Leon County Releases Religious, Medical Accommodation Forms

Leon County Releases Religious, Medical Accommodation Forms

Recently, Leon County Administrator Vince Long notified all Leon County government employees that vaccinations against COVID-19 will become a condition of employment with the county.

The notification also stated there would be a process to accommodate those with religious beliefs and medical issues that would keep individuals from getting vaccinated.

Provided below are the Leon County vaccination exemption forms.




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  1. Are you aware of any other Lawsuit that others can join there is very little time ,the government made sure of that , if you can’t show proof before a certain time , your fired and I’ve tried contacting my doctor to which seems to be impossible, after heart surgery and being type 2 diabetic ,
    is it safe ,if not I need proof.

  2. Statistics tell us 1 in 4 new cases of Covid-19 live in Florida while Florida represents 7% of the US population. This means Floridians lifestyle are causing a surge of Covid-19 in our population. This is made easy by the new very infectious Delta variant. This has nothing to do with leftist liberal hippies or the right wing hypocrite conservatist. Everyone must stop politicizing vaccine science and public health. If 99% of the new Covid-19 hospitalizations are unvaccinated, what does that tell us? It certainly doesn’t tell us vaccines don’t work.

    Also, requiring vaccine proof is not in violation of the Hipaa Law. If it were, children would not be required to show vaccine proof to attend public school. Folks, use that brain!

    STOP politicizing public health!

  3. My body, my choice! It’s funny how this doesn’t apply to vaccinations and people having the choice to get it. You leftists think a man can have a kid. Bwahahah, snort! Idiots! Follow the science? What a joke! The government know best…

  4. I was waiting for someone else to ask this… but… I wonder if TR will follow up and contact the Leon County Dictator for some clarity on who will judging these illegal “condition of employment” religious litmus tests answers.

    Has the County hired a person with a Doctorate in Theology to “grade” these answers?… or will they simply hand it over to a left-wing millidiot staffer to base the grade on what he/she/it finds on Twidiot or Wackyourpedia?

    An important question worth the ask… I think.

  5. Please stop making this a political or religious issue. Let us all remember that this is a health issue that has hit the world like a tsunami. When the AIDS/HIV epidemic came out in the 1980’s most people took precautions to protect themselves. Those who chose not to contracted the virus. If you do not want the vaccine at least take precautions to prevent the possibility of spreading this virus to others. Also, employers should really consider allowing their employees to work from home whenever possible. For those who are service workers, wear your masks. Protect yourself and others. Finally, life is too short to be worrying and fighting about something like this. Either get the shot and/or wear a mask and get tested often. In other words stay safe people

  6. I think deepstateproagandist is wearing a cheap mask… the dope smoke is seeping right through it and attaching directly to his/her/its singular brain cell.

    Local and/or State Right to Work does not supplant our Constitution or Federal Law. Lay off Fakebook and pick up a real book once and a while.

    Ones’ personal medical information is private… unless of course you believe someone can be fired for having HIV or an abortion…

    clown… :-/

  7. Florida is an at will state and all of this sudden interest in HIPAA from conservatives isn’t going to change that.

    The Florida supreme court has already rules that employers can refuse to hire smokers if they feel like it. See The CITY OF NORTH MIAMI, Florida, Petitioner, v. Arlene KURTZ for more.

    Being unvaccinated is about a person making *a choice*, not about their health status. If you have multiple DUI’s, that is you making a choice. And I don’t have to have any legal responsibility to keep employing you if I find out you get another DUI. Why? Because it shows me that you have awful judgement, are probably an idiot, and could be a danger to my other staff. Being unvaccinated is exactly the same.

    People don’t get hired because of their health all of the time. This is why fat people aren’t newscasters, and old people are not swim suit models. It’s just that in this particular instance, the snowflakes of the conservative population think their freedumb shouldn’t be infringed upon because it’s sooo unfair that their magical reasoning isn’t bending the laws of disease spread.


    But yes, please go pay a lawyer. LOL.

  8. @Pam

    I think it is the other way around. Mike Lindell is sincere and is wrongfully retaliated against because of his beliefs. He provides a lot of jobs and is of good character so please don’t mis-characterize him. Thank you.

  9. I suggest that folks educate themselves on HIPAA forthwith. Additionally, I would recommend that everyone memorize the following statement…”Pursuant to Settled Law – specifically associated with HIPAA – I reserve the right to keep my personal medical information private”… repeat if necessary, and say no more.

    Understand that it is not a violation of the law for someone to “ask” you about your personal medical information (aka: vaccination status)… however, it is against the law for them to attempt to “force you to disclose” or “threaten you in anyway“ for not disclosing your personal and private medical information.

    Make no mistake about it folks… law firms are already drafting their Legal Briefs in preparation for the lawsuits… they’re just waiting for your call.

  10. All of this for a non-sterilizing “vaccine” that neither prevents infection, nor prevents the “vaccinated” individual from shedding virus and infecting others. I would have to see more hard data before I would say with certainty it even lessens symptoms in the “vaccinated”. There is another agenda going on here.

  11. How are you able to do this when you are not allowed to ask any Medical Questions on Job Applications or during the Job Interview? You can’t even ask if they Smoke?

  12. I hope the county employees are calling the Governor’s Office, filing complaints with the Florida Attorney General, seeking out lawyers to represent them in a class action suit and/or wrongful termination suits.

    I hope they are not going to let the government force them to take an experimental vaccine against their will.

    Maybe Mike Lindell will be able to prove on Aug. 10-12th at his cyber symposium that the 2020 election was stolen and end this totalitarian takeover.

  13. “Welcome to Leon County, where people of Faith are not welcome”

    “Leon County Florida… where religious discrimination is a way of life”

    “Welcome to Leon County Human Resources… Christians Need Not Apply”

    … just some suggestions

  14. Too little too late… the County Administrator has already shown that he is a left-wing Wingnut falling in line to promote progressive agendas… Meanwhile he and his staff are racing down to Amelia Island to shamelessly self promote their political campaigns, corruption, and hypocrisy.

    To promote such an intrusive program that intrudes on our basic civil liberties is disingenuous. County Administrator Long ignores the Covid crisis at the border on Biden’s watch.

    Please make it stop.

  15. This is the most ignorant, intrusive, and illegal piece of garbage I’ve seen in many many many years. A religious litmus test for employment…. unbelievable. Know your rights, stand on them, and call a lawyer.

    Terminate the County Administrator and Recall every Commissioner.

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