School Board Member Wood Tests Positive for COVID, Blames Meeting Attendees

School Board Member Wood Tests Positive for COVID, Blames Meeting Attendees

Leon County School Board member Rosanne Wood announced that she has tested positive for COVID.

In a statement provided to the Tallahassee Democrat, Wood said she got the virus during an overcrowded school board meeting.

Her full statement is provided below.


It’s so ironic. As I sat in our overcrowded school board meeting last week with an unmasked, unvaccinated, “liberty-loving” crowd, the Delta variant got me. I have COVID. No matter that I was masked, no matter that I am fully vaccinated. How do I know I got it there? It’s the only place I’ve been in weeks among unvaccinated, unmasked people.

I’m miserable. But, because I got vaccinated, at least I’m not in the hospital like some of our teachers and children. I’m just home, quarantined in my bedroom, trying not to give it to my husband.

The School Board was screamed at about discrimination and freedom for four hours. We were read the Declaration of Independence on multiple occasions because some of us wanted vulnerable children and grown adults to be masked at school and for families to get vaccinated. I want children to have the freedom to come and stay at school. I want the freedom to carry on with my life, liberty, and happiness. That has been denied to me in the name of someone else’s choice. Sorry, but liberty comes with responsibility, and has limits when it endangers others.   

To top it off, my beloved 30-year-old vaccinated daughter, who I have not been around, got COVID this week too. She was trapped in the Leon County Courthouse on jury duty for over four hours, with many unmasked, coughing people. Where’s her freedom now? Isn’t government supposed to protect our safety and welfare? Something needs to change, soon.

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  1. I hope you get better and your husband does not get this. Vaccines help, wearing a mask helps, disinfecting helps and avoiding crowded rooms help. SB meetings should be virtual or in a large, well ventilated school auditorium till COVID disappears.

  2. You need to step down from the School Board. You swear Masks work but you were wearing one trough out the whole meeting PLUS, if you believe the CDC, which you say you do, then you should know that it takes 10 to 12 DAYS before you start showing Symptoms of Covid and NOT 30 to 40 Hours. The Meeting was on Tuesday, you felt Symptoms on that Thursday and got tested. You were already infected BEFORE you went to that Meeting and YOU most likely gave it to others.

  3. @Tony I hope your friend’s wife gets past this. My sister-in-law had it in 2020 and was hospitalized with low oxygen levels. She is 100% fine now.

  4. @ Tara: Me and two friends met up at an event a couple weeks ago. We sat at the same Table there and then we left and met up at a small Restaurant sitting at the same small table to eat. One of my friends was not feeling well. NONE of us wore a Mask the whole time. The next day I was notified by Friend 1 that friend 2 just tested Positive for Covid, which is why he wasn’t feeling well. He spent a Day in the Hospital and his Wife is still there. I am 60 and my two friends are older. Friend 1 and I are considered Risky and neither of us caught Covid. Funny how that works.

  5. I personally know 2 fully vaccinated people who got Covid, and my daughter personally knows 5 people from her workplace (she works in Healthcare) who were fully vaccinated and got Covid.

    That doesn’t sound like a very effective vaccine. I don’t know a single person who got polio after being vaccinated as a baby, yet this was a highly contagious, debilitating disease.

  6. Face diapers and “experimental” chemical cocktails work too… until they don’t.

    Destroying your immune system is not the answer. We know who is most vulnerable to serious ramifications from the China Bio-Weapon Protect the most vulnerable and leave the rest of us and our children the he// alone.

  7. It’s such a bad look to blame your voters for getting you sick. When Trump or Rep. Dunn got covid did they blame members of the public for getting them sick? No, Ms. Wood should apologize for her comments. Millions of people have gotten covid in this country imagine if everybody blamed someone else for getting them sick. If Ms. Wood is too scared to attempted public meetings she needs to resign and let someone else serve the public.

  8. I call BS on her claim that she even has Covid. A little too convenient, wouldn’t ya say? This political hack is far more dangerous to our school kids than the virus is. Tick tock, madam, your reign will end soon.

  9. Again, it is documented fact the vaccines do not stop individuals from either contracting Covid or transmitting the virus to others. It is still debatable whether it lowers severity of symptoms or morbidity in Covid infected individuals. This destroys any public health / safety justifications for vaccine mandates, and also gives lie to the ridiculous hysterics that unvaccinated individuals are responsible for spreading the “variants”. There are other agendas at play here.

  10. Since when was loving liberty a bad thing? Wow, she showed her true colors. Too bad we have to wait for an election cycle to get rid of that hag!

  11. Why is that woman so hostile to her neighbors? Everyone is going to get Covid at some point. Its not like someone gave her the clap… She should be so lucky.

  12. “Those filthy low-life dirty constituents… who do they think they are infecting their Queen with the China Bio-Weapon Flu… THAT’S IT… I’ll never speak to them again… err, uhhh… until I need their vote of course.”

    What a clueless buffoon

  13. What happened to the “Fauci Science” that it takes up to two WEEKS to show symptoms, NOT two DAYS? You had it well before that Board Meating which means YOU exposed everyone there with it. Same goes for your Daughter at the Court House.

  14. So masks and “vaccines” are useless? Thanks liberal LC School Board member for confirming what sensible people have known from the beginning of this destructive lockdown. You have an overwhelming likelihood of getting well soon.

  15. First and foremost Prayers for healing and a full recovery…

    Her response and tone are very condescending. Yet, she has signed up for the taxpayers to pay her expenses for the Tallahassee Chamber Sandestin junket.

    Will she be wearing her mask?… “Rules for thee, but not for me”…

  16. If fully vaccinated people can still contract and spread this virus, then mandating vaccinations does what to prevent the spread?
    By the way, I love the patronizing tone of your letter. You should use that in your re-election campaign.

  17. To assume she got this from unvaccinated people is wrong and ignorant. She obviously needs to be better informed on the issue. Vaccinated people are getting the virus and they are spreading the virus. FACT! It is probably more likely she got it from an unmasked person than not (but not improbable), and there is no way to tell whether said person was vaccinated or not and it is irresponsible for an elected “leader” to spew such vitriol towards someone (a certain group of people) who may have done all they could to help stop the spread. Unfortunately the vax does not prevent the spread or contraction of the virus. So if she is that concerned or frustrated, she should stay home or better yet, resign!

  18. It is obvious no one knows what’s going on with this virus. Vaccines aren’t working, masks aren’t working, despite this woman’s whining that they would have saved her. She got a case of Covid like most everyone else did, but she’s saying the vaccine saved her from the hospital. I call BS on that.

    This virus is here, it doesn’t kill the vast majority of people who get it. Let’s get used to it and move on already. I am sick of hearing about it. Especially now that it’s become obvious the vaccine isn’t working.

  19. Vaccinated people carry a higher viral load than unvaccinated people. It is more likely she got it from a meeting or encounter with a vaccinated person. But, meh, who cares about facts.

  20. So she’s saying the vaccine *doesn’t* prevent the spread, and obviously *her mask* failed (as Dr. Fauci’s own emails stated, store-bought masks would do little to protect or prevent the spread.) Perhaps they should have opted to have the meeting outside, in the fresh air?

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