Mayor Dailey Announces Tallahassee Awards

Mayor Dailey Announces Tallahassee Awards

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey announced on Tuesday, August 3, 2021, a new initiative he is calling the Tallahassee Awards.

The award is to celebrate those “who help make Tallahassee the Best City Ever,” he said in a tweet on Tuesday. He stated that Tallahassee is a city to which other communities aspire to be, and our city has been recognized as an All-American City and Southern Living’s Best Cities in the South…but it is the members of the community who make a difference.

The award allows residents to highlight each other’s achievements in the community and focus on those who move the community forward. The award is for members of the community, individuals, not businesses, and residents may nominate individuals online. The nominations are open until August 31st.

The award comes at a time when tensions and frustrations are high in the community and nationally. The recent spikes in COVID cases and debates about masks and necessity of vaccinations are at a high. Mayor Dailey told WCTV news, that he hears about citizens doing great things every day, he says he wants to take that word of mouth one step forward.

He says they will not put a limit on how many awards they might give out, and they have already received nominations, only one day in.

You can make nominations here.

8 Responses to "Mayor Dailey Announces Tallahassee Awards"

  1. It would be the honorable and right thing to do. Erwin Jackson’s contributions to rooting out corruption in our community is now unquestionable and he should be at the very top of John Dailey’s award list.

  2. @ Alex: But HALF of THOSE People will be the ones getting one of these Awards. Crump, Rev. Holms and several other Fake Community Leaders for sure. Oh, and don’t forget the Big Donners, they all get one too.

  3. I could support this only if we could nominate persons for “Tallahassee Condemnation Award” and highlight those whose actions and behaviors have hurt or community.

  4. I bet the “winners” will all be within the second band of the local Crooked Concentric Circle Gang.

    Not that I an a cynic.

  5. Let’s all nominate Erwin Jackson.
    He’s done more for this city then any 20 of the jack legs this clown will pick.

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