Mayor Dailey Apologizes to Commissioner Porter Over Meeting Controversey

Mayor Dailey Apologizes to Commissioner Porter Over Meeting Controversey

Mayor John Dailey commented via Twitter on Friday, September 24th, that “we don’t always live up to the standard we set for ourselves,” and that he had “reached out to apologize to Commissioner Porter.”

His remarks came following the conclusion of the city meeting on Wednesday.

The Meeting

The final moments of the city meetings are for “Sharing of Ideas,” which allows the commissioners to bring fresh ideas for consideration and share news. On Wednesday, Mayor Dailey (3:32:08 in video of meeting) began with Commissioner Porter, who waived her given time.

The next commissioner to speak was Dianne Williams-Cox. She briefly talked about her visit to the Veterans Success Center at Tallahassee Community College. Next, Commissioner Curtis Richardson waived his time, stating, “I have nothing today, Mr. Mayor.”

The next commissioner to speak was Commissioner Jeremy Matlow, who said he had several items to discuss. He first took the time to comment on a public speaker’s remarks from earlier in the meeting. Then, he urged his colleagues to consider his comments for a possible motion to create a citizens committee to deal with ethics proposals.

Following Matlow’s remarks, Mayor Dailey prompted a discussion between the commissioners. Both Porter and Williams-Cox wanted to speak on the matter; Williams-Cox spoke first, questioning how a citizens committee would differ from the current Ethics Board.

Dailey then steered the conversation back to Matlow, stating Porter is in line to speak next, but this is Matlow’s time. Matlow then commented on Williams-Cox’s remarks and a discussion ensued between the two commissioners. Finally, the debate ended with Williams-Cox requesting Mayor Dailey to have the Inspector General remind the Board what he is working on with the Ethics Board.

Dailey asked Commissioner Matlow to finish with any further comments he had as it was still his time to speak. Matlow declined, shaking his head no, so Mayor Dailey proceeded to begin his time.

Dailey asked the Inspector General to update the Commission related Commissioner Williams-Cox’s request. After Mr. Sutton explained his position, Dailey began to wrap up the meeting stating he had nothing further. That is when Matlow interrupted, saying he still had two items he wanted to address.

Mayor Dailey responded, “but we have moved on to my time. That is why I asked if you had anything else.” He then proceeded to have Matlow complete his remarks. After Matlow finished, Mayor Dailey began to conclude the meeting for a second time when Porter interjected, stating she still had an item she wanted to discuss.

Dailey acknowledged her and told her to proceed if it was a quick comment. Porter continued, “I would really appreciate the opportunity to direct my question to Commissioner Matlow, I think in the spirit of sharing ideas, and I did not take my own time…” Mayor Dailey then abruptly concluded the meeting.

On Friday, Matlow tweeted a comment and included a clip of Porter’s and Dailey’s exchange without context. Matlow’s statement read, “I see a need to officially adopt this parliamentary procedure so elected officials are not silenced,” referring to Robert’s Rules of Order.

13 Responses to "Mayor Dailey Apologizes to Commissioner Porter Over Meeting Controversey"

  1. Vote Fred Flintstone out!!

    Hell, get rid of all the city commissioners, county commissioners and the school board along with Rocky.

    Corruption runs deep in this blue veined county.

  2. This is not the first time Dailey has demonstrated contempt for women. My only surprise is that the targets of his abuse have included white women. Given Dailey’s misogyny, his must be an interesting marriage.

    Dailey once adjourned a city hall meeting on me while I was speaking thereby turning off my microphone. This was no surprise to me. Black people are used to being treated this way by privileged white men.

    Don’t forget that Dailey is not just any white man. He is a blue blood Leadership Tallahassee white man from the London School Economics, and a darling of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. As such, he has the full backing of the Tallahassee power structure.

    And its not just words. It was under Dailey’s watch that on September 5, 2020, a gestapo police riot squad was unleashed against peaceful protestors. Some of these protestors continue to face felony charges for no legitimate reason.

    It was on Dailey’s watch that none of the three initial COVID-19 testing sites in Tallahassee were located in the black community.

    It was on Dailey’s watch that inmates in the Leon County jail languished with no masks, no social distancing and no vaccine while Sally Bradshaw and other members of the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital board of directors received the vaccine regardless of their ages at the front of the line.

    Bradshaw is the wife of Paul Bradshaw who founded the Southern Group lobbying firm which made a fortune representing the interests of big tobacco. She was also the chief of staff for Governor Jeb Bush who abolished affirmative action in Florida with a stroke of his pen.

    This led to the ethnic cleansing of blacks from Florida’s “preeminent” universities with sharp declines in black freshman undergraduate enrollment at Florida State University and the University of Florida.

    A Nobel prize winning economist, Dr. F.A. Hayek, wrote a book entitled “The Road to Serfdom.” What we have in Tallahassee is the road to fascism, and most of us apparently don’t even know it.

  3. Hilarious that the Mayor’s cronies are talking about personal friends and political favors here.

    How about John’s old buddy from Applebee’s steering nine figures in Drewprint money along with Maddox and the Chamber?

  4. @ Retired City Employee,

    I agree the recent ID program funneling $75,000 to Legal Aid is a boondoggle and needs to be investigated. I believe it could be a political maneuver that has questionable motives and now the association between donor and commissioner that you bring to light should be looked at.

    It would make me happy if they would go back in and redo this as this is not needed at all

  5. Why has there been no mention of Porter not recusing herself during the vote on the ID program she has been pushing? The money to run the program is going to a major donor to Porter’s campaign, who is also a close personal friend to Porter. I guess we can change the players but we cannot change the game. Our ethics office should look into this but they will not. Does the ethics office ever do anything? Maybe they should be abolished if they are just going to look the other way while our elected officials continue to line the pockets of their friends and benefactors. Is anyone else tired of our elected people rewarding their friends!

  6. Sorry but, Apologizing in a TWEET is NOT REALLY Apologizing. Never has been and never will be. Do it right, do it at the next Meeting.

  7. John Dailey is a rank embarrassment to our entire community. He has disappointed the many in service of his few. He is coming apart at the seams and I suspect we will see more of this conduct of his in the future as he gets closer to his legacy as being the third one-term Mayor of Tallahassee. We should go back to the rotating Mayor.

  8. He’s not sorry. Well… he is sorry, he’s just not sorry for cutting off commissioner Porter.

    Mayor Dailey needs to go, all he does make excuses for all the corruption we have been made privy to in an effort to maintain the rotten a$$ status quo. I wish he’d go back to the rock he slithered out from under and leave us to our own devices… we’d all be a lot better off for it.

  9. The Mayor was clearly miffed and unnerved. His eye rolling and utter disdain for his board colleague was obvious, even through his face diaper. And his fist punching into his opposing hand while declaring his authoritarian power was not only dictatorial but bordered threatening. In today’s day and age, Robert’s Rules should not have to be formalized… but sometimes children do need to be told to eat their greens. I concur with Hope… Porter maintained a calm and professional demeanor… but Boss Hog blew a gasket.

    … someone’s Whataburger order was getting cold :-/

  10. The mayor had a public temper tantrum and flipped out on the dias. An apology doesn’t cover the damage, he should resign.

    The mayor thinks he is above accountability and better and smarter than everyone else. I bet he wouldn’t have treated Commissioner Porter that way had she been a male. I am appalled at the lack of respect.

    It should be noted that Commissioner Porter was extremely kind and patient and conducted herself with the utmost professionalism. It is commendable.

    The mayor has jumped the shark.

  11. Mayor Daily is off his game and less able to do his job since Preston Scott took Daily to the woodshed during Preston’s Morning Radio Show over Daily and the Commissioner’s nonsenseical resolution on abortion.

    Mayor Daily is mentally off balance like you the reader were when as a child you were caught and punished by your parents for doing something really stupid…remember? Sure you do. Your discombobulated mental state lasted a week or three. Dont expect too much from Daily for the next 2 weeks.
    Its extra hard for a grown man to get over an @$$ whopping from another grown man. Better give Daily about a month to return to his normal not very inelegant former self.
    Big props to Preston. This @$$ whopping was way overdue.
    Snidley will say what you all are thinking but wont say.

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