UPDATED: Tallahassee City Commission to Take Stand on Abortion

UPDATED: Tallahassee City Commission to Take Stand on Abortion


The Tallahassee City Commission has pulled the resolution related to abortion which was scheduled to addressed at today’s meeting.

A spokesperson for the City of Tallahassee told TR that item was pulled to provide an opportunity for a broader community discussion on the issue.

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On Wednesday, September 8, the Tallahassee City Commission voted 5-0 to bring back a resolution that would allow the Tallahassee City Commission to take a formal stance on attempts to erode or outlaw Roe v. Wade via a Texas-style anti-abortion law.

The Texas law bans abortion as soon as a heart beat is detectable, which usually occurs around 6 weeks.

Listed below is the resolution that the Tallahassee City Commission will consider at their September 22nd meeting.


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  1. this is so comical. Not the fact that so many women feel the need to get abortions, but the same racist gaswipes that swear “the usual suspects” are the root of all tally’s problems here advocating for the birth of more of them. I’m so utterly confused. Howwwww do you reconcile that the very people you complain about are choosing not to propagate their bs with more spawn, and you want them to anyway? I just don’t get it. Either you’re trying to pull a fast one (meaning you are fully aware that more white women get abortions than anyone yet you keep saying its the people of color killing all the babies) or you’re intentionally trying to burden women who aren’t ready or capable of caring for a baby as some sort of punishment or something. Women don’t WANT abortions, you fools. They NEED them. Imagine having another mouth to feed when you’re already struggling to feed yourself. Imagine the idea of less food for your already mal nourished kids because you’re forced to have another baby? I’m not advocating prostitution, but some moms are already forced to sell themselves at different levels to make ends meet. You know how many stay with abusers because they can’t afford to care for their kids alone? Sex happens for all kinds of reasons. And people make all kinds of mistakes. This is a draconian idea to force unwanted babies on ALL OF US. You think these unwanted kids are going to end up productive members of society??? Or are they fodder for the school to prison pipeline? It’s time for some honest reflection on the outcome of all these unwanted babies. Who’s gonna take care of them? Tax payers? Because the mothers aren’t. Look around. There are unwanteds walking around everywhere and it’s not hard to identify. THINK. Stop being holier than thou and be honest and practical. If any of you want to start the fund to care for all these unnecessary babies, then I could see your arguments as valid. Or make the males get vasectomies until they prove they can financially care for their spawn and re-vasectimate, their behinds if they fail to care for one. Your choice.

  2. How can you be a Christian/Catholic and support in any manner abortion? To support abortion is simply doing Satan’s work. The same goes for homosexuality and gay marriage. Either you believe the Bible or you don’t. God didn’t tell the Mayor or the Commissioners to run for office and protect abortion….that was Satan telling them that.

  3. Item was pulled to “provide an opportunity for a broader community discussion on the issue”. Yeah sure, it was pulled because the commission was getting backlash from the community. How can all these democrat politicians say they support black lives and endorse the killing of countless black babies over the years?

  4. Millions of innocent babies killed, millions upon millions of dollars earned committing genocide. The liberal agenda is alive and well in Tallahassee.

  5. How pathetic. The City of Tallahassee is such a cesspool of liberalism. This will be our “holocaust” if humanity ever wakes up to the reality this is simply murder on a mass scale.

  6. I’m glad to see that most of my fellow posters also hate the killing of babies. And for very good reason – women, actually very young teenagers often, do not wake up pregnant. If they do not want a baby there are plenty of birth control methods, not to mention not sleeping with any Tom, Dick or Harry that will have you. Of course the males are not off the hook either – it is NOT proof of your manhood to have many babies with many females, of which you are barely involved with mother or child. In fact all it proves is you are an irresponsible wretch.

    And Hope, I’m glad you mentioned Boulos. I’m not familiar with the development you speak of on Apalachee Pkwy, but they have TWO horrendous developments going up on either side of Thomasville Rd. 4700 block (West side) and a little further north on the East side. I live near the west side mess and I can tell you many of us protested this monstrosity of a development. They’ve already ruined the area where Tony’s Garden Patch was (not Boulos – but those ugly houses on 1/20 acre “lots” are not selling…..) They all listen to the citizens, then wait a couple of months & let the developers do whatever the heck they want to!

  7. Somewhere….out there….a virtue has been signaled. Seriously though, the Clown Commission are going to dislocate their shoulders if they don’t stop patting themselves on the back so frequently and vigorously.

  8. Well put, Elaine.

    I was going to point out that “the science” is so much more evolved than when Roe was decided, meaning we actually know a ton about that developing baby that was still a mystery 50 years ago.

    But I can’t put it nearly as well as you did!

  9. I challenge the commissioners to read Margaret Sanger’s writings. Abortion was never and is not about women’s health. It is about controlling and “ shaping” population. She, along with progressive President Wilson and many other intellectuals of the time, viewed abortion as an avenue to reducing “brut” populations, such as blacks, the handicapped, and other (in their view) undesirables. Planned Parenthood, Sanger’s organization, has always fancied itself as doing good, so killing millions of children, a disproportionate number of whom are minorities, is beneficial? Dear Commissioners, learn the history; review your minds and hearts. Turn you energies to matters more relevant to your elected positions.

  10. The local citizens and taxpayers should attend the meeting in mass, and demand that they all resign for wasting local taxpayer time, money, and resources on something they have no business doing or any control over.

    How about you fix a pothole or a sidewalk… maybe maybe pass an Ordinance banning aggressive panhandling, or stop the gentrification happening around the proposed Amazon facility… or paint over the Marxist blm slogan…

    Try doing something for the people who put you in office, instead of pandering to your DemoKKKrat Party puppet masters.

    … clowns

  11. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — A Tallahassee woman was arrested Thursday in connection to a murder-for-hire plot

    But sure city commission, let’s spend time on an abortion resolution.

    TR – how about an updates on murder statistics in thl and outcomes?

  12. Pure, unadulterated, genocidal evil, that is the makeup of all the Capital District Kommissars, from the filthy city, county and scruel board. This is the Demonrat party in its purest. It is wholly consistent with its evil and vile history. While they promote and pay for the experimentation of human fetal remains they willingly import cheap Latino slave labor to do their bidding and re-institute segregation under a different name.

  13. Where were the civil rights leaders when the commissioners they helped get elected voted for this? What could be a more important civil right that the right to live?

  14. What I don’t understand is, Women have so many options to KEEP FROM getting Pregnant. They are EVEN allowed to purchase Condoms as well. You can even do the Morning After Pill when you have unprotected sex, have the GUY pay for it even. If your Boyfriend can’t afford to buy Condoms, the Morning After Pill or any of the others Contraceptives for you, then your screwing the wrong guy. MOST Abortions are NOT from Rape OR because of a Health Issue.

  15. Thank you leaders for speaking up for public health for women everywhere. Sorry you are subjected to the vile but predictable drivel from the self righteous religious right.

  16. Viability of mammalian species begins at successful implantation. Unless acted upon by an outside force or underlying anomaly, development follows a predictable chain of events. There is no magical day when a baby becomes a baby. The spark of life is sacred.

  17. 5-0 in favor of killing innocent babies. Why even bother with a “board”, just hire/elect one DemoKKKrat dictator and be done with it. With the money they save, the can fund even more murder of innocent babies… particularly among their favorite target demographic… our communities of color.

    How’s that “diversity” thingy working out for y’all?

  18. “To bring back a resolution”? I didn’t know the City even HAD one before. WHY? There is nothing you can do about Abortions, that’s State Level. All you are doing is wasting Time, Energy and Money just so you can put in your two cents that you are FOR Abortions. You can do that anytime, at the next Meeting each one of you just stand up and profess that you are PRO ABORTION. Just like that, your done and it’s on Record no real time, energy or Money wasted. To me, by doing a Resolution, it seems like you are Bragging about being PRO Abortion. That’s MY two cents.

  19. This is not the function of this city commission and mayor…

    Perhaps, they should concentrate on maintaining this city and start with the Boulos corporation development on Apalachee Parkway that is horrendous.

    Still waiting for the expose on how that made it by the city and county leaders.

    The backs of homes are what you see with the most horrendous landscaping and then at that it’s not maintained.. the Tallahassee Democrat’s decision to take money for the CEO of Boulos to promote himself and not question the eyesore is unconscionable.

  20. Mayor Flintstone and all his Commissioners are nothing but human steaming piles of excrement for going to resolution on killing babies.
    I dont know if you are aware but our nations leftists are on the march to reduce the criminality of pedophilia.
    Killing babies and having sex with those that somehow survived a woman’s right to choose.
    How can any of you leftist lock step Democrat voting citizens still go inside our local churches? You voters are even worse stinking steaming human piles of excrement then the nannies you are responsable for electing. Y’all voters are gonna burn in the afterlife for what you have caused to happen with your votes.
    This is not a judge not and you shall not be judged situation. Oh no local voters. Its one of the BIG 10. Thou Shall Not Kill…ever heard that before?

  21. Democrats, and the Tallahassee City Commissioners support killing unborn babies for the convenience of the mother….and votes. Call it by any name, but it’s killing. It’s against the law to kill your dog but okay to kill your baby.
    Go ahead and vote like it matters. You’re political animals chasing votes. Don’t act like it’s something honorable, it’s politics.

  22. btw… you gaggle of Constitutional scholars at city hall… Abortion (ie: the murder of innocent babies) is not mentioned ANYWHERE in our Constitution.

  23. These commissioners are the foot soldiers of the unelected regime in Washington, D.C. They have ugly hearts.

    The left are always proclaiming their compassion for all while providing compassion to none. There is no compassion for the pre-born, no compassion for the victimized women and children at the southern border, no compassion for those they left behind in Afghanistan, no compassion for those who have lost their jobs due to their policies, the list goes on and on.

  24. Those DemoKKKrats sure do like to kill them some babies don’t they… especially in our communities of color.

    They should all be recalled for wasting local tax dollars, time, and resources on Federal issues that they have absolutely no control over. What next… a strongly worded letter to the Taliban terrorist’s demanding they be nice to women?

    … clowns will be clowns… :-/

  25. Meanwhile TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — The Tallahassee Police Department is currently investigating a shooting that occurred just after 2:30 a.m. Thursday, September 16.

    But let’s pass meaningless resolutions, sure.

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