Jackie Pons Takes Principal Job in Jefferson County

Jackie Pons Takes Principal Job in Jefferson County

Jefferson County Superintendent, Eydie Tricquet, in conjuncture with Somerset Academy, Inc., and the Florida Department of Education (FDOE), has hired Jackie Pons as the transition principal at Jefferson-Somerset K-12.

Jackie Pons, a former school superintendent in Leon County, has been appointed the transition principal, a role he will share with Somerset’s current principal, Cory Oliver. Pons is expected to permanently fill the principal role in 2022.

For two weeks prior to school starting, Pons had been on campus working with Oliver to help make the transition a success. He has also met with many parents at an open house and had received a warm reception from the community.

Superintendent Eydie Tricquet introduced Pons to the Jefferson County School Board on August 9th. According to the Jefferson County Journal, the Board members welcomed him, stating they had heard positive comments from parents who were planning to return their children to school. Pons said he is excited to be at Somerset and if he can prove himself, he plans on being there for a while.

Pons explained, in an interview with the news, that he will be learning about the school system from top to bottom by shadowing Oliver. He said that Oliver will be running the daily operations while he learns about the protocols and procedures.

He added that his goal is to continue improving the school’s academic performance and attracting back the many students who have opted to pursue other avenues for their education, such as homeschooling and private schools.

Pons began his career as a teacher at Rickards High School in Leon County. He then became assistant principal at Rickards and then the principal at Deer Lake Middle School. In 2006 he became Leon County school superintendent, replacing Bill Montford. Pons served as superintendent for 10 years, before he lost to Leon County’s current superintendent, Rocky Hanna.

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  1. Good luck over there. Those kids might be in uniforms now, but that is the only change. It is a culture of failing there and it will take a miracle to turn it around.

  2. I feel like this will be a huge benefit to all the families and children in Jefferson County. Excited for everyone involved.

  3. I feel we should put Mr pons in God’s hands and give him a chance because negative ain’t gonna make nothing right he without sin cast the first stone we all have come short so support Mr Pons and the school and watch how God bless them

  4. It’s interesting that Jefferson County still has a Superintendent or a School Board. What do they actually do now that they’ve privatized the public school system?

  5. …” old generals never die, they just fade away.” Guess you found out it wasn’t your fading time. Best of luck of friend. Morgan and I wish you the best.

  6. Wow. The buddy system still at work! Maybe they can operate the same corruption and drug ring they had in Leon County!

  7. I hope the parents of the children who have escaped the public school system and are now being homeschooled or are in private school never send their children back to public school. All parents should have vouchers to send their children to the school of their choice (including homeschooling).

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