TPD Recovers $237K in Cash, Drugs, and Firearm During Investigation

TPD Recovers $237K in Cash, Drugs, and Firearm During Investigation

Jerry Sneed, 33, was arrested on August 12, 2021 by the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) after a two-month investigation. The investigation revealed Sneed was selling illegal narcotics out of a residence located near the 1700 block of Joe Louis Street and the 3900 block of Reserve Drive.

Probable cause was developed during the course of the investigation and on August 12th, members of TPD’s General Narcotics Unit, Drug Interdiction Unit, Technical Operations Unit, Violent Crimes Response Team, Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving Squad, K9, and Air-1 executed a search warrant at each residence.

In addition to the residential searches, detectives searched the arrestee’s vehicle and discovered concealed compartments, which required magnets and hidden buttons to open. These sophisticated compartments are often used for transporting and trafficking large amounts of illegal narcotics. The arrestee’s vehicle was subsequently seized for forfeiture.

In total, the result of the searches yielded over 2.7 kilograms of cocaine, 52 grams of Alpha-PVP, a stolen gun with ammunition, drug paraphernalia and $231,777 in cash.

Sneed was arrested “for trafficking cocaine, trafficking phenethylamines, possession of cocaine with intent to sell, possession of Alpha-PVP, possession of paraphernalia, manufacturing cocaine, maintaining a drug house, possession of marijuana with intent to sell, grand theft of a firearm and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.”

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  1. What nonsense!!

    The retreat is for “good ole boys to make deals”
    The retreat is for “free booze, corporate FREE unlimited ALCOHOL”
    The retreat is to “get drunk and fraternize or prey on other drunk folks (the preyed upon are mostly women) and which is why the UNLIMITED AND FREE liquor is provided.
    Finally, how can these folks be rationale and humane when they are assembling when the Delta variant is raging. What can one say, logic is for suckers.

  2. The TPD chief seems to be doing an excellent job despite holdovers of the corruption still involved in decisions. I was disappointed to see the state attorney Jack Campbell attempting to use the TPD chief as a pawn in his very improper political Behavior at the Amelia Island Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce junket.

    The chamber junkets to Amelia Island have been political PR games for over 20 years and state attorney Jack Campbell just confirmed what the chamber has been trying to hide.

    First of all for Jack Campbell to use taxpayer funds for his trip to Amelia Island and denounce another elected official/ business owner is a Campaign Act completely inappropriate at a business meeting. This event should be for businesses and not political PR stunts.

    Someone needs to file a complaint with the Florida Bar, Division of Elections, the Ethics Commission, Etc. I have never seen such egregious, inappropriate, unacceptable behavior by a public official at an event that is supposed to be for businesses.

    The only thing I can think of that provided Jack Campbell’s such poor judgment in his behavior was being inebriated? Perhaps they should install a breathalyzer at the podium before he ever is allowed to speak at a public function again.

    Again this incident needs to be reported to the Florida Bar. He misused his position at the taxpayers expense.

  3. Great job TPD.
    GOD knows how many lives Mr. Sneed has ruined and how many have OD’ed on Sneed’s product. Lock him up and throw away the key.
    Thanks Steve for your fine reporting.

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