Poll Shows Crist, DeSantis in Statistical Dead Heat for Florida Governor

Poll Shows Crist, DeSantis in Statistical Dead Heat for Florida Governor

A recent poll shows U.S. Representative Charlie Crist (D-FL-13) leading Florida Governor Ron DeSantis 45.3% to 43.8%, with 10.8% of the respondents undecided. However, Crist’s lead is not outside the poll’s margin of error.

The poll also shows DeSantis leading Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried 45.1% to 41.8%, with 13.1% undecided.

The poll, conducted by St. Pete Polls, surveyed 3,952 likely Florida voters from August 2 to August 3. The poll used random samples of registered voter lists supplied by the state of Florida as of June 15. The poll was conducted through an automated phone call polling system and results were then weighted to account for proportional differences between the respondents’ demographics and the demographics of the active voter population for the state of Florida. The margin of error was 1.6%.

In May, Politico reported that a Florida Chamber of Commerce poll “showed DeSantis with double-digit leads in head-to-head matchups with U.S. Reps. Val Demings and Charlie Crist as well as Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried. Crist has already jumped into the race, with both Fried and Demings expected to follow. ”

Of the registered voters who participated in the most recent poll, 36.5% were Democratic, 38.6% were Republican, and 25% were independent. Republicans and Democrats both primarily stuck with their parties. However, Crist received more support from independents than DeSantis with 45.9% compared to 39.9%, while the other 14.2% of independents were undecided. Also, 51.2% of independents in the poll disapproved of DeSantis’ job as governor.

With regards to race, 62.1% of voters in the poll were “white non-Hispanic,” 13.1% “Black Non-Hispanic,” 2.4% “Asian or Pacific Islander,” 16.6%  “Hispanic,” and 5.7% were “Other or Unknown.” According to the poll, DeSantis was favored among white voters, with 51.5%, compared to Crist earning 39.6%, and 8.9% were undecided.

Crist was favored by all other races with the largest gap coming with black voters. Black voters favored Crist 68% to 16%, with 16% undecided. Hispanics respondents chose Crist over DeSantis 46.6% to 40.9%, with 12.5% undecided.

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Casey Owens is a contributing writer for The Florida Capital Star. Follow him on Twitter at @cowensreports. Email tips to caseyowensreports@gmail.com.
Background Photo “Florida Capitol” by DXR. CC BY-SA 4.0.

34 Responses to "Poll Shows Crist, DeSantis in Statistical Dead Heat for Florida Governor"

  1. I like how y’all try to persuade the black voters to see things your way. Hows about you go review the vile and racist statements made on this site, wctv, wtxl, facebook, and twitter and gauge how many blacks might listen to you. The buffoonery is a.maz.ing. Reiterating who was the party of the KKK? Really? So we should forget the reset, huh? We should forget the blatant CURRENT racists in the republican party? Here’s a little secret….we don’t eff with nunuhyaw. LOL. We have to choose someone, so we choose the lesser of the evils presented to us. We are fully aware they system isn’t broken. It was designed this way. But carry on. Continue to expose yourselves.

  2. Dear Black votes of Florida, here are some facts:
    The KKK was started, run, and perpetuated by Democrats.
    Not one Democrat voted for giving voting rights to Black citizens.
    Democrats took hold of the post-Civil War South, literally physically assaulting duly elected Black representatives and Senators; Democrats initiated and perpetuated poll taxes throughout the South.
    Johnson’s Great Society was aimed at continuing to enslave you–economically. Johnson was a well-known and documented racist. The massive financial investment in social services was intended to limit your effectiveness in the marketplace of ideas by destroying the family unit.
    Supporters of abortion continue to kill more Blacks daily, even, than the Black-on-Black violence of inner cities.
    CHECK YOUR HISTORY BOOKS. Learn your own real history in America. Stop selling your power and intelligence and support to Democrats, whose only interest is to continue to enslave you!
    The only political representation at the local or national level that has been entirely and routinely fighting for your rights as Americans has be the Republican Party.

  3. I have seen so many comments from New Yorkers, New Jersey, New Hampshire, California, etc saying they want to move to Florida because they think Desantis is the best governor, great leader, and so on.
    At the same time, the ones who have already moved here hate Desantis and want to vote him out. They move here to escape the ways of their state and then want to change Florida into what they ran from.
    I can guarantee you that I will be voting for Desantis and if he runs for president, I will vote for Desantis.

  4. Can you even imagine what the poll results would be if it was conducted in the Tallahassee area?

    Polls results from only regional areas are meaningless. The only ones even partially believable must be conducted among a broadly geographic population of people to be worthwhile.

  5. The only polls that are reliable are the poles in stripclubs… and even those depend on who installed them.

    Most of these partisan push-polls are designed to manipulate public option, not gauge it. It’s also a way to panic candidates and push them to spend their campaign dollars on advertising… which is why most polls are connected to a media platform in some way, shape, or form.

    Think for yourselves… before it’s too late to save this Great Republic.

  6. It’s time for New leadership in Florida, you can’t be a Governor of a whole State, for just one group of people. I can’t wait for 2022 anyone else but Desantis. Let’s go independents?

  7. Trump won!

    Democrats have under their belts election fraud, bio weapon scamdemic, purposefully not securing the borders, creating panic, inflation, gas prices as high as when Obama was President, creating panic over face masks to control so they can partner with China and gain from participating in treason. January 6th was Pelosi’s party no investigation except for Pelosi’s kangaroo court. Our local Democratic former mayor former head of the Democratic Party of Florida is going to federal prison with his girlfriend. Another former mayor caught in an orgy with drugs. The Democrats have turned Tallahassee into a ghetto, the Democrats Front Runner political opponent has already lost a Statewide race to Rick Scott in the US Senate and can be seen on reruns on American Greed.

    The Democrats in collusion with big media and social media colluded with the Chinese Communist Party to be a super spreader of bioterrorism.

    Where is the John Durham investigation investigating the Democrats for their weaponizing public entities to do harm to their political opponents? They should be in prison.

    Ignores their own crimes against humanity, treason, mismanagement, fraud, bioterrorism, election fraud, inflation, high gas prices, and orchestrating the pandemonium on January 6th and not having it investigated are all crimes against humanity, felonies, TREASON, and worse

    Ron DeSantis is the Best Governor in America!

  8. @ Domino:
    Good call if pervo Gillum was in the race this leftist poll would have him placing very high!
    Dont place any stock in early polls or any poll for that matter. They have no basis in fact and are designed to sway the vote. The other reason for polls is it gives the newsies something to talk about. Still all polls have no legitimacy and are worthless junk.
    Palm Beach, Dade, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Leon, and maybe a few other Florida Counties are going to cheat. I see our Republican Legislature put some words into law to make us think they got it under control – but I’m not sure even with that feel good legislative wording that Anyone at Any level of government has any intention of lifting a finger to stop it or prove it or punish those responsable. Yeah they are gonna cheat.
    Just get out and vote that is all.

  9. If Desantis loses this election its rigged. Period. We need absolute transparent elections down here and not like the shitshow the 20 presidential election was. No closing down at 2am with trucks dropping off boxes of ballots. No cardboard covering windows. No escorting republicans out of the building. To you idiots saying Desantis is killing us, wake XXX XXXX up and turn off CNN. You won’t be happy until the economy is completely destroyed. Go take another vaccine for a virus with a 99.7% recovery rate. Morons.

  10. St. Pete Polls is run by a left-wing progressive clown. His polling audience consists of a few stoned staffers and the local Stonewall DemoKKKrats.

    This poll is trash. Don’t believe it at all.

  11. @ Laura: Don’t forget, they said Trump would win by a landslide…….and HE was the BEST President ever. Any thing can happen.

  12. Charlie Crist did nothing for Florida he doesn’t stand for anything. Please all the people moving to Florida do not vote for the policies you ran away from . Keep Florida Free.If Crist was govenor during this Chinese plandemic We would of been shut down and gagged,and our kids still would not be in school. He would follow that idiot Bidon off a cliff and take Florida with him.

  13. No way is Charlie Crist going to be Governor! He is and has been a douche-bag that was a republican for most of his Political career and turn independent and now he’s a Democrat!! Ron DeSantis will win by a landslide!

  14. Crist will DESTROY FLORIDA if yall vote him in, he is a JOKE !!! Better study the backgrounds on these folks, too bad we could not have Desantis for President & our Governor ????

  15. Put aside woke, race issues! People need to review the facts, Crist was terrible for Fla. During Hurricane’s we suffered for weeks. DeSantis has got us Federal money, utilities, and our state back in businesses fast. He has brought in big business, great medical facilities & support for Puerto Rico. We have a safe state to live in.

  16. I’m sort of disappointed in the reporting on the governor. Y’all never say anything’s a good thing that he is done. But you want to put him in the dark light. Instead of reporting the facts and letting the Floridians make their own decisions. That is what’s wrong with our government and the news.

  17. “Black voters favored Crist 68% ” …………………… When will Black Voters learn that Democrats have NOT done a single thing FOR them in DECADES, they have only TAKLEN AWAY from them.

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