School Board Member Rosanne Wood Attempts to Dox Florida Gov. DeSantis’ Children

School Board Member Rosanne Wood Attempts to Dox Florida Gov. DeSantis’ Children

Leon County, Florida School Board Member Roseanne Wood recently claimed in a Facebook post that Governor Ron DeSantis’ children were enrolled in a school which reinstated a mask mandate for students.

“I just got word through the listserv at Maclay – where Ron DeSantis is sending his children – has rescinded their opt-out policy and is requiring masks of all people on campus for the beginning of school,” the post said. “Wise decision! Safety first.”

However, in an edited version of the Facebook post, she said she was “spreading misinformation.”

“I just got word through the listserv at Maclay – has rescinded their opt-out policy and is requiring masks of all people on campus for the beginning of school,” the amended post says. “Wise decision! Safety first.

UPDATE: I have been told that I was misinformed and that Ron DeSantis children are not enrolled. I apologize for spreading misinformation.”

Wood’s attempt to dox DeSantis’ children comes after she also said she tested positive for COVID, and blamed the unmasked, unvaccinated individuals who attended a July 27 school board meeting to express their displeasure at the prospect of mask mandates for Leon County’s public schools.

“They wanted to tell us about freedom and liberty,” Wood said. “I just want to tell them I need my freedom and liberty and happiness which means to be healthy.”

Doxing individuals and publicly releasing their private information has become a recent trend among left-leaning officials and journalists.

Activist Peter Vroom publicly doxed Catholic nuns who attended a rally of former President Donald J. Trump. Vroom released the name and location of their convent last October.

In 2019, Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims (D-182) offered $100 to his online audience if they are able to publicly identify the names of three teenage girls praying outside of a Planned Parenthood facility in Philadelphia.

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Grant Holcomb is a reporter at the Florida Capital Star and the Star News Network. Follow Grant on Twitter and direct message tips.
Photo “Rosanne Wood” by Rosanne Wood.

56 Responses to "School Board Member Rosanne Wood Attempts to Dox Florida Gov. DeSantis’ Children"

  1. Desantis kids are BABIES. Not IN school yet

    For those that don’t realize it, you could have the vaccine and still catch Covid AND spread it

    How has that information got by you

  2. Soooo ot is true that Ron is not selling anything but he is accepting campaign contributions for Regeneron. That is dirty in itself. Get the virus I have the thing to make it easy. Oh and it is free. Pretty sure there is some small print somewhere. NOTHING IS FREE!

  3. @ Trust… since you’re so concerned about “public safety”. what pray tell is you concerns about nearly 2-million unvaxed, untested, criminal, disease-carrying, criminal illegal aliens invading our nation via Dementia Joe Biden’s treasonous open border operation?… oh, and while you’re at it, what say you about the 100’s if not 1000’s of unvetted, unvaxed, untested, criminal, disease-carrying, criminal Taliban, al-Qaida, and ISIS terrorists current in route to America thanks again to Dementia Joe?

  4. @ Trust: Ron is NOT selling No Masks and No Vaccines. He is selling No Mandates. He believes that YOU should decide for yourself if you want the Shot or Not and He believes that Parents should decide if THEIR Kids should wear a Mask.

  5. Ron is selling no mask and no vaccines. He is a freedom fighter. Yah Ron, we all love Ron.

    He is dropping in the poles, the hospital are filling up. People are dying, his base is dying. Who is going to vote for him? Oh boy, Ron is feeling painted into the corner. Got do something, and I mean got to do something NOW!!! Today he is pushing Regeneron antibody treatment as a cure. Yes, a shot is the cure. That’s right a vaccine is the cure. The cure is a shot. You have to get Covid before you can get this miracle SHOT. Ron is selling a VACCINE for AFTER you get Covid.

    Yes, fire that crazy bitch. Rosemary is the one doing terrible things.

  6. First, Maclay does not have a “listserve.” And not anyone can sign up for emails because it is a private school. That is a weird thing for her to say in and of itself. Second, with the contentiousness of this issue, it is entirely conceivable that media, members of the public (some of whom could be crazy) would show up at the school for a photo op or protest or something to elevate it as a news story. And she wasn’t the only person who put this out on twitter, which means it was probably organized. Those children will know what their dad did when they are older, they are too young for this now. Even if one believes DeSantis’ policy is hurting children, two wrongs don’t make a right, and his kids are not fair game.

  7. Desantis already brought his kids into the argument with his statement “I have young kids. My wife and I are not going to do the mask with the kids. We never have; we won’t. I want to see my kids smiling. I want them having fun,” So the question is if they’re not at that school, what is the policy at the school where they -are- going, we don’t have to know the school, just the policy.

  8. Still the guilty person here is the person that posted the message to the listserv at Maclay that Rosemary repeated. I don’t care about Rosemary. I think she is an idiot too. If she believes in mask and vaccines, how did she get Covid? What if find comical is Rosemary is no more then a rumor monger just the same as some of our high level politicians. They have un named sources that have made allegations that they are now repeating. Some of these rumors have caused people to do harm to themselves and some to do harm to others. The true victims her are the morons that blindly believe the rumors with out verifying them through MULTIPLE sources. Not Facebook, Twitter, or our unemployed neighbor living on mothers cough. Use real news programs and real newspapers.

    Rosemary did apologize for her rumor mongering with out being sued. I don’t believe that Rosemary has caused any harm to the DeSantis children. When you are in the public eye there are security measures that need to be taken to get through every day life. The oldest is 6 then 4 and the youngest 2 1/2. Are they even going to school yet?

    I think most of the people in this post can agree that Ron Desantis is a very hard worker and is serving Florida well. He is a freedom fighter. He is telling the people what they want to hear. It is your choice, throw down your mask. Listen to this rumor monger, believe his words he has made his State # 1 in Covid cases, proven success. Most of the ICU beds are full. If you need to go to the hospital you will need to wait for a anti vaxxer to died from covid to get in a hospital bed. Soon someone you know will die. Remember what Ron did to help, he fought for your freedom. Ron Desantis for president 2024

  9. @ Steve

    Injecting children into the conversation is inappropriate at the least. I think the big deal is the length that someone on the school board would go to in an attempt to make her point. Also, the lemmings who defend the inappropriate action.

  10. @ Trust

    What Rosemary Wood did was indefensible.

    She has to be held accountable and your attempt to blame it on everyone else but Rosemary is sad. Also, your examples are not true.

    I do wish her prayers and a full recovery from COVID, but she should resign.

  11. Rosemary repeated a story that she read on listserv at Maclay. The guilty party is the person that posted it to listserv at Maclay. Who is that person that fueled Rosemary to believe the statement to be true and repeat it. I say we hunt that rumor starting trouble maker and they should be wiped in the street for all to see.

    Everyone at Fox News has participate in a vaccinated passport for Covid to work at the TV station. They are the leaders in selling the anti-vaxxers campaign. Based on they reply to Rosemary’s actions these people at Fox should be fired, imprisoned or do we just go 2nd amendment on their asses?

    I know there are those of you that will say you can’t believe that news source. There are those of you that say how can you believe Fox New when they retract comment they have made only after they are being sued.

    For me I believe the world is flat. I believe the people that don’t believe in the science should ever go to the hospital and take up a bed that I may need for my next heart attack or for a person that was in a bad car accident. I believe the government is tracking us through our cell phones. I believe that ever one that cashed their stimulus check is a socialist. I believe the election was stolen form Hillary and I believe that Satan will return drape in the American flag waving the bible.

    Don’t ever repeat anything you read or hear because you will end up like Rosemary.

  12. @ Sheila,

    Your children are allowed to wear their masks if that’s your wish. So what’s your problem?

    I think you’re more concerned about Wood being put in her place and exposed for her inappropriate acts and backfiring at that. How embarrassing for her. She has to resign. She will not be able come back from this.

    What Roseanne Wood did was unconscionable. It’s between abuse, misuse of her position cyber bullying, and infringing on the rights of children’s right to privacy which could lead to their harm. Quite the opposite of what her position advocates.

    . That you and your cohorts do not acknowledge this says a lot about your lacking character and playing partisan politics. Unconscionable.

  13. What’s wrong, Grant Holcomb? Did your conscience get to you, so you pulled your name off the article and deleted my call-out? If the article is flagrant enough enough remove your name, it should be removed entirely. I remember when this was a real news publication.

  14. Gov DeSantis has no problem paying the tuition of his children’s school that requires mask mandates, but my kid’s school is threatened with funding taken away. Why does his kids have mitigations in place, but my kids are sitting ducks?

  15. How much is the StupidIntendant and the Board of Bozos paying staffers to post their hate and face diaper drivel here on TR?

  16. This is from The American Academy of Pediatrics as of 8/5/21
    Mortality rates for Children (43 states, NYC, PR and GU reported)

    In states reporting, 0.00%-0.03% of all child COVID-19 cases resulted in death.

    This red herring of children dying is a crock!

  17. ” But I also feel that Commissioners and School Board Members should live in the District they were elected in and live there the INTIRE TIME they are in Office. The second they move out, they must resign.”

    Fixed it……..I wish we could edit our Posts.

  18. @Hypocrite or not?: I kind of agree, just answer that Yes or No on his Kids Schools Mandate. But I also feel that Commissioners and School Board Members should line in the District they were elected in live there the INTIRE TIME they are in Office. The second the move out, they must resign. I also believe that if you are a School Board Member and have Kids in K thru 12th Grade, your kids must be enrolled in Public Schools, not Charter or Private.

  19. So what is not being mentioned in all these comments is this…does DeSenseless send his kids to schools that require masks or not??? If they do require masks, why does he send them there if he thinks “masks don’t help” and has banned other schools from mandating masks ??? She was very wrong to post the specific school name where his kids go, true, but the general point of whether or not HE sends his kids to a private school that requires masks is valid and he needs to address it!

  20. Slag, wow.

    Children have been and will be dying so let that be on all of you nasty slags heads along with death sentence and his Orange Florida Retiree’s inept assault on the world and USA’s health.

    Shame on you

  21. I’m gonna guess that “Richard” is related to the child-hating maniac tyrant Rosanne Wood. Either that, or he/she/it should be monitored closely.

  22. @Linda M – While it seems to be our human nature to ignore whatever doesn’t fit our preconceived notions, on all sides, surely you see that what Wood did here was unacceptable. There are many people out there who hate DeSantis, just look at Twitter. She called attention to the school where DeSantis’s children attend. Citing a strict definition of Voxing and saying that doesn’t apply here does not take away from the idiocy and recklessness of her social media post.

  23. This is clearly a suck up yellow journalist article. I wouldn’t trust a word from this rag. And you dicks working there, enjoy selling cars later in your disappointing lives, you don’t get it and you suck at what you do. I guess someone has to be below average, you’ve all perfected it. Remember this.

  24. Woods told all the bat crazy leftist wingnuts exactly where to find The Govorner’s precious childern to do harm to them. Who gives a rats @55 what the proper leftist definition of “dox” is. The woman is pure evil.

    If Rocky had any brain cells left in his hard partying brain he would fire Woods for what she did. The devil is going to love that smirk on your face, Ms. Woods.

  25. There is a very long list of public employees who are allowed to have their personal information blocked from release. One of the items they are allowed to block is the name of the schools that their children attend.

    I think someone informed Wood of this exemption after she put out her stupid comment. So she tried to go back and say they don’t attend there.

    Her doing this makes me want to go to the school board meeting and speak. And while doing so say her home address over and over again and then encourage people who don’t like her decisions to go to her house and knock on the front door to talk about them.

  26. Linda, you ignorant slug… the address, email and phone number of McClay school is publicized. So the Governor’s kids would have been easy pickings for harassment. And that is exactly what that sick woman was hoping for. Why else would she bring them into the public conversation?

  27. @ Linda,

    I personally witnessed you hand over a NOW endorsement and contribution to the candidate in your party without ever even interviewing the other Party’s candidate so you have no basis to make the statement you just made. On top of that it is reprehensible that you ignore what Woods did on the internet to inject innocent sweet children. You need to recalibrate your moral and political compass as you have no credibility, none whatsoever!

  28. This is an unfounded, partisan attack on a conscientious school-board member who was pointing out irony regarding the governor’s unyielding anti-mask policy. Doxing means publicizing the address, phone numbers, email address, and workplace of someone so they can be harassed. Ms. Wood did none of that.

  29. You are shameful and disgusting, are you a 12_ year old trying to be popular on social media? I bet the area you represent are so proud of the idiot you are. Leave the children alone, you mentioned Gov Ron’s children, I think you poked the bear.

  30. Woods crossed the line by injecting an elected official’s children into her vendetta aside to the mask controversy. Wood should be ousted on that basis alone. No one does that and for a school board official to do that is unconscionable. I stand by this emphatically.

    Woods must resign.

  31. @Hope –

    “She chose to put a political agenda in front of our children and that is unconscionable.”

    This is it! You’ve broken the irony meter for the internet, and possibly, the entire universe.

    In one place you love that DeSantis threatens school funding for mask mandates (i.e., a political agenda to please the moronic base of his constituency that will literally put children in actual danger), and in the other, Woods is the one who doesn’t care about kids. (?)

    I don’t give a whoop about Woods, and wouldn’t care if she was ousted tomorrow for this, but the idea that DeSantis isn’t doing *exactly* what you describe with all of his executive actions shows just how much the doublethink is permeated within conservative voters. Wow wow wow.

  32. Cuomo just resigned Woods should follow.

    She has exhibited on full display that she is capable of doing harm. Her disingenuous attempt to portray doing the opposite has backfired. She can no longer be in a position where she may do harm to those who she took an oath to protect. She chose to put a political agenda in front of our children and that is unconscionable.

  33. Shame on you, Grant, for writing this. This is not who you are. Report facts. Publish facts. Wood has plenty of legitimate things that could be covered without trying to make this “doxing.” You know full well it wasn’t, and the additional stories you tied to the end of this have nothing to do with the article. This is not becoming of you and reflects poorly on your character.

  34. @linda I believe that publishing where a child goes to school is akin to publishing where someone works…same affect, for purposes of intimidation.

  35. The author of this post seems to be fundamentally confused at what doxxing is if the post they reference is their only example

  36. You also need to apologize for “spreading misinformation” on your Covid Statement last week as well. You do not show Signs of Covid in 30 to 48 Hours, it takes 10 to 14 DAYS to start having Symptoms according to the CDC. You had it BEFORE the Meeting and most likely infected people there.

  37. @Maureen,

    I think you’re confused and you meant to say the Clintons and half of the Democratic Party. They misused multiple public entities to do harm to political candidates. This will be exposed in the Durham report that the Democratic Administration is currently stalling. And don’t forget Benghazi.

    There is a reservation waiting for you at the Lincoln Center. Have a blessed day!

  38. Roseanne Wood says, “safety first”, but apparently not for the innocent and vulnerable young children of Governor DeSantis.

    Marxists are not motivated by concern for the well being of their fellow citizens (including sweet little children), they are motivated by their desire for political power.
    Their ideology is hateful and twisted. We must have our eyes wide open.

  39. She is evil! To make this statement she is absolutely disrespecting those little children and isn’t that what she is supposed to be doing respecting children first and foremost. She is a dismal failure and disgrace. I hope the governor criminalizes their actions and the school board and superintendent go to prison.

    FDLE where are you and please do something about her posting a public post that was inappropriate if not illegal, and in her position she should be aware.

  40. That’s a piece of trash masquerading as a school board member. And she can’t write a grammatically correct sentence.

  41. I am sick and tired of pettiness in politics. This was just wrong and people should be punished for this bs pettiness.

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