High School Sports Ticket Prices to Increase at Least 50% for Students & Parents

High School Sports Ticket Prices to Increase at Least 50% for Students & Parents

Leon County Schools have decided to raise ticket prices for high school sporting events using an out-of-state ticket vendor. In some cases, the costs will triple for students and increase 50% for adults.

The new process requires Leon County high schools to use the GoFan app to provide tickets for all football games. It was recently reported that the price to attend a football game would increase from $6 to $8 for the 2021 season.

However, what was not reported is that there is a $1 processing fee charged by GoFan for all ticket prices under $10. With this processing fee, the cost to the customer to attend a high school game will be $9.00, a 50% increase over the 2019 cost of $6.00.

In addition, there will be no physical tickets. The tickets will be purchased and stored digitally on a smart phone. No cash will be accepted. Also, under the GoFan app ticket process there is no pricing for students or children, the $9.00 applies to everyone over 3 years-old.

The GoFan company is based outside Atlanta, Georgia in Alpharetta. This means that 20% of the revenue collected from fans attending high school sporting events in Tallahassee will be transferred out of state.

Other sports will also be impacted. For example, Chiles High School will use the GoFan app to process tickets for sports other than football. And the cost for those tickets are also increasing.

For example, the cost to attend sports, like Chiles volleyball, will be $5 for everyone over 3 years old with a $1 processing fee. This means that students tickets, which were $2 in 2019, will triple to $6 during 2021. As with football, there are no discounts for children or senior citizens.

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  1. This new system, now imposed on fans, that attend their grand children’s games, has made it impossible to attend games any more. It is sad that greed has crept into such an entertaining and social gathering. I tried to hire some one to help me, but the cost of tickets and the cost to have someone help me is beyond my reach. I am a 100% disabled Viet Nam Veteran. I asked for assistance from the VA but, they could not help me. Every thing is so hard for us that some people have committed suicide, because even our families ignore us. I am not asking for anything, I just wanted express my feelings. I am 77 years old, had a stroke, I take meds four times a day so I hope God will call me home. If I end in hell it will be no different than now.

  2. Food for thought. In addition to the Rocky Hanna Retirement Fund another aspect to consider is this. The woke Covidstan crowd want to go cashless because the Kung Flu may be spread all over that “dirty” money and kill all those innocent kids/parents handling the cash boxes. Case in point: Not sure if this is now policy at all FSU games, but at the season opener for FSU Soccer, no cash was allowed to purchase any food and drinks, credit/debit cards only.

    It is also one tiny step forward toward a cashless society. Funny how the “pandemic” helps move these things forward, right? Never let a “crisis” go to waste.

  3. And the despicable sheep voters with their kids in the Capital District Indoctrination Centers will blindly accept this fraud and happily pay the extra Rocky Hanna retirement fund fee.

  4. Its fun to speculate on the many reasons why the relationship with the GoFan app was set up without speaking to the fact that The Superintendent of Schools in Leon County would have had to approve the use of the GoFan app.
    Now is not a good time to remind folks those HAA HAA Las Vegas styled accounts are perfectly legal and contributions to those accounts are totally untraceable. Why even the FBI can not tell you if the GoFan app contributed to one of those accounts.
    We all went to school with Rocky in one way or the other and he probley has as much dirt on us as we have on him.
    No Sir we dont need any wild unsubstantiated talk that Rocky may have accepted some perhaps inappropriate benifit in bringing in the GoFan app into Leon County Schools.
    Thank you everyone for keeping quiet on this.
    Hold that corner of the rug up a minute I’ve got a little more dirt to sweep under there.

  5. Who came up with this idea to use the out of state vendor? These are the people we should be angry at and possibly looking at why they made this decision in the first place. There is no reason a vendor within the state of Florida couldn’t have been chosen, regardless of how much less this out of state company charged us. With the 20% draw going to out of state pockets and the cost of events going up exponentially, who can afford to go to a game. If the local high schools don’t accept cash to allow students to go to a game, we can only foresee lower attendance to these events in the future. Which means less money to us and the out of state vendors, ridiculous. Come on people!!!!! We can only hope that high schools will bypass this ridiculousness and use cash to allow students and other family members to attend these events!

  6. Steve Stewart, maybe you should do some digging on this to see who is receiving a kickback from this arrangement. I know you’re always up for investigating a lead that may potentially involve mishandling/mismanagement within LCS.

  7. WHY do you need to use an out-of-state ticket vendor? When I was in High School, it was Students running the Ticket Booths. Different Student Organizations ran the Food Vending and also sold the Programs. The Boy Scouts were even there helping out as well.

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