LCS Meeting Briefs August 24th, 2021

LCS Meeting Briefs August 24th, 2021

Listed below are notes from the August 24th Leon County School Board meeting.


Connor McCord led the Leon County School Board in the Pledge of Allegiance. He has been selected to be the student representative of the Board. Connor is a senior at Lincoln High, he is first in his class, an AP scholar and will have completed 19 AP credits by the time he graduates, he is a member of the varsity soccer team, and he aspires to be a surgeon.


Superintendent Rocky Hanna recognized Ms. Tabatha Pick for the summer musical performance for Leon High School. This year they performed Anastasia. Ms. Pick graduated from Rickards High School and continued her education in Choral Music Education.


The Board heard an update on the Audit Committee, by Board member and Chair of the Audit Committee, DeeDee Rasmussen. The district financial audit and the internal accounts audit are ongoing and are being conducted by Purvis Gray, it should be noted that the firm has stated that at this time the audits are going well and thus far unremarkable.

Jones inquired how the firms are selected for the external audits. It was determined that every five years there is a new request for proposal issued to select a firm.


Assistant Superintendent Dr. Alan Cox discussed the current COVID numbers, the Leon County positivity rate is 13.8%, down slightly from last week. The PCR lab report return time is 1.34 days. Lastly, 57% of Leon County’s population, ages 12 and up, have at least one dose of the COVID vaccine.

Dr. Cox said there are nine sites in Leon County, at the public libraries, made available for all students and family to have COVID testing performed. Also, a testing center is available for School employees only open at Lively Technical.

Also, Dr. Cox stated that according to data provided by CHP, 68% of employees have been vaccinated. Those numbers are only for those employees who have CHP insurance.


Over 2.1 thousand viewers watched Superintendent Hanna discuss the mask mandate that he imposed this past Sunday on students grades K through 8. He listed the increase in numbers of positive COVID cases that Leon Schools have faced since school began, stating last Wednesday there were 32 positive cases, 50 on Thursday, 48 on Friday, 40 this Monday, and 47 this Tuesday. He continued, there are 335 positive cases total in nine days, which is 41% of the entire total last year, and there are 974 students in quarantine.


After the superintendent made his case regarding his decision for mandating that students wear masks during school, nearly 60 parents, teachers, and concerned citizens spoke in favor of or against the mandate. As was the case in many of the meetings prior to Tuesday night, many individuals cited studies and commented “follow the science,” some cited the constitution and the bible, and others shared personal stories of their child.

One parent stated she was made aware of 11 different cases of children who had an opt out form, but was forced to put on a mask, one child was sent to the office until they eventually complied to wear a mask, another child did not have a mask and so was separated from the other students.


Board member Rosanne Wood listed some of the other options the Board and Superintendent could implement to help aid in mitigating the spread of the virus, such as, opening more space and allowing kids to eat outside, block scheduling, and staggered release bells.

Vice-Chari Darryl Jones stated, “I cannot unsee what I have seen…” and he cited the numbers which show an increase in positive cases and that there are more children in quarantine now than ever before during the pandemic, therefore he stands with Hanna in supporting the mask mandate.

Board member DeeDee Rasmussen made a motion to have the Superintendent follow the law and change the mask mandate to reflect the current law. The motion was seconded by Alva Striplin, the motion failed 3-2.

Wood also suggested a new campaign to advocate for vaccines for Leon County School Employees. She recommended a possible monetary incentive for those employees who have had the vaccine and for those who get vaccinated, perhaps a bonus or gift card.


The Board approved the issuing of $1,000 bonus checks to all LCS employees that did not receive a bonus from the governor of Florida earlier this summer.

The contract for Edmentum – a provider of online learning programs – was amended to expand the scope of the original contract. The expansion includes instructional and tutoring services for quarantined students. The amendment increases the cost by $29,000, for a total of $153,766. The resources will come from the CARES funds.

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  1. When citizens ask questions about businesses that are funded by our tax dollars, and the contracts were awarded under sketchy circumstances, if not illegal… and the business is under-serving the citizens, expending funds for robocalls to explain their under serving customers each week , was under an FBI investigation, and involved in the contract with someone who has been convicted of federal crimes… I don’t think it is improper to ask these questions and for reporters to find the answers. I do think it is improper to censor comments that may be sensitive to the business, but informative to the taxpayers who fund the business.

    Here is a question…are the highlighted businesses in Tallahassee Reports given complementary announcements or did the businesses pay for their notices? Perhaps there should be a disclaimer noting this.

  2. Our only hope is for the Democrats to concede defeat at the stolen election declaring the Biden Administration win null and void and reinstate Trump as the rightful president.

    Along with the Durham report calling for arrests and indictments… One can only hope…


    ~ The Dementia Joe Biden Sadministration’s orchestrated Slaughter in Kabul has begun. Asked for a comment, DJ Biden replied, “Where’s my pudding?”… asked for her comment, VP KamKam Harris replied, “gigglegigglehahahahagigglegiggle”

    … but remember, we allegedly voted for this

  4. Hope, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to secure the ballots in her own state. But I agree with your sentiments.

    The Biden administration is an illegal regime. Stolen elections have terrible consequences; look at the tragedy taking place in Afghanistan.

    Trump won.

  5. Breaking news…

    How is it that 300 unopened mail-in ballots tied to the California recall gubernatorial election were just confiscated from a car that a man was sleeping in; guns and drugs were also discovered.

    Senator Nancy Pelosi can’t even secure the ballots in her own State and please note that her nephew is the governor, Gavin Newsome, the governor who is being recalled.

    Nancy Pelosi is desperate to cover up her crimes against humanity and her treasonous acts by winning elections by cheating.

    The parents who are worried about face masks are only being fooled. It is a distraction to cover up and protect egregious, criminal, treasonous acts by Pelosi, Biden, the Clintons, etc….

  6. Good to read the comments from a few invincibly ignorant Branch Covidian Covidstan Cultists as they back up their filthy, despicable, child abusing Scruel Board Kommissars. Please keep commenting to show others what invincible ignorance looks like.

    As for the Governor, his hesitance is notable. His failure to fully comprehend the depth and scope of the power of these invincible ignoramus Cultists is disturbing. It’s well past time for him to use the power he has as Governor to drop the hammer on these filthy Cultists, whether here in the Capital District or in the other filthy rogue Scruel Boards. Furthermore, he did not go far enough. He should have called a special session to criminalize, yes criminalize, all these tyrannical medical mandates across the board, whether it be mask mandates or death jab mandates. He should be pulling the medical licenses of all filthy Cultist doctors who walk off their jobs to protest having to treat those who haven’t gotten the clot shots or those who enforce any of these mandates. He should also sponsor legislation to amp up Florida’s laws on civil lawsuits to enable the ability of a tsunami of trial attorneys to sue all private, public and not for profit organizations whenever they enact tyrannical medical mandates on their employees.

    Remember folks, we are not a nation of laws, never have been, never will be. We are a nation of political will. The filthy Marxists and Leftists know this too well, just look at their actions. Governor DeSantis and the spineless Republicans need to exercise that political will here and now or this Governor will have only one term.

  7. Neither a face diaper nor two shots of sugar water and fertilizer runoff prevents anyone from contracting the China Bio-Weapon Flu.

    … on THIS… the Science is Settled

    Hope is spot-on and it bares repeating: “This mandate is coming from the incompetent Biden who is derelict in his duty and is pushing an agenda to cause chaos in the mid-term election and unfortunately fear rules the day.”

  8. I had a relative pass away a few days ago a few states away and she had numerous medical problems, but they put Covid. This mandate is coming from the incompetent Biden who is derelict in his duty and is pushing an agenda to cause chaos in the mid-term election and unfortunately fear rules the day.

    David is at absolutely correct… they are disingenuous if they aren’t even talking about washing hands.

    Why are they desperate to push this fear? The Durham report could reveal their massive corruption of misusing our government entities as weapons to falsely accuse their political opponents. This would snare Obama, Hillary and Bill, and other investigations would snare Hunter and Joe Biden for treason in the Ukraine.

    Their actions are egregious enough that they would be arrested and brought to Guantanamo Bay and they should throw Pelosi in there with them. Unfortunately Attorney General Barr did not do his job and he should be in there with them, also.

    Their corruption and their monetary ties to China to enrich themselves have forsaken their allegiance and duty to the American people.

    The Democrats are imploding because there are some who have a moral compass and are not going to go along. If some of the Democrats don’t find their moral compass and continue to go along with this nonsense they will be the party of the no party. The Red Wave is coming and it will be a tsunami.

  9. JMO: If your child wears a Mask and still gets Covid, it is not because another Child was NOT wearing a Mask. It would most likely be because your Child touched something that had Covid on it and then touched their Face, rubbed their Eyes, Picked their Nose, put a Finger / Thumb in their Mouth……… Why is it that they are no longer talking about washing your Hands often anymore? I wash my Hands about 10 to 20 times a Day and I use the Disinfecting Wipes throughout the Day to also clean my hands. I am usually Maskless but if a Business wants me to wear one to be able to enter, I have no problem complying. If asked, I will encourage you to get the Shots and to wear a Mask when around a lot of People, encourage it, not Mandate it.

  10. @ Faye… sorry to be the bearer of reality, but their unlawful decision is neither based on common sense or science. I pray that your grandchildren’s physical and mental development doesn’t suffer too bad from this illegal and tyrannical ignorance. However, it does present you with a great opportunity to teach them about the value of abiding by the law, and the importance of their individual rights and freedoms.

    “My Body; My Choice”… it’s not just about killing innocent babies anymore.

  11. I commend Rocky Hanna and Daryl Jones, Roseanne Wood, and Joy Cowen. They used common sense along with science and the health needs of the current situation in this county. I’m sick of the name calling and politics. My five grandchildren 6 yrs.old thru 13 are way more important than all of this stupidity.

  12. It’s encouraging that we do have two board members who follow the law and are genuinely protecting the rights of children. Thank you Dee Dee and Alva ..

    The other three board members are not only breaking the law and infringing on the rights of parents and their children, they are disingenuous as they pretend to want to protect the children, yet they promote and are proponents of abortion.

    Here is hope that our current system will not tolerate those who infringe upon our rights and will be replaced with law-abiding leaders who protect our rights and don’t break the law.

  13. Deep State is unable to offer any positive successes under Biden. This is where his credibility goes out the window.

    Under the failed Biden Administration we are on verge of war due to incompetence, dereliction of duty, and the border crisis.

    Please have some self-awareness, Cheap State… It’s embarrassing…

  14. STOP with all the incentives already. I am so tired of hearing the Government wasting our Tax Dollars bribing people to get the Shots.

  15. I think given enough time, I could sell deepstatepropagandist a tattered old bridge over a dry gulch in Obidenstan.

  16. So technically, in accordance with Florida law, we should have Dee Dee, Alva, and 4 new Leon County School Board members appointed by the Governor as soon as our Governor implements Florida Law as written.
    Please dont fall in with leftists who routinely ignore the law Sir. Especially when its a law the Florida Legislature recently passed and you in your capacity as Florida’s Governor recently signed into law.
    IMHO your political career will be over if you look the other way on this defiance of Your Florida Law. You will have to call a special session to void your own law and then sign it into law to make it legal at this point. Which would of course be ridiculed by everyone left and right.
    Please dont be just another political career flush down the swirly toilet of wokeness. Fire some lefties as the law demands.

  17. LOL DeSantis too big a wimp to fire anyone, except Rebekah Jones, which he was able to do via proxy. (probably a lovers spat!)

    All kidding aside, maybe he’s starting to come around to realize that the state of Florida is a total laughing stock in the US, if not globally, because of how he is ‘handling’ COVID. Maybe, just maybe, firing a bunch of school board administrators for enforcing masking up isn’t going to look so good once the attack adds start against his upcoming campaign. Yes, firing Rocky et all would galvanize the yokel ‘my freedumbs’ vote, but he already has those votes. The only possible electoral outcome of kicking out teachers is making fewer independents want to vote for him, and anyone who thinks he gives a half a care about mask mandates up and above his future electability is a total moron. All he cares about is garnering enough old, white people ‘I’m the victim in all of this’ votes as possible. That’s it.

    Remember when DeSantis told the cruise lines they couldn’t mandate vaccination? That went good! Maybe the guy that consults him on state vs federal powers went to Trump University!

    Remember when Florida wasn’t leading the country in cases and hospitalizations?

    Remember when the mayor of Orlando didn’t have to ask his constituents to reduce water usage because there wasn’t enough bottled oxygen to go around to treat their sulphury tasting water because so many people were hospitalized with Delta?

  18. “Board member DeeDee Rasmussen made a motion to have the Superintendent follow the law and change the mask mandate to reflect the current law. The motion was seconded by Alva Striplin, the motion failed 3-2.”

    The 3 Public Indoctrination System Board Members who voted to IGNORE THE LAWS of the STATE of FLORIDA, and the Stupidintendent who brazenly VIOLATED THE LAWS of the STATE of FLORIDA, should be immediately removed from office for Cause and with Prejudice… and thus, subsequently forfeit all claims to pay, benefits, and pensions.

    They are, all of them, in direct Violation of the Law and their Oath of Office. There is no excuse for not taking this action immediately… their crimes are willful, and now a matter of Public Record.

  19. From what I understand Governor DeSantis could have fired Hanna a few days ago when Hanna reversed his direction on parent opt out in defiance of Florida Law. Hanna along with any other elected school superintendents are subject to termination because they are elected rather than appointed.
    So far it seems the Governor and Florida’s Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran are a little reluctant to implement the “FIRE HANNA” aspect of Florida Law.
    We got a bad child here in Leon County, Governor, who could use a little legal punishment Sir. Time to expel Hanna from school is now Sir. Dont be shy to stir the poo these leftists are challenging your authority with Sir.

  20. Dwayne, thank you for that information. I have made notes for myself so I don’t forget.

    Since leftists get to decide what laws they are going to follow when a Republican is in office, do Republicans get to choose what laws they are going to follow when a leftist is in office? (Of course, Republicans have to take in to account being fired, physical threats from leftist thugs, being cancelled by leftist social media, etc.) It’s not an equal playing field as we all know.

  21. All we hear about is cases, cases, cases. We have to shift away from the model that a covid case is somehow a public health emergency. The vast majority of at risk people are now vaccinated and have been for quite some time now. Covid will become endemic for the foreseeable future just like the other 4 corona viruses that cause common colds. If a covid case is the metric we focus on I guess we will be wearing masks for the next 10 years.

  22. The three board members who voted in support of Mr. Hanna’s mask mandate are.
    Rosanne Wood, District 2, up for reelection 2024
    Darryl Jones, District 3, up for reelection 2022
    Georgia “Joy” Bowen, District 5, up for reelection 2022

    We are stuck with Mr. Hanna until 2024.

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