Campbell, Proctor Join Fray Between Matlow and Chamber

Campbell, Proctor Join Fray Between Matlow and Chamber

What began as a back and forth between City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow and the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce now includes comments by a state attorney and a Leon County Commissioner.

On Friday Commissioner Bill Proctor, via a press release, asked State Attorney Jack Campbell to retract comments made by Campbell at the recent Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce retreat in Amelia Island.

“Jack Campbell should retract his statement made on Sunday at the Tallahassee Chamber Annual Community Conference against Jeremy Matlow,” wrote Proctor.

Proctor also volunteered to coordinate a meeting with Commissioner Matlow.

Proctor said, “I offer to facilitate a meeting between you and Commissioner Matlow at your earliest convenience. I have no doubt he would welcome answering any concerns you wish to ask him.”

At the retreat, it was reported that Campbell, while addressing conference attendees, said, “We need Jeremy Matlow out of office. I’m tired of him questioning the integrity of the Chamber.”

Campbell also noted that “somehow the good people of our community have fallen under attack by evil men, and it needs to stop now,” he said. It’ is “silly to listen to a pizza maker about criminal justice policy,” Campbell added.

In Campbell’s response to Proctor, Campbell offered context to his Chamber comments. Campbell wrote:

“I wish you and Commissioner Matlow would have heard my full comments.   The evil men I was referring to were in fact the criminals that plague our community. I started my comments by referencing the last 34 persons indicted with first degree murder in Leon County and how such violence effects our entire community.  I went on to explain that apathy towards our fellow man allows many crimes to be committed and then go unsolved.  This is why I felt that “The price of apathy in public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”  For too long we have allowed criminals to hurt our constituents and I am so pleased to have your support in addressing this challenge.”

Campbell also accepted Proctor’s invitation to meet with City Commissioner Matlow. Campbell said:

Please take this response as an unequivocal yes to your invitation.  I would love to meet with you, Commissioner Matlow, and each of the other public servants you have included on this email to discuss public safety.  I would suggest that we also include Chief Revell, Sheriff McNeil, and other criminal justice leaders so that we can have an inclusive and robust conversation.  I will have my assistant start working with both Leon County and City of Tallahassee staff to secure both a location and a date that allows the greatest level of participation possible.  Thank you for your leadership in bringing criminal justice support to the forefront and for suggesting this meeting to foster better communication.   I will see you soon.

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  1. I think David and Commonsnese make a good team… Perhaps, Commonsnese would make a good campaign manager. You are onto something, David… keep going and you have my vote!

  2. @David T. Hawkins

    A 100,000 pound plane paying $37.50 per 1,000 pounds would pay $3,750 NOT $37,500 as you indicated. $37.50 X 100,000/1,000 = $3,750

  3. @ David,

    This information is some of the best research I have seen in a long time. Excellent work!

    These are the conversations and information that is so needed and hopefully you will be facilitating, to move us forward. Again, great job!

  4. @ HOPE: Just got the Figures in…………. it is $37.50 per 1000 Pounds so, a Plane that weighs 100,000 Pounds, Most do, the Landing Fee is $37,500. There are other Fee’s that is charged after it Lands.

  5. @ James… Sue Dick should never have let someone get on the stage who was possibly inebriated or under the influence of drugs and disparage a successful business owner for political gain. That in and of itself is disturbing. I don’t know how she has been in here for so long and I don’t know who has authority over he,r but whoever she reports to is derelict in their duty because she should have been fired years and years ago.

    Unfortunately, Campbell knew what he was doing and that is his true character. He has done some terrible things and I mean terrible. He is a danger to the public at large and I kid you not… and somebody like FDLE, the governor, the Florida bar, etc need to remove this imbecile from his position.

    And Jack Campbell you know what you did and I don’t know how you can live with yourself, but you are a bad bad man. And finally you have displayed your true self to the public at large. Please resign.

  6. Does anyone remember how fast the deal for the City to purchase Northwood Mall property went through aftrr a Chamber Amelia Islamd fest?

    I agree, it’s disturbing Campbell’s office didn’t pickup on any local corruption going on but Feds had no problem

  7. I hope the sentencing of the “three Musketeers” doesn’t end the FBI investigation of corruption in Tallahassee. Lots more “merry men” and perhaps women to round up. Many may even be chamber members.

  8. Based on testimony and evidence at the Burnette trial, Maddox, Carter-Smith, Burnette, and others violated state corruption statutes, and could have (should have?) been prosecuted by Campbell. However, Campbell doesn’t seem to even realize that there is a problem here. Even after the fact. It is mind-boggling.

    I am hoping Campbell was just drunk during his speech, and has better sense when he is in the office.

  9. The chamber junket should be investigated for criminal activity by some of those involved.

    Threats, prosecutorial misconduct, and corruption are prevalent.

    @ Thomas…Yordon’s MC gig conflicted with the federal corruption trial and he was not the MC.

    @ David … you are correct that they are hiding things. Great questions you had regarding the airport. Please find out some answers and make the airport one of your priorities even though the city has jurisdiction. You have my vote!

    PJ Tillis… well stated and 100% correct!

  10. Who in the world thinks the Chamber does Tallahassee any good? Did Gary Yordon MC yet again this year? Which person questioned or subpoenaed by the FBI was the keynote speaker for the Junket? How was the Buffalo Party? A splash? Nakedness abound?

  11. TWO THINGS: (one) Campbell: “For too long we have allowed criminals to hurt our constituents” ……Then DO something about it. Longer Sentences for Violent Criminals, Repeat Offenders and for those who use ANY kind of a Weapon during the commission of a Crime. When making Plea Deals, shave off Months and NOT Years.

    (two) Campbell: “Thank you for your leadership in bringing criminal justice support to the forefront and for suggesting this meeting to foster better communication.” …………. Proctor said”“Jack Campbell should retract his statement made on Sunday at the Tallahassee Chamber Annual Community Conference against Jeremy Matlow,” I read Commissioner Proctors statement to mean about your Personal attack on Commissioner Matlow saying he needs to go because he keeps questioning the integrity of the Chamber. Matlow is doing his Job when he is questioning integrity of the Chamber if he feels there is something wrong. Now, it sounds like you have something to hide.

  12. Sue Dick must be able to furnish a copy of a video. Also, it is a sad sad day when 200 people applaud this behavior and to see how easily led that they abandon all rational humanity and not discern that this was an evil speech, and the elected official giving it was obviously misusing his office, not to mention the inappropriateness.

    . There is nothing more to be said other than Campbell needs to be disbarred and resign. He over-stepped so many boundaries on so many levels. If he is misguided as to perpetrate this imagine what else he may be doing that is inappropriate. Campbell needs a thorough investigation. Believe me he is an evil man.

  13. TR: one would bet the Chamber tapes all speeches. Try contacting Chamber to get a copy of Campbell’speech then transcribe for the public. Let’s clear up what was said or not said!

  14. I like Pizza. I need my lawn cut too. I am disabled and cannot travel to get any pizza but will pay for delivery and the pizza. I live on the North Side of Lake Iamonia and am willing to pay extra to the gentleman who mows the grass. Full disclosure, I am a person of great power. I am responsible to vote just as each of us is. It turns out we each are able to vote so all are persons of great power and influence.( Minus the Governor who has a desire for children and teachers to become ill with Covid.. It is 2 am, There is an airboat illegally harvesting fish in traps and keeping neighbors awake with an illegally modified airboat. I wonder if the Pizza Maker could meet with the State Attorney and enforce the laws. LCSO is supposed to enforce the same laws as FWC.

  15. In his remarks to the Chamber, Mr. Campbell could have been, and IMO should have been, a little more reflective. Maybe a lot more reflective. Instead of making the obvious observation that more eyes are focused on Tallahassee, and I hope his too, everyone redouble their efforts to adhere to a less indulgent code of conduct. Instead, he choose to pander to his audience and attack the one person who made those points. Too bad; too sad.

  16. Jack Campbell is a GD liar. I heard what he said, and I know who he was calling evil. And maybe a pizza maker might have something to say… what other occupations do you think aren’t worthy of an opinion Mr. Campbell? You’ve done such a stellar job, a little critique shouldn’t cause you to become unwound…unless you know what we know. Your no better than Scott Maddox.

    Jack Campbell is the sort of dirt bag that has enabled rampant corruption in our county for years. The FBI had to put a stop to it because they knew Jack wasn’t up to it. And now he’s out there providing cover for an equally corrupt chamber of commerce.

    I mow grass Jack, is hat above or below pizza maker? You schmuck…

  17. Dad and former Sheriff Larry Campbell is probley shaking his head in the afterlife in disbelief at how crude and inappropriate Campbell Junior took the occasion of the fornication, illegal substance consumption, and 4 day weekend booze annual party AKA the “Amelia Island local Nanny Retreat” to trash our tender LBGTQT commissioner in such a blasphemous manner.
    Some of Jackie’s fornicating, druggie, drunken associates must have pumped Jackie up something fearce the night befor for Jackie to spew out his smelly brown out of his mouth in such an inappropriate manner. You were raised better than that.
    If Jackie was not a Democrat his behaviour would not be tolerated.
    I still blame you local idiot voters for everything your elected Nannies do. Idiot voters.

  18. How about someone ask Sheriff McNeil about the overwhelming COVID numbers in the jail and the recent death of a correctional Deputy who worked in medical in the jail. There is a problem in the jail no one is addressing. They need Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin. What are they going to do when inmates start to die in droves??? No one knows. But they do!

  19. I commend Commissioner Proctor for stepping up and doing the right thing.

    And furthermore I would no more meet with Campbell or any of the others whom he suggests. Campbell’s words were so egregious that someone needs to file a complaint with the Florida Bar, he needs to resign, and be disbarred. Campbell misused his position at the taxpayers expense. How this has not made national news perplexes me.

    The worst state attorney in Florida!

  20. After Chamber tirade, seems like insider$ now trying to re-write history and pretend the issue in question had anything to do with criminal justice or safety.

    The main thing here is Chamber and old boy heavyweights downplaying corruption and broke all civility by lashing out. The rest is a smokescreen to distract.

    Respect to Mr. Matlow for being reasonable and focused on the clear wrongs, and how we can change things.

  21. ~ Proctor said, “I offer to facilitate a meeting between you and Commissioner Matlow at your earliest convenience.”

    … and these children are in power

    Is it any wonder our Country is being invaded by disease and drug carrying illegal alien criminals and now Islamic terrorists?
    Is it any wonder our nation has become the laughingstock of the world?
    Is it any wonder no one trust America, it’s politicians, or it’s media?
    Is it any wonder we willingly (apparently) elected an unaccomplished career buffoon who suffers with dementia to the Presidency?

    Is it any wonder our this Great Republic is going to he// in a hand-basket… fast?

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