Hospital Officials: Young, Healthy Drive COVID Hospitalizations

Hospital Officials: Young, Healthy Drive COVID Hospitalizations

According to hospital officials, the current spike in COVID hospitalizations is being driving by unvaccinated, young and healthy people. This trend appears to be different from what happened during the first two waves of the COVID pandemic.

“The virus has a new target: the unvaccinated and younger people,” said Mary C. Mayhew, President and CEO, Florida Hospital Association. “Previously healthy people from their teens to their 40s are now finding themselves in the hospital and on a ventilator. Regardless of your age, get vaccinated, if eligible! What you heard last year and last spring about this virus mostly targeting seniors and those with pre-existing conditions is not true today.”

In Tallahassee the message is the same, according to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare’s chief communications officer, Stephanie Derzypolski.

On Sunday, Derzypolski tweeted, “Today we have 70 COVID-19 patients at TMH. The overwhelming majority of them are unvaccinated which means these hospitalizations (and many eventual deaths) could’ve been prevented. This is no longer people with comorbitities in their 70s and 80s but otherwise healthy people in their 20s 30s and 40s.”

Derzypolski urged people to get vaccinated.

Will the increase in hospitalizations follow previous trends and result in more deaths in the coming weeks?

Some evidence indicates the answer to this question is no.

Reports indicate the surge in the Delta variant in the UK is not bringing the same death toll as past coronavirus waves.

Also, the New York Times reported in June that the medical conditions associated with recent deaths are similar to the conditions associated with deaths during the height of the pandemic. These conditions include diabetes and hypertensive diseases.

Based on these reports, if the current spike in hospitalizations is driven by younger and healthier people with no underlying conditions, the medical outcomes should be different from the first waves of the pandemic.

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  1. I’d like the local hospitals release the ages and percentage hospitalized for all of us to review. It’s rather easy to say more younger adults are coming in. Are they in ICU or just getting treated and released?

  2. @Tony –

    “You also think all the illegals pouring over the Border is Trumps Fault?”

    Remember when Trump shut down the government for thirty days to get funding for the wall and got spanked by Nancy like a little boy? I do!

    How’d the whole wall thing go, anyways? I remember when Trump told us it would cost about 25B and be done by the end of his first term. That went great, right? I mean, I thought that was going to be the end of illegal immigration. Right?

  3. POC said, was absolute perfection. Nothing about politics or race! Just statistics and data. Nothing about division by shaming the unvaccinated from the vaccinated. Instead talks about “Uniting” ppl for the common cause called freedom to “choose” over ones body.

    If Leon County is allowed to enforce County and/or City employee to be vaccinated or lose their jobs you have until October 1, or fill out intrusive and should be illegal form regarding employees medical conditions or religious beliefs, going as low as having employees and their doctors explain why they can not or will not be vaccinated no later than August 16,

    Everyone who lives or works in Leon County should Unite together and stage a walkout in protest!!! No later than August 15, 2021. Taking the power away from the few who think themselves above the law and give it back to the masses who actually do the jobs that make this County run on a daily basis. Florida is an at will work State, however I don’t see anyone being fired if all employees stand together regardless if you have or have not been vaccinated.

    If we all let this happen and allow employers, administration and government to dictate by allowing the above an inch of our freedom to choose…,how long before they take a mile?

  4. @ Lena: Let me guess, you think Biden is doing a GREAT job at the Border? You also think all the illegals pouring over the Border is Trumps Fault?

    Which is worse, the Democrats in Office or the Idiots who keep voting for them?

  5. Of the 70 people, how many are unvaccinated, how many are “young” and how many are young and unvaccinated? Let’s put a rest to the 99% rumor.

  6. The Dementia Joe Biden Sadministration is shipping Covid-infected illegal aliens into Florida everyday (front line knowledge)… in attempt to push us all back into lockdown and face diaper hysteria in order to continue the mail-in ballot fraud operation. This is how they stole the 2020 elections, and this is how they plan to do it again, and again, and again…

    Attack me all you wish… but the truth will set you free.

    WAKE UP AMERICA… before it’s too late… and too late is getting closer and closer every day.

  7. Nice try TMH with the Panic Porn, here’s some real rational data driven truth bombs from the Co-Author of Faucian Bargain and Anti-Covidstan expert Steve Deace:

    Let’s look in this thread at how the Delta Variant performed in other countries. Two with higher vaccination rates than the U.S., and one with much, much lower vaccination rates so we get a well-rounded sample. Let’s start in the UK, which didn’t come out of lockdown until July 19th. Its Delta Variant case climb began around June 4th. From that day to its peak on July 17th (43 days), cases in the UK rose a whopping 772%! However, there wasn’t a parallel stark rise in deaths. In fact, the UK (population 66 million) hasn’t eclipsed 100 daily deaths since March 23rd (128 days). It’s reasonable to assume lower natural immunity in UK with longer lockdown, too. The UK is currently reporting 55.9% of population fully-vaccinated, compared to 49.1% of U.S. So slightly better, but not that much so. And you have to assume U.S. has more natural immunity having been far more open and for longer.

    Now let’s look at Israel, which had one of the strictest lockdowns in the industrialized world. Israel went weeks reporting zero cases, until it reported 123 on June 21st. July 28th it hit a current peak of 2328 cases. That’s a massive 1,793% increase! It’s too early to tell if that is Israel’s peak, but cases have declined the next two days. If so, that would put Israel in a 37-day escalation scenario. So within range of what the UK saw at 43 days. However, the highest daily deaths Israel has recorded over these 37 days is just 4! A country of over 9 million hasn’t hit double-figures in daily deaths since June 10th — which is 50 days ago. Given Israel’s far stricter lockdown, it’s also reasonable to assume it has a lower rate of natural immunity than the U.S. But Israel reports 62.1% full vaccinated, which is about 25% higher than the U.S.

    Finally, let’s look at India, where Delta Variant originated. The daily curse curve there really began to escalate around March 18th. From that date until its peak on May 8th (51 days) cases rose an insane 945%! India has a population of 1.4 billion, or more than 3 times what the U.S., UK, and Israel have combined. That could explain why its case escalation scenario lasted longer. 50 days later, cases in India had decreased over 800% from that peak. Now, unlike the UK and Israel, India did see a parallel rise in deaths. Daily deaths in India exceeded 5k on May 23rd, or about two weeks after the case peak, so that lag period checks out with what we’ve seen since the start of the pandemic. Deaths in India rose 3,115% during its case escalation scenario. India also has one of the lowest full vaccination rates in the free world at just 6.7%. However, daily deaths in India dropped 818% over the next 50 days from that peak (and are still dropping btw), which implies high levels of natural immunity given the paltry vaccine numbers there.

    So, what does this mean for the Delta Variant in the U.S.? From a public policy perspective, we can probably draw three conclusions from this data sample. 1) From a transmission standpoint, the Delta variant is gonna variant (h/t @AlexBerenson). Neither locked down or higher vaccinated countries could stop its escalation scenario. I would argue our escalation scenario began around July 13th (18 days ago). Cases were rising before then, yes, so we could quibble on exact launch date in the time prior. But we can’t argue they have been rapidly rising since then. In the last 18 days cases have risen 216%. The case escalation scenario from these other countries would also suggest we’re about halfway through ours, give or take some days here or there (depending on when you believe it actually started). And given the rise in breakthrough cases throughout the U.S., that coincides with what we saw in Israel and the UK as well, which are each more fully vaccinated than we are.

    2) Death numbers in the U.S. remain at record lows since the pandemic began, which is the pattern we observed during the escalation scenarios in the more vaccinated U.K. and Israel but not the paltry vaccinated India. On June 10th, BEFORE the current Delta variant escalation scenario, the U.S. recorded 489 deaths. 50 days later on July 30th, right in the heart of our current Delta variant escalation scenario, the U.S. reported 419 deaths. And during our Delta variant escalation scenario we have recorded record-low numbers of daily deaths since we started charting them in March of 2020. Therefore, we are currently following the same epidemiological pattern as the more vaccinated UK and Israel (skyrocketing cases while deaths remain at record lows), and not the pattern in paltry vaccinated India — where both exploded simultaneously. “But what about hospitalizations?” Deaths and hospitalizations tend to rise congruently, hence from a public policy standpoint there’s really no need to break them out. In other words, if we’re not having a death rise in the U.S., hospitals aren’t suffering collectively either.

    3) India does tell us, though, that our public health officials/media are ignoring natural immunity at their own peril. Yes, Ivermectin was used by several Indian states, but not systemically enough to account primarily for the large decrease there within such a large population. However, seroprevalence would account for such a pattern (i.e. hitting a herd/population immunity threshold). If we are going to credit the vaccines for keeping deaths low in countries with likely lower vaccination rates, then we have to be intellectually honest about India, too. Just as the data clearly implies the Covid therapeutics couldn’t contain Delta transmission in Israel and the UK, but still kept deaths down. In India, its data implies natural immunity was the primary weapon that crushed its curve (albeit at a higher cost of life).

    Both of these scenarios could be good news for us. Because since we’ve been one of the more open countries for a year now, we should have a higher rate of natural immunity, too. But we also have almost half the country fully vaccinated as well. Therefore, it is possible we could end up with the best of both worlds versus Delta. We could potentially keep deaths down AND have shorter case escalation scenario with therapeutic vaccines and natural immunity working together. This constant ignoring and dismissing of natural immunity by our health/media elites is doing tremendous damage to their credibility in real-time. Natural immunity is clearly our friend right now.

    Meanwhile, and I say this as someone who VEHEMENTLY opposes vaccine mandates and remains skeptical of the long-term Covid vaccine efficacy and side effects still to be learned, I also don’t think you make the claim vaccines didn’t help in the UK/Israel or aren’t helping us now. This data clearly suggests they did. There is no other way to explain how deaths remained low in locked down countries with low natural immunity during their escalations, because they’re not using Ivermectin in Israel and the UK obviously.

    So, what does this all mean? It means we should be coming together right now, not being torn further apart. Vaccine mandates that won’t stop transmission divide us, just as completely dismissing the role vaccines seem to have played in mitigating severity may as well. The data clearly suggests, at least for now, we need both therapeutics and natural immunity to crush this curve and keep deaths low. That calculus may change with future variants, or future adverse side effects data, but for now that appears strongly to be the case. Of course, Delta — like most mutations/variants — could also just be a weakening of the virus as it looks to find its place to endemically survive. That could also explain higher transmissibility with lower lethality to some extent. But we still must confront Indian death rise.

    Finally, we are winning in real time. The truth is our friend. Let the data speak for itself. To have public officials and media elites act as if they’re a hammer and everything is a nail breeds suspicion and division. Let the truth have its day, and follow the data.

  8. If they are young and healthy people, WHY then are they being Hospitalized? I would understand better if they were older but being Younger, shouldn’t their immune system be stronger and able to fight it better ? I know of a whole Family here that got Covid and they are staying home and taking care of it, no hospital.
    I just hope that they are not coming there to get tested, have it and you automatically admit them for the Money.

  9. How convenient…

    The virus has a new target: the unvaccinated and younger people,” said Mary C. Mayhew, President and CEO, Florida Hospital Association. “Previously healthy people from their teens to their 40s are now finding themselves in the hospital and on a ventilator. Regardless of your age, get vaccinated

  10. I have a different perspective. I was in TMH from 7/13-7/28. I did not have underlying condition. I am 62 on 7/8. I am unvaccinated. I was around number 25 on COVID floor. I had pneumonia a 103 fever. This was under control in 3 days. The next 10 days I was given high pressure oxygen. Then they slowly moved me to low pressure oxygen. While there I was told about the increase in cases. I was told when there was 45 patients that all but 1 was unvaccinated. At that time they said they are starting to see younger people. And most with underlying conditions are on a ventilator. I am fortunate that today I am home and on the road to recovery. They said I am a Long Hauler. It will take time. Also I am not made because I have COVID. I chose not to get the vaccine. My suggestion is if you are not vaccinated you should talk with your doctor for your situation. It’s your choice. Also if you do end up on the COVID floor 5 you will have the best care, people with compassion and always looking out for you to get better. I cannot say enough for everyone from an intern to nurse and doctor. They are the BEST. THANK YOU for your humanity. If you do end up on COVID floor please have a positive attitude i, ask questions. It helps. I also ask not to criticize people who do not get vaccinated because you do not know their medical history. Be Kind.

  11. I’m curious if the breakdown of “unvaccinated”. Are these people that didn’t get Covid in the first wave? Are they reinfections(I’d think not). I think it is unfair to lump all unvaxxed together. My guess is that those that previously had Covid are in no, or super low) danger of catching the delta

  12. I mean we’re talking about 1 in 500? 1500 cases last week, how many “young healthy” people hospitalized? 5? Are they seeking treatment before hospitalization? The media is telling us vaccine or death. What about treatment? What about healthy living.

  13. BTW… citizens should be more concerned about Stephanie Deryzpolski’s attending the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce farce in Amelia Island next week… “rules for thee, but not for me”.

    Another Democratic Party operative falling in line to create panic.

  14. The spike in the Delta variant is being driven by the flood of illegal migrants entering our country at the open southern border; it is not being driven by unvaccinated young and healthy US citizens.

    Mary Mayhew needs to bring her case to the Biden Administration and plead with them to secure our southern border. If she doesn’t, then I assume she doesn’t believe what she is claiming about the dangers. It’s just politics. Same goes for Stephanie Derzypolski.

  15. Meanwhile Covid soars at the borders yet there is no management, plan, quarantines… They release the COVID positive illegal aliens on buses and planes and into hotels with no forethought or concern…

    Any concern about COVID vaccines I the Democrats is disingenuous and just another way to cause chaos to further their agenda.

    Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi is holding Kangaroo Kourt regarding January 6th.

    Someone at the Department of Justice needs to do their job and investigate the Wuhan lab bioterrorism and January 6th to get to the bottom of this. We already know the election was a farce and Trump won.

    They fool no one but themselves.

  16. This is really not anything unexpected. The vast majority of the 65+ population has been vaccinated by now. So yes, hospitalizations are up in younger populations but this doesn’t mean deaths are going to rise to similar rates as before. If the UK’s recent spike caused by delta is an indication of what we are seeing here this current wave should burn out in mid-August.

  17. Don’t believe any of it… Neither Dr.Fraudci, The Communist Collusion on Disease (CDC), nor the Dementia Joe Biden Sadminstration have any standing whatsoever on the importance of Public Health.

    Fraudci is a fraud and looks more like Joseph Mengele, the CDC is owned by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, and DJ Biden is purposely infecting and killing Americans via his illegal alien free-for-all at our border.

  18. Washington D.C. had three times as many murders in the month of July as it did Covid deaths.

    Living a good life is hard and dangerous, so grin and bear it.

  19. No one has yet to answer the question if the hospitalizations are for COVID or just people with positive COVID tests. Makes a big difference and until it’s determined the number is meaningless.

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