City of Tallahassee Announces Change in Mask Policy

City of Tallahassee Announces Change in Mask Policy

On Friday afternoon, based on updated CDC guidance related to COVID-19, the City of Tallahassee sent out a memo requiring “all city employees and contractors/vendors/volunteers” to wear masks indoors.

The change in policy comes amid an increase in positive COVID cases and an increase in hospitalizations in Leon County.

The change also comes days after Leon County Government revised their policy which includes a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition for employment.

The City of Tallahassee masking policy applies to vaccinated and unvaccinated employees “working in City buildings, attending offsite events, driving/riding in City vehicles, and when outside but unable to social distance at least six feet.”

The full memo is provided below.

13 Responses to "City of Tallahassee Announces Change in Mask Policy"

  1. Pray for the children… those who are forced to attend our failing Public Indoctrination System, and those whose parents are already indoctrinated.

  2. Our kids need to start wearing masks in school again.

    My kid has been vaccinated, but you people are dumb enough that your kids probably aren’t.

    There are kids who are critically ill with COVID at TMH right now.

    That can happen to your kid.
    Don’t you care?

  3. What adjective can be used for a nation who is consistently fooled, recurrently deceived by the crafty politicians? Goofy? Very light! Fool? Not enough! Brainless? Yes, that is the very adjective!
    This applies to Democrats and Republicans politicians.

  4. Neither Dr.Fraudci, The Communist Collusion on Disease (CDC), nor the Dementia Joe Biden Sadminstration have any standing whatsoever on the importance of Public Health.

    Fraudci is a fraud and looks more like Joseph Mengele every day, the CDC is owned by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, and DJ Biden is purposely infecting and killing Americans via his illegal alien free-for-all at our border.

  5. Dr.trump has schooled you maga morons well,now drink your bleach and keep repeating trump won trump won trump won. Then fly back to whatever planet you came from.

  6. Put down the rock missie.
    This aint science. Its quackery.
    People who hide, manipulate and fudge data should not be trusted and are not scientists.
    Public health concerns should not be weaponized.
    Routine outbreaks of rinoviruses are not new nor are they reason for hysteria.
    Coronavirus is just a cold.
    If this was a serious health emergency, then the border wouldnt be wide open for anyone to sneak in carrying the supposedly deadly virus.
    If the virus is serious, long before we shut down the economy we should shut down the border where those infected sneak in with testing or therapeutics.

  7. Boys and Girls, please cut back on your sugar and junk food consumption and pay attention. Can you say SCIENCE?
    It’s a public health emergency. Data evolves and as it evolves the guidelines must be adjusted accordingly. Pretty straightforward.

  8. If the vaccines don’t work and you therefore need a mask even if you are vaccinated, why does everyone need to be vaccinated?

    If the vaccines work and you still have to wear a mask, is the mask just an outward physical sign of your submission to the totalitarian government?

  9. So… the social and pharmaceutical experimentation experts have concluded that neither face diapers nor the 2-shots of sugar water and fertilizer runoff are effective against the China Bio-Weapon Flu. The only reprieve we’ll see from this day forward will be short stints between election cycles. Fear mongering, lockdowns, face diapers, and social control is the only way to maintain the mail ballot election fraud that worked so well in 2020.

    We let the get away with it once, why not again and again and again…

  10. Yet it is… full steam ahead at the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce – who’s who in corruption – and the Buffalo Pool Party junket in Amelia Island.

    One commissioner, Commissioner Matlow, stated he will not participate in this farce. He deserves accolades and respect for this decision.

    Steve, please publish the list of the city and county officials who will spend our tax dollars to attend the Corruption Corral… . Are they going to require masks or cancel the event? “Rules for thee, but not for me”…

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