to place all these mandates.

  11. @ Hope… you are 100% correct

    @ god… you are 100% delusional and hate-filled. If you don’t get help at Charter, get help somewhere.

  12. I agree with Hope, Biden has an obligation to us to secure the southern border.

    Also, the quarantine procedures undermine the state ban on vaccine passports.

  13. Tell Biden to do his job and secure the Border, hence, the spread of COVID will subside. Not only is there a dereliction of duty, it is a crime against humanity by not securing the Border. Thank you President Trump and Governor DeSantis for doing Biden’s job. Perhaps the DOJ should intervene and remove Biden from office for his dereliction and causing the spread of Covid.

    How much longer do Americans need to be subjected to incompetence at the highest level?

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