Godby Student Arrested, Handgun Recovered

Godby Student Arrested, Handgun Recovered

A 17-year-old student at Godby High School was arrested yesterday, August 19, 2021, by a Leon County Sheriff School Resource Deputy.

The deputy became aware of three juvenile warrants for the student’s arrest. After searching the campus and locating the student, the deputy took him into custody and the student was transferred to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

After a secondary search, the student was found to have a loaded .45 caliber handgun buried within his pants and two layers of shorts. The LCSO School Resource Deputy seized the firearm and charged the student with possession of a weapon on school property, unlawful possession of a firearm by a minor, and smuggled contraband, a firearm, into a detention facility.

This is the second student arrested this week in Leon County involving a firearm. The first incident involved a 17-year-old student who brought a firearm in his backpack to the entrance of Ghazvini Learning Center.

As backpacks are not allowed on campus, it was searched by school administrators and a loaded Glock 43, 9mm caliber handgun was found and seized. The LCSO School Resource Deputy took the student into custody and was charged with possession of a weapon on school property and unlawful possession of a firearm by a minor. The student admitted he brought the firearm to school for his protection.

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  1. What’s the problem? These are my kids, and if I want to send them to school with a gun, that is *my freedom*. Stupid liberals nazicrats! How else was the kid supposed to keep from learning CRT or fight off the mask police? Well, as long as the BLM voters keep on putting liberals in power, I guess that’s what we get.

  2. So… it took THREE arrest warrants before someone became aware of an adult criminal-in-the-making wandering around the halls of a Public Indoctrination System Compound?

    Then it appears that Woke Supremacy and the ever-present threat of the Race Card prevented LEOs from conducting a proper search of the junior criminal… thus exposing themselves and others to a potentially volatile and deadly situation.

    Well… let’s all just hope that everyone was wearing a face diaper. And be sure the adolescent thug is back in CRT class before the bell rings.

  3. There was a school bus broken down in the middle of Capital Circle at rush hour today. Must be nice to spend tax dollars on junkets to Amelia Island instead of keeping the school buses maintained.

  4. Parents should get their children out of the public school system any way they can and as soon as they can. No good will come out of leaving them in the system.

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