Hanna Changes Directions Again, Masks Required in K-8.

Hanna Changes Directions Again, Masks Required in K-8.

In comments via Facebook today, Superintendent Hanna changed directions once again related to masking policies.

Hanna stated that due to the number of cases reported during the first week of school and the number of students in quarantine he is requiring all students in K-8 grades to wear masks while in school. Parents have until Friday to opt-out for medical reasons.

LCS reported 245 cases during the first week of school among the approximate 33,000 students attending Leon County schools.

Hanna said the “numbers speak for themselves.” Hanna also said the mask requirement is temporary and he hopes it will keep schools open.

With regards to the effectiveness of masks, Hanna said masks are not the “end all be all”, but relied on the advice of medical professionals as support for his decision.

The decision comes after weeks of back and forth related to the schools masking policy. Hanna had been an advocate of an optional masking policy most of the summer.

However, the increase in COVID cases caused Hanna to reconsider and implement a mask mandate policy without a parental opt-out.

That position changed – one day before school was set to start – after a discussion with school board over possible sanctions by the state due to an executive order which required school boards to offer a parental opt-out from any mask mandates.

In addition, Superintendent Rocky Hanna said that he mistakenly read the rule to mean that a medical opt-out was consistent with the executive order.

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  1. all of you so cerain about masks have never bothered to look at the data. Docters who spout mask religion have not done any research – none. Those who have reveiwed the data are censored – it’s that simple. Here is a liberal look at masks and the data and even they could not help the CDC lies by Omission – huge omissions. real all of it. European experience with schools (no masks), WHO, controlled study in Georgia Public schools of 92,000 students (the only controlled study of its kind) all counter the CDC. CDC cannot cite to one controlled study, rather a antidotal hair dresser non-sense “study”? Read up, you are being lied to by omission. The MSM lies by omission and Big Bro censors so there’s omission of facts to counter the controlled narrative derived from misrepresentation by omission of the likes o the CDC. DeSantis is right. Give compelling real evidence that masks work before slapping them on all these kids for another school year. Read the article and be surprised. There is no “conservative” spinning by the lefty magazine.


  2. @ Petty… if you really think that either the Stupidindendant or members of the Public Indoctrination System Board give a rats rear-end about children or will lose one cent of pay over this, then you are remarkably naïve.

    Denying children and teenagers the necessary level of oxygen required to properly develop their growing bodies, brains, and intellect is tantamount to willful Child Abuse and/or Child Endangerment.

    These deranged progressive pinheads celebrate the murder of millions of innocent babies (particularly within our communities of color) under the guise of women’s “healthcare”… what makes anyone think they care one iota about any child at any age?

    “Recall Them All”

  3. @Sheri: also consider the governor’s executive order itself could be found to be unconstitutional. If so, then the school boards don’t have to follow it, correct? That’s why Rasmussen keeps pushing back – not to cater to her anti-mask constituents, but to stay in compliance with the law. She wants the courts to say whether or not the Governor’s order was legal or not. Personally, I think the governor’s order is the unconstitutional one. He prohibited businesses from requiring masks first, and now he’s intervening in Florida’s constitution that requires school boards to ensure safety of the students. How is that position from the governor constitutional? How can a private business be beholden to such a decree? All in all, the courts need to do their duty and inform us the public on how far our governor can go. If the governor is within his rights, then tough decisions ahead for school boards. It seems they don’t care one way or the other and have chosen to err on the side of safety. I’m proud of them for sacrificing their paychecks, and maybe their positions, to do what they think is right. You can’t argue their dedication when they’re willing to give up their seats and checks. Consider that before bashing them —go ahead and bash their decision if you disagree, but not them personally.

  4. @ Sheri… you’re absolutely correct. Unfortunately, due to the failures of the Public Indoctrination System and the propaganda by the Woke Supremacists, far too many citizens haven’t a clue about their Constitutional rights.

  5. @ Reagan Littlefield first let me say you are right that this is adulting because we might be in disagreement about this is some ways but we can speak just like things were intended to be in this country. I don’t cancel you and you don’t cancel me. We respect each other’s point of view and nevertheless do what we believe is right. I find that this is actually possible notwithstanding different points of view with lots of people as long as we can leave politics out of it. That is actually the problem. I think many of us want the same things but so many people get caught up in the politics of things. And that is what, in my opinion, the politicians want. If we stay distracted and fighting among each other they still do what they do and get away with it. More on topic. I am anti-covid vaccine and am not getting it for myself. However, my nearly 18 year old wanted it and is in the medical field and figured employers would require it anyway. This child thinks differently than I do and (gasp) that’s ok in my house. I discussed my reservations about the vaccine before the child got it and what I said was accepted but a different decision was made. Ok. Adult decision on a person ready to move out into the world is ok by me. The younger sibling wanted what the older sibling wanted and I allowed it. Parental decision that others might disagree with. I myself am anti-vaccine and anti mask. for me personally, its not the safety of the vaccine, its the government intrusion of forcing the vaccine and forcing masks. It doesn’t protect from getting it hence the breakthrough cases and it doesn’t stop you from spreading it to others hence the vaccinated needing to wear masks. Masks only truly work if you are using the correct type correctly and the vast majority do neither. I would prefer to get covid, be sick and get it over it and have natural antibodies and until now that was my right. I think this is a money grab like all things. Create a lifetime stream of patients that need booster shots. Wouldn’t surprise me to later learn of all the politicians with pfizer, moderna and J&J stock transactions and/or in the companies that manufacturer, distribute and/or sell ppe. Why is it my body my choice as to abortion for example but its not my body my choice as to covid vaccine? Also, why does no mean no for the #metoo movement but I can’t say no to something happening with my body as it pertains to a vaccine I don’t want? I could go on but this is not the place for that.

    As for schools I went out of state and withdrew my middle schooler from LCS in July before school even started anticipating that shenanigans were going to occur with masks/vaccines etc and more so honestly because the education the child was receiving was subpar . There were no viable private school options locally either in my opinion so my child is at a boarding school in South Carolina. Its a huge financial sacrifice but its a closed environment with no covid cases on campus last year and no flu either. The school has an entire enrollment from 7-12 grade of 300 students and class sizes of 5-10 students per class and a classic education where actual text books are used, sports are played and computers are available and necessary to use but aren’t the focus. Old school like when I was in school…you know, a system that actually worked where you graduate knowing the english language, math, science and history (as it occurred not remanufactured). If you need more specific information check out Camden Military Academy.

  6. Any lawyers out there? Got a question – when I was in the military we were told that we do not have to follow any unlawful orders. Actually, it was our duty to NOT follow unlawful orders. So how can a school enforce a rule that is against the law? I say sign your opt out, send your child to school without a mask. You are following the law.

  7. If masks are supposed to filter-out extremely small microscopic COVID particles, why can I still smell the french-fries at McDonalds when I walk-in with my mask on?

  8. So the Governor is waiting until tomorrow to fire Hanna?
    OK its his call but I would have rather seen some quick justice dispensed towards Hanna.

  9. @80/20 … We are in the same boat Private School wise although we haven’t switched yet. May I ask where you transferred?

    Also, if you go the the webpage of the Office of Governor DeSantos, click on Media Releases, find the Aug 6th release on FL Depart. Of Health & Education Protect Parent’s Rights. The release gives you a full break down of Executive Order 21-175, which is considered LAW, which LCSB is in violation of. It also talks about either the City or State responsible for payment of Private Education for parents forced to switch, such as us. I haven’t done too much investigation yet, but links to the actual Order can be found in that release as well.

    TO ALL THE CRITICS accustomed to throwing hissy fits VS. actual intelligent debate:

    @80/20 is a parent with a different opinion that myself regarding the serious of Covid 19. She is a mother that did what is best for her children (who both seem to be in the same ages as mine) and had them vaccinated.

    I am a parent that is refusing vaccination however have no issue with those who choose to get it.


  10. The issue I have with this is the Superintendent and/or school board trampling on parental rights. It should be up to the parents to determine whether their kid wears a mask not the government. If you are a parent who does not want your kid around an unvaccinated kid or an unmasked kid then you keep your kid at home and not vice versa. I say this as a parent of two kids who are vaccinated. One of mine wants to wear a mask and that high school kid is old enough to decide what to do all school day. My younger kid is vaccinated but still was expected to wear a face diaper to middle school. I actually removed that kid from LCS and am paying for private school out of state but my tax dollars still go to support this b.s. I disagree with. I would have removed my older child too but that child is a senior and just wants to finish the year. I will never and would not recommend anyone in Leon County or really anywhere placing a kid in public school. The focus is all off in public schools and this is just one of many glaring examples of how they think they know what is best for my child without consulting me or giving me a reasonable option. I’m here to say as to all of us, not just kids, if we allow the politicrats to tell us we have to take a vaccine and we have to wear face coverings this time, there will nothing to stop them from dictating whatever they want in the future using this as the precedent.

  11. Whoa there are some real child haters on this page. Didn’t the god you profess to follow tell you to love your neighbor? I guess trump has changed that to ‘destroy yourselves as well as everyone else.’ Oh well, on the upside: he’s killing off his own voters. Now THAT’S a business plan!

  12. So tell me Branch Covidian Covidstan Cultists, do you even care about the 5 young lives lost in Leon County due to suicide this past year? Do you Cultists give a hang about the genocide of an entire generation of babies consisting mainly of people of color due to abortion? Do you care that your holy NIH Pope Fauci funds experimentation of human fetal tissue to the point of grafting aborted fetal scalps onto mice courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh?

    You cultists pine away over the alleged loss of a young child in Leon County due to Covid with zero context and without knowing the full extent of the situation. Did the child indeed die, as you all allege directly because of Covid? Is it directly attributable to not wearing a Chicom Face Diaper? Was it because of the Clot Shot exposure? Did they have pre-existing medical conditions? How do you know? Is it legally allowed that ANY pre-existing conditions of children hospitalized be publicly disclosed?

    Spare us your crocodile tears Branch Covidian Cultists. Continue to wallow in your panic porn and invincibly ignorant cult and ignore real science before your eyes. Ignore the results of sane nations like Sweden which effectively ban masks in schools since the beginning and have weathered this “pandemic” like rock stars and achieved herd immunity WITHOUT the Clot Shots.

  13. I have a close friend who got Covid (or the flu, no one really knows anymore)… then he got the shots of sugar water and fertilizer runoff… then he got Covid again. He’s fully recovered… again. (true story)

    From the beginning of this nonsense, he wore a face diaper as prescribed by the non-science “experts”.

    Newsflash: Face diapers and experimental chemicals do not prevent you from catching the China Bio-Weapon Flu.

    … on THIS… the Science is Settled

  14. As a mother of two children enrolled in the Florida Public Schools system, I want to address just what a violation of our Constitutional and Parental Rights this disregard of LAW poses. 

    The United States Constitution- as written – is pretty damn clear.
    Mask Mandates are in VIOLATION OF THE FOLLOWING:
    Amendment 9.
    Amendment 10 – as NO VOTE AT state level has been brought to the People.
    Even more, FLORIDA STATE EXECUTE ORDER 21-175. Which is a LAW.

    Again, These “mandates” have NEVER BEEN BROUGHT —- NOR VOTED UPON —— TO THE PEOPLE, in a CONSTUTIONAL REPUBLIC governed BY THE PEOPLE.  Such blatant violation of both Federal and State Law, in the District of the State Capital no less, can not go unaddressed.  WE THE PEOPLE have a Governmental Structure that strictly prohibits City Officials from power hungry moves such as these.  As a tax payer, owner of seven properties throughout the County, paying seven separate taxations sent directly to Leon County’s School Board, this hostage situation is even more drastic.  Furthermore this School Board and its schools are not providing ANY alternatives to parents, such as offering digital academy, whilst enforcing these unlawful mandates. In fact, as I have found when corresponding directly with my children’s schools, there are ZERO options set in place for parents such as myself.  However, if a parent chooses to quarantine their child because of Covid safety concerns, THEN teachers will supply distant learning resources to individual students. With Mr. Hanna’s flip flop – AGAIN- I am back to my only choice being to keep my child out of school and have her, and myself, suffer the consequences. It absolutely baffles me that I even need to say: I DO NOT NEED A DOCTOR TO PROVE I CAN DECIDE WHAT IS BEST FOR MY CHILD.

    To all those cowards either doing nothing and/or swallowing this BS:

    What about the CDC? Local Dr recommendations?

    If Constitutional Infringement is not “acceptable enough”,
    Here are additional answers:
    Animal Reservoirs.
    Antibody mediated viral enhancement.

    Just because you don’t listen to a opposing point of view, does NOT MEAN it is incorrect.

    But Wait, Still needing more?

    On a personal, very relevant note:
    I have a rare immune system defect. Over the past 20 years, I have consulted over 16 different medical professionals, shelled out over $75,000 worth of treatments not covered by insurance, and have lost six pregnancies as a result. ALL of the specialists I’ve seen, spanning two States, could NOT IDENTIFY what was occurring with my body. ALL were unable to diagnose me with ANY explanation… other than “Unexplained.” Until year 20, upon when doing MY OWN RESEARCH, I stumbled upon the very ‘swept under the carpet’ medical research field of Immunology. Why “swept?” I can not answer with certainty, however in my 20 year struggle, not one professional thought to explore my immune system. More to point, I come from a generation of thought that understands the following truth: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….then it’s a damn duck.” Therefore, it seems fairly obvious that the medical field of Immunology is primarily so unpopular because the immune system, once properly functioning, does NOT require PHARMACEUTICAL ASSISTANCE. Meaning, it brings in NO MONEY.

    The following video is the testimony NOT Only of a Medically Licensed Physician, BUT SPECIFICALLY AN IMMUNOLOGIST, in regards to this mask and Covid propaganda.


    Search YouTube: Mt. Vernon School Board Meeting – Dr. Dan Stock MD,
    Also on Rumble if YouTube is suddenly censoring.

    Parents and Patriots thank you for not backing down! I am asking for you to keep fighting. Get louder. Not even a week ago, I sat and watched 3 hours of parent testimony opposing mask mandates requiring medical opt out, only to fall on the deaf ears of a School Board absolutely DETERMINED TO EXHALT THEMSELVES AS MARTYRS in the name of Covid “safety”. Mr. Hanna has flip flopped NUMEROUS TIMES after publicly announcing he would uphold the Governor’s decree.  This is the SECOND 11th hour reverse decision, the day before school started being the first, and it is nothing but a calculated deception on his part.


  15. I get it, we don’t know the science behind wearing masks and this type of decision by Rocky is bold and against a governor I 99.9 % support. However, whatever we want to call this virus but its real! And I support this decision and ask that he bring back some of the same measures he had last year.

    As a father of a 3rd grader that attends a school here in town, my heart is broken to hear of a girl in the same grade as mine who died yesterday at another school. I can only wonder if Rocky heard of her death and decided something contrary to what everyone is telling him to do, made the decision he did today. I also understand this same school’s PE coach is in the ICU.

    If I was to poll everyone on this thread, how many of us know of someone who had to go the hospital or worse pass away from Covid, I wonder what our responses would be? Just this past week alone, I know of three people. One young lady in Miami died this week leaving behind a 3 year old daughter, a former colleague fighting for life in TMH’s ICU and a guy I played softball with, now moved to a hospital in Thomasville to be placed on a ventilator.

    I don’t know what the answer is but I will say this stuff is scary. If all us not wearing a mask or getting vaccinated is the answer, then what is? Hospitals maxed to the limit and running out of morgue spaces can’t all be a mirage, can it?

    I want more than anything for us to live our lives like we used to. This summer I wanted the opportunity to go on vacation but I had to postpone since my wife had to have surgery in July and we were doing our best to keep a sterile environment . I’ll also say if it wasn’t for the mandatory mask wearing in the hospital, my unvaccinated wife would have definitely picked up the virus.

    I’ll leave it with this, as the brother of a FHP officer this story of a lost trooper due to Covid, hits to close to home. May he rest in peace and God watch over all first responders, our military and our frontline medical staff.


  16. I went to see Dead and co. in Raleigh N.C. last Monday. There were 26,000 people packed onto the lawn, no one was wearing a mask many people were passing around fatty’s and bottles of whiskey. It rained, everyone was wet and sweaty and rubbing up against each other.

    An outstanding time was had by all and almost 7 days later they have done it 5 more times with no reports of any “super spreading” of the viral kind going on… is clap a virus?

    Living a good life is hard and very dangerous… Rocky Hannah is ruining Leon County’s kids.

  17. We have no updates, conversations, or direction from officials regarding COVID. Even Fauci is missing in action.

    The Biden Administration is purposely letting illegals into the country who have COVID with no plans for containment. So, mask mandates have no credibility.

    Rocky is using our children as political pawns to instill fear and create chaos to set the stage for the next election.


  18. I’m sorry, you did not. I can tell you it is true. The mother actually posted during Rocky’s press conference. It’s very sad. I appreciate his efforts to protect our children. He has my support.

  19. Amidst the eternal flames of the infernal pit, Dr. Fausti, educates the assemblage of demoniacs, while adjusting the all seeing eye of the hypnodrone,

    “At this point in the experiment you’ll note the guinea pigs in the glass enclosure have raised up on their hind legs and are sniffing about and getting jittery. Soon, in order of compliance, they will fall to their sides, frothing at the mouth and twitching uncontrollably, as the vegetable prions twist around their brainstems, saturating their organs, turning them into insensate zombies.”

    “What will we do to them then?” asks a lesser demon, “More vegetables?”

    “What of the ones that escaped, the unvegitated?” screeches another even lesser demon.

    “Who cares, let their imaginary God look after them.” hisses Fausti, steam rising as he shifts his cloven hooves into an even more uncomfortable position on the burning coals.

    “Yes. Truly. None have escaped!!!” shouts another.

    “HAIL FAUSTI, HAIL SCIENCE, NONE HAVE ESCAPED!” they bellow in union.

    Off In distance, a ways away from the green field by the still lake, there is a flash of lightning, followed shortly by the roll of thunder, as storm clouds began to gather ominously and the skies darken.

    Fresh from their swim in the pond, Fluffy finishes her delicious strawberry, her head resting on Danny’s belly distended from gorging on his favorite blackberries, “Looks like rain, what should we do now?”

    Danny replies, “I don’t know. Grab a bar of soap?”

    Yes Fluffy, replies “Lets take a shower.”

    “Thank you Jesus” she adds, as they race along their secret path through the tall grass, to the warm glow of their peaceful den, to get the soap, giggling childishly in anticipation of the cleansing downpour.

  20. Such BS! Political? Absolutely! It’s time for all the board members and the superintendent to be removed and replaced immediately. Unfortunately we live in a blue county and folks with common sense are no where to be found. I encourage all parents with kids in Leon County Schools to pull them asap. Show the communists we have the power!!!

  21. what 20/20 says’
    So 50% of LCS students are not proficient in reading, and that’s okay; but less than 1% are COVID positive and that’s an emergency? I’m not sure we’re attacking any of this correctly.

  22. Didn’t one of the school board members falsely spread that same rumor a week or more ago as well? If we could trust them it would be understandable if they ASKED people how it should be approached rather than throwing down the mandates on these kids.

  23. This is getting ridiculous. If Hanna ‘followed the science’, he’s be mandating horse de-wormers for our children! Last year, all of my children took hydroxychloroquine tablets for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they were FINE. The vaccines are all experimental, but the science on ivermectin is rock solid.

    The science is clear that masks deprive the wearer of oxygen, which is *exactly* why so many surgeons wear them for hours at a time while performing surgery, to slow down their metabolism!

    Won’t someone please get Mike Pillow Guy on the case of just *how* Rocky was elected? I’m pretty sure that it was due to ‘glitches’ put into the voting systems by Hunter Biden’s laptop. After all of the expert diagnostics on display in Arizona and South Dakota, it is so clear to anyone except the lamebrain liberals that the Chinese stole the election and put Rocky in place to destroy our children. The Chinese and the liberals all hate America.

  24. Just before Rocky spoke, texts were sent among many teachers that a third-grader in a northeast Tallahassee school has died from COVID. I cannot confirm or deny. I do know that text hit just about 45 minutes before he spoke.

  25. Intentionally depriving young bodies and brains of the necessary levels of oxygen need to properly develop and progress intellectually – particularly when there exist no scientific bases for said – is tantamount to child abuse and child endangerment. This buffoon needs to be removed from office immediately, before he causes irreparable damage to our children.

    Children are not catching or being hospitalized due to the China Bio-Weapon Flu. What we are experiencing around the country is the result of weak minds being manipulated by fear and doom-n-gloom propaganda promulgated by the DemoKKKrats, their Media PACs, and Tony “Mengele” Fraudci.

    This is how it works… Parents have been intentionally inundated with fear and death propaganda… then their child gets a typical seasonal and common cold or mild flu, and the parents flip out (because of the propaganda) and run to the hospital. The hospital gets a $28K increase per-patient coded with having the China Bio-Weapon Flu, so they code the child as having the China Bio-Weapon Flu for pure profit motives. Then the propagandists get more fraudulent data to support their propaganda campaign of Mass Manipulation and Compliance. It’s ALL about politics, power, control, and money… it always is.

    These maniacs celebrate killing millions of innocent babies (particularly in our communities of color) under the guise of “women’s” healthcare. What makes ANYONE think they give a rats’ rear-end about ANY of our children at ANY age?

    The China Bio-Weapon Flu Scamdemic is the most maniacal, heinous, and perversely-criminal political stunt pulled in our history. And many will burn in he// for it.

  26. How does a person know when or what to believe from any government backed origination which “spins” every “fact” it releases for public consideration by leaving out pertinent information critical to the final outcome.
    Political pressure comes in many forms of influence from votes to favors to financial rewards or punishment and at all levels.
    It seems that at all levels political expedience rules rather than truth or common sense. Our leadership does not understand whether masks protect children in schools or not! At the highest levels they do even understand that we need to provide for ways to protect citizens and friends from foreign enemies.

  27. Hanna “relied on the advice of medical professionals as support for his decision”. Who elected these medical professionals? If they want to govern, they need to run for office. In the meantime, Hanna needs to rely on the orders given by the Governor, remember him?

    By the way, how many students can read at grade level? write at grade level? do math at grade level? how many can recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the U.S.? How many of these medical professionals that are advising Hanna have children in the public school system and do they have any advice to give him regarding my first four questions?

  28. Yes, the numbers speak for themselves. Less than 3/4 of 1% (0.0074 for the math majors) of all LCS students tested positive. The numbers also say that the vast majority of them will have little or no symptoms, and the numbers STILL say that most child infections are caused by exposure to infected adults, not the other way around. Are there some children hospitalized? Sure. Are they ALL confirmed Covid? Are we sure? How many have serious underlying issues like leukemia or diabetes? How do we know? What is the recovery rate? (BTW, for children <16, it’s 99.997%. Check the FL DOH website and do the math yourself. Even higher if you consider the hundreds of thousands of asymptomatic unreported infections.) Do we really think masking little kids stops the spread of Covid? Do we really believe we can totally eradicate it? Are we kidding ourselves? Or are we allowing the CNN fear mob to scold us into participating in this ridiculous, UN-scientific political theater? While I recognize the tough spot Rocky Hanna finds himself in, his flip-floppery illuminates a staggering lack of leadership, in a time when we need it most.

  29. One more thing, how many of the 245 were “unmasked”? That’s where the political finger points, but we do know of one school where all COVID-positive students were mask wearers. Hanna is in a tough position with a politically motivated board pushing politics over reason.

  30. Scruel SuperKommissar Hanna continues to prove what a loathesome, evil, vile, child abusing cockroach of a Branch Covidian he truly is, along with all the other filthy Capital District Scruel Kommissars. This despicable Cultist is emboldened by the South Florida trash Scruel Districts that openly defy the Governor’s Executive Order and the DOH Emergency Rule. If DeSantis had a pair he would have called a special session immediately to address all this nonsense and criminalize this filthy child abusing behavior and stop with the moronic Executive Orders and emergency rules. So far, crickets.

  31. We can just fire you locals friend Hanna. The State can do that because Hanna is elected. The clowns in Alachua, Broward, and Palm Beach are appointed and thus can not be fired by the State. Hope you all dont cry too much when your bestest friend Hanna gets fired. Hey he can go over to the next County and work for Jackie Pons ya know!!!!!!

  32. So 50% of LCS students are not proficient in reading, and that’s okay; but less than 1% are COVID positive and that’s an emergency? I’m not sure we’re attacking any of this correctly.

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