Superintendent Hanna Institutes Mask Mandate for Start of School

Superintendent Hanna Institutes Mask Mandate for Start of School

Superintendent Hanna announced Monday that masks will be required for all students Pre-K – 8th grade. Students can opt-out with a medical exemption approved by a physician or psychologists.

Hanna noted that the mask requirement is for indoors only.

Hanna said at the press conference, “in an abundance of caution, this is the absolute right thing to do.”

Hanna said he will reassess his decision before Labor Day.

Hanna said he based his decision to require masks on a discussion with Dr. Tom Truman, who is a pediatrics physician at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

Hanna did say that the District, based on a recent Florida Board of Education rule, will offer families who oppose the mask mandate a voucher to attend another school through the Hope Scholarship program.

41 Responses to "Superintendent Hanna Institutes Mask Mandate for Start of School"

  1. Just what science or study is Hanna using for his justification for masks? They are proven not to work so are we sure this is not a political stunt?

  2. Pretty Petty has serious issues with individual freedoms because she cares about the children so much… Now for a little perspective… ABORTION

    … carry on

  3. There are so many idiots surrounding us. I am seriously scared. Masks don’t work? How would we know when you jokers have yet to put one on? Answer me that, geniuses. How do we know vaccines don’t work when there’s half the adults refusing one? Yes, we’ve been at this over a year and the virus is still running rampant….know why? See above. Perhaps if we could ALL just give it a try. In unity. Maybe we can then unequivocally say that masks either work or they don’t. Let’s just imagine if we’d have worn the oh so terrible masks at the beginning of this….i doubt we’d need a vaccine at all. But alas, we are surrounded by idiots. Only an idiot thinks his personal “freedoms” are abridged by wearing a mask. Only an idiot thinks little kids’ whims should dictate public health policy. It’s completely absurd on its face. The fake outrage from the parents at the school board meeting? really? Your little snowflakes allegedly cannot mask, but you won’t even wear one when you’re in public to protect them as best as possible? Really? LOL. Dimwits. No one believes your kid has a medical condition, other than being the kid of an idiot. That ought to qualify for disability benefits at this point. GD. I cannot believe we are here again a whole year later.

  4. Kids are the least at risk and have a health innate immune system and teachers should all have been vax’ed. This is all CYA.
    Better yet why isn’t ivermectin be used by more physicians and in the hospital!
    Better yet were is the talk on diet, vit D…..crickets!!
    Why should I trust the medical field when we have an epidemic of diabetes’s, heart disease all since the introduction of the food pyramid now my plate!

  5. @ Gozoy… Excellent analysis and comment. I tip my hat to you Sir/Madame. That so many are so unwilling to question so much, and simply bow to the whims of the perceived power… is staggering if not deeply concerning. How easily it will be to herd them onto the trains when that day comes… and I fear that day will come.

    May God bless and protect us all.

  6. @GozoyPaz well said. These invincibly ignorant lemmings/cultists, incapable of doing basic critical thinking are an astonishing sight to behold. If a year and half of this insanity has not proven to them the complete failure of all of our institutions then they are irredeemable. Time and time again, you can look at Sweden as the control group. Despite Variants, no lockdowns, no masking for anyone including kids they have no daily Covid deaths. Their health minister attacked Covid from a sane, scientific basis and they have reached herd immunity.

    In a recent study by the Primary Doctor Medical Journal, data shows that all cause deaths for 2020 are no different than the last 20 years. While Covid is real our response has been anything but real. It has been wholly evil and both political parties are to blame.

  7. I have tried to fathom how people like @Bob Coleman remain so obtuse that they still cannot grasp that wearing masks compromises the health of young children who have a 99.99% survival rate even if they contract the virus. It does not take a scientist to understand that recycling one’s own bacteria for extended hours cannot be healthy and is in fact harmful.

    It is only natural that many children have ceased to complain about wearing masks because they have been conditioned, much to our shame. In some cases parents and teachers have frightened them into believing they could die or be responsible for the death of someone else if they do not wear a mask. Why would any sane person advocate that 1) children be compelled to wear masks, and 2) promote injecting children with an experimental drug that has been documented to have killed rats in its trial stages?

    Why is the average college graduate too slothful to do the least bit of digging about the efficacy of wearing masks and the deleterious effects of this mRNA injection? Does it not frighten them that the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, Dr. Robert Malone, has been silenced on all major platforms because he vehemently warns against this injection… and that renown physician Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has been demonized and his voice essentially silenced on this matter as well? Wake up people! There is so much in play here. Politicians, scientists, academicians, entertainers/athletes, and “philanthropists” are fighting for their existence at our expense. This is not about public health. It is about covering their avarice and evil and continuing to thrive with impunity and maintain their social standing, The naive cannot and will not believe that these nefarious individuals are willing to kill by any means necessary to frighten the masses into submission, be it by masking our toddlers in day care or masking and injecting our twelve-year-olds in middle school. The endgame here is to inject everyone around the globe to “get this disease under control”. Have you not been listening to the”high priest of the science” et al lately? This is not hyperbole. Wake up!

  8. Which day would a staged sit-out be most impactful to our school board? Is there another way to demonstrate dis-satisfaction? There is no effective way to fight this on the short term without placing children or school admins in the middle, and it’s not their fight. We need a way for parents to get the attention of the school board….

  9. Now that DeSantis and Abbott have COVID-19 on the run, they are ready to withdraw Florida and Texas from the United Nations.

  10. I just don’t see why wearing a mask is a big deal. We are required to wear seat belts. Parents are required to use child safety seats in their car. The list is long.
    I spent some time subbing in schools last year. I heard zero students complaining about wearing a mask.
    It sounds like some people just want to find something to complain about. It is hard to believe that anyone really believes that a mask will keep their kid from breathing.

  11. The damage this Nazi buffoon, his clown-show bosses, Andy “Mengele” Fraudci, Dementia Joe Biden and the DemoKKKrats has done to our children is reprehensible.

    They should all be indicted and put on trial for Treason against these United States of America, Her Safety, Her Security, Her Constitution, Her Laws, Her Sovereignty, and Her People.

  12. 100% political. If Rocky was really concerned he would be canceling middle school sports, in particular tackle football! They have dozens of programs, with hundreds of athletes, unmasked during sports practices. Does not add up here folks! Can’t pick and choose “what is best for kids”….

  13. He cannot go against an Executive Order. Rocky Hannah needs to get ready to find a new job. This job which requires him to kiss leftist behind, is soon not going to be available to him.

  14. Rocky wants the attention. I hope the Gov. gets upset and takes action. This move by an elected Supt. and Board could result in their salaries being cut by the Governor.

  15. My point that there are limits to personal freedom (for example dress codes) is not as frivolous as many of these rants. I expect you to allow my voice to be heard. I am an upstanding member to this community and I resent you “filtering” my post which used no profanity and attacked no one. What does that say about your publication?

  16. Rocky Hannah is a dirty rotten, low down, no good sorry excuse for anything. The very idea that the voters would put that cretin in charge of their children’s education makes most of my neighbors complete morons…

    P.S. I would tell you what I really think but they won’t let me

  17. Making this last-minute mandate is disturbing and cruel and unfair to our children. Hanna obviously has politics in front of our children and even more disturbing an underlying condition to veer so far off the path of integrity.

    I certainly would not let my child attend a school with this type of leadership.

  18. This is what we’ve all been waiting for! Take the voucher, if it’s legit. Even if you want to send your kid to a school that makes them wear a mask, take the voucher! The government should have absolutely no say in how, what, and by who, your child is taught. Nothing against teachers, but if this isn’t a basic human right I don’t know what is. Maybe school choice is the one good thing that could come out of all this nonsense…

  19. I agree with Snidely about the appearance looking disheveled… I don’t know if it’s the way the light is shining on the suit and it is a reflection or if the suit has spots on it. I do think a mandatory drug test is in order and I am not trying to be mean I am concerned.

    The last time a high-profile person was busted for cocaine he was an executive at Tallahassee Memorial..

    It’s more prevalent than you think… There are signs…

  20. If, as it appears, you have censored my comment, please have the curtesy to email me about your objections, so that I can make my point without offending you. And yes please post this comment as well.

  21. Rocky caved!! This is ridiculous! And he leaves no time for parents to make alternative plans.

    How does he have authority to trump the Governors order?

  22. I would take the voucher and have my children attend another school.

    Since when do doctors override the Governor’s order? DeSantis should remove Hanna.

    Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium will be Aug. 10th-12th and will be live streamed on He says he will prove the Chinese Communist Party interfered in our 2020 election in all 50 states.

    Let’s not forget the CCP unleashed this virus onto the world. I wonder why Roseanne Wood didn’t blame them for her illness.

  23. Does DeSantis oppose mandating students to wear pants and under pants at school? I feel that mandating that I masking my wee-wee violates my personal freedoms. I don’t think someone should punish me for going underpantless. Exposing my natural parts does not hurt anyone. It’s not like I was exposing fellow students to a deadly disease or anything.

  24. This is absurd! FACT MASK DO NOT WORK! Just like always the loud few impose rules for the rest. Young children are not even where the big concern is. All of this for less than 1%. It doesn’t matter if you are vaccinated or not we are talking less than 1%. Not to mention the uncalled for economic suffering. STOP paying people to NOT work when there are so many businesses trying to hire. The old and the comprimised are the ones that need the vaccine. We have to build natural immunity for the healthy. PLEASE GOV. STEP UP FOR OUR CHILDREN REPLACE ROCKY! REPLACE ROCKY! Our school board is a joke look at all the issues just ignored. Another sign our entire Leon /Tall govt needs replacing. We need people in govt who give everyone a right to choose in our lives, every choice they take away is one step further away from a free country and one step closer to a controlled state. VOTE SMART PEOPLE

  25. It is concerning that Hanna did not seek counsel from multiple physicians, he picks out one wing-nut in a desperate attempt to further the maniacal agenda.

    This is not healthy, it dangerous and hopefully the appropriate action will be taken to ensure that our children are kept safe and not being used as political pawns.

  26. @ fed up: The funny thing is, Roseanne Wood couldn’t have caught Covid from the People attending the School Board Meeting last Tuesday like she claims. She said that it was Standing Room only at the meeting and began feeling ill Thursday so she went and got tested and tested Positive. If she believes in the CDC like she claims then, she should also know that it takes 12 to 14 DAYS and not 12 to 24 HOURS to begin having Covid Symptoms. Using 4th Grade Math that should tell every one that SHE brought it to the Meeting and infected all those that attended. She is just another Democrat that is Blaming others for what SHE herself did.

  27. Haha! Thanks but no thanks Rocky. You can’t and won’t overrule DeSantis! My kids won’t wear a mask and don’t need a doc to tell me if they can or cannot. Again. My kids won’t wear a mask to school and if that boots them out of school so be it I’m ready to do whatever to continue to keep my kids and my rights free! I will raise my children my way, let the teachers give them the education they need and let us parents decide what’s best for our kids! This is ridiculous!

  28. In the corresponding Democrat article, Hanna says, “This mask not only protects the person wearing the mask, it protects the person beside them and in front of them and behind them.” When did the “science” change such that now the mask *wearer* is protected? I thought we were supposed to be wearing masks because it only protected others and that this was the “selfless” thing for us to do.

    So now by believing that cloth masks protect the wearer from viral transmission, I guess we’ve been effectively reduced to the level of a medieval European peasant during the Black Death walking around proclaiming, “Bring out your dead!”

  29. This bait and switch is just the kind of to expect from LCS. Leaving parents with as little time as possible to make adjustments. Scumbag move on the districts part.

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