Hanna Announces Special LCSB Meeting

Hanna Announces Special LCSB Meeting

Leon County Schools (LCS) Superintendent Rocky Hanna announced there will be a special board meeting held this Thursday, September 2, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. Hanna and the Board are set to discuss what legal options the district has moving forward regarding mandates, as well as the Florida Parent’s Bill of Rights.

This meeting comes after Hanna reversed the summer’s no mask policy to a mask mandate for Leon County Schools for grades K-8. The controversial change caused friction among Board members, parents, and teachers/staff during the August 24th board meeting. Additionally, the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) sent a letter to Hanna and Board members threatening to withhold their pay for noncompliance with a ruling set by Governor Ron DeSantis, who banned districts from mandating masks.

Then, this past Friday, Circuit Judge John Cooper ruled the ban by DeSantis was an overreach of authority after the governor had been sued by parents from six Florida counties whose argument was the governor’s executive order was unconstitutional.

As it stands now, students in grades K-8 are required to wear a mask unless the child has a medical opt-out form which is signed by a licensed physician or psychologist. On Friday high school principals sent an email to notify parents that they too will be enforcing the school district’s mask policy beginning this week. However, a high school student may opt-out of wearing a mask with a signed form by their parent, not a medical doctor.

Currently, district wide, there are 1,242 students in quarantine and 442 positive COVID-19 cases. A full list of Leon County Schools and positivity rate can be found on the LCS website.

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  1. Hope,

    You are NOT allowed to ask these questions! Independent thinking and informed decision-making is strictly prohibited. You need to fall in line for the good of our community.

  2. Perhaps the FBI should look into Hanna’s texts as he and Yordon are thick as thieves…

    And when Publications publish numbers on COVID they mean little unless they report other pertinent data. How many patients are in for another diagnosis with a serious underlying condition, what patients wore a mask or not? Is the hospital receiving $28,000 per patient if they have Covid, but are in there for another condition? Does each COVID diagnosis warrant an admission?

    Who is profiting off of Covid? Not questioning the origin or the CCP for purposely releasing this is a bioweapon is disingenuous. Report pertinent data otherwise reporting is incomplete and irresponsible.

  3. Its too bad Rocky isn’t as zealous about teaching kids to read and write as he is about forcing their parents to do what he says.

    The majority of Leon county school students can’t write in complete sentences or balance a simple equation. And this idiot is going to the mattresses to make kids wear a piece of cloth over their face all day!

    Rocky Hannah is a bigger threat to your child than Covid. Your kid will get over covid, Rocky’s brand of stupidity will last a lifetime.

  4. Isn’t it about time the LCS and School Board start working on something important like improving the academic achievement of our students so they’ll have a chance to become educated responsible citizens?

  5. Sorry, off topic: Attention dog lovers

    In addition to U.S. citizens, Biden left the military dogs behind in Afghanistan. They were in their pet taxis ready to go and he left them there; heartbreaking.


  6. @20/20 Bang that nail on its head!
    What Woods and her ilk are up to is banishing hundreds of Black youth to gang life because thats the only way they can make a living without reading and basic math skills. The LSCB is very cruel and raciest to the youth of our communitty (yes even you Darrel Jones you raciest Black man holding back the Black youth in our communitty) you dont have a free pass because of your skin color Sir.
    The only 2 worth a crap are Alma and Dee Dee. The rest including Hanna are pure evil lock step leftist tools.
    But once again I forgive them because its the Leon County voters that did this to our kids. You voters are NOT forgiven.

  7. To put this in perspective for the Rosanne Woods of the world, there are 1200 students in quarantine, but 99.97% will be fine. By contrast, there are 16,000 LCS students who can’t read, write, or multiply. Less than 5% of these students will ever become proficient, meaning 15,200 current LCS students are doomed to a life of sub-standard living, poverty, crime, and yes, perhaps early death (drugs, suicide, health-related, bad choices). If you (Woods, et al) weren’t so dang self-righteous and self-centered, you could see the errors of your ways. Arrogance is the first step to totalitarianism, and you’re on step three!

  8. The Mask mandate should be coming from the highest level medical officia,l not the superintendent. Judge Cooper made a huge mistake.

    Why should a non-medical person mandate a medical decision for our children? The school board are a bunch of morons except for two, Alva and Dee Dee.

    The Mandate is disingenuous due to Biden’s failure at closing the borders. Biden is not concerned with our security, health, or welfare. His job is to create fear to set up for the next election so the Democrats won’t lose in the midterms. The other day with the Israeli Prime Minister Biden apparently had coached him to speak on wearing masks instead of being concerned about our 13 service men who were just killed. I have never seen it this bad and it has backfired on the Democrats. They have no chance in the midterms. It has backfired big time.

    I don’t see how the Democrats are going to hold it together for even another month before they are screaming to impeach or remove Biden and replace him with Trump. You were a moron if you voted for Biden.

    The big clue was the treason Biden and Hunter committed in the Ukraine.

    The Durham report is coming. They’re already dropping like flies… Cuomo, Maddox, Newsome… and they’re doing it to themselves. Back off Rocky!! You don’t own my children and you can’t even teach them.

  9. There are indeed students in quarantine, but the real crisis is the inability of over 50% of our kids to read, write, and multiply. Perhaps that’s what the meeting is about . . . you know . . . education. Just wishful thinking . . .

  10. Make no mistake, because of DeSantis’ weak response in dealing with these Branch Covidian Cultists of Covidstan, they will mandate the child abuse on High Scruelers with zero exceptions. Never let a crisis go to waste. Now that they think they have a win under their belt (they don’t) they will triple down. Of course this stupidity will go through the appeals process and odds are DeSantis will win. But the message has already been made by these cultists and they will continue to disregard the rules and any negative result against them. Unless DeSantis and these stupid Rethuglicans call a special session to criminalize all the child abusing cultist actions along with evil medical mandates nothing substantive will happen. Pathetic.

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