Hanna Discusses DeSantis, New Quarantine Rules, Optional Masks

Hanna Discusses DeSantis, New Quarantine Rules, Optional Masks

During a press conference on Monday, September 28, 2021, Leon County School Superintendent Rocky Hanna addressed a change in COVID protocols and commented on actions taken by Governor DeSantis.

“I find it very disturbing that our governor has no intention of respecting the separation of power, which serves as the foundation of our democratic society,” Hanna, the former civics teacher, stated. He contended that the governor’s actions are reckless.

These remarks come after Hanna and the LCSB received a letter from the Department of Education demanding LCS comply with the state’s ban on mask mandates. Furthermore, the Department of Education released a new emergency rule allowing parents to decide whether their asymptomatic children should quarantine or go to school after being exposed to someone positive for COVID-19.

Based on these new rules, Hanna said during the press conference that students will be required to wear a mask after possible exposure to a COVID-19 positive case, but they will not have to quarantine. However, students who refuse to wear masks will have to stay for seven days.

The original quarantine rules resulted in a number of students to miss school even though they never tested positive. For example, Assistant Superintendent Alan Cox reported that he sampled cases from 15 schools from September 6 to September 17 and found that 659 student were under quarantine during that time and only 9 of them tested positive.

Students who test positive can return to school after ten days have passed or if they show PCR negative test.

Hanna further stated that the mask requirements for kindergarten through eighth-grade students will remain in effect through at least the end of October. After that, if the positivity rate is low, he hopes to make masks entirely optional.

13 Responses to "Hanna Discusses DeSantis, New Quarantine Rules, Optional Masks"

  1. They’re all drunk on power and won’t give up the power they have without a fight. They’re all Fascists!! Where’s antifa? What a joke, a scary joke…

  2. What a dangerous precedent the school superintendents are setting… a poor example of not following rules that will have devastating consequences. Is it possible for the legislature to remove the superintendents who defy the rules that the governor has put in place?

  3. None of this is new, coming from a criminal, Branch Covidian, child abusing Scruel Superintendent along with his fellow Covidstan Kommissars. They all drink the same Kool-Aid and are irredeemable. The overwhelming Capital District voters love their Scruel Kommissars and want their children to be abused by these Branch Covidians. Despite masking being optional in the general public we see you cult members everywhere, whether at work, at the stores, at restaurants, at the courthouse, even outside. This is your new religion of Scientism and pushing the Clot Shots forevs is your new Holy Communion. You filthy excrement breathing cultists won’t even question therapeutic treatment options and willingly accept the only treatment, go home, turn blue in the face, go to the ER, then die. You blindly follow these Satanic dictates from your cult leaders in Florida’s Capital District and the nation’s Capital District. Hell, if you could, you filthy Capital District voters would vote for quarantine camps like Australia has done. All this for a freaking virus that is over 99% recoverable for the overwhelming majority of folks WITHOUT the Clot Shots!

  4. I must bow in shame to Mike, if not all… and at the same time, thank him for his correction, and beg you all for your forgiveness. I incorrectly listed “Administrative” Branch in stead of “Legislative” Branch. My emotions over the blatant ignorance of the Stupidintendant overwhelmed me and I posted in haste.

    The Constitutional reference to the Separation of Powers refers to the three distinct and separate Branches of our Federal Government… which are indeed the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial.

    I lower my head in embarrassment for my error of emotional haste… and I shall punish myself later… but how I do that is none of your business. 🙂

    Thanks Mike… sorry all

  5. I don’t think Rocky knows what the “separation of powers” refers to. He calls himself a “civics” teacher and he doesn’t know the separation of powers refers to the three co- equal branches of the FEDERAL government… those of us educated before 1990 know them as the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary.

    Its no wonder less than half the students in Leon county are reading and cyphering at a satisfactory level with morons like Rocky in charge.

  6. @ David… because this is no longer about health. It’s all about keeping American citizens (aka: voters) sick and/or in fear of getting sick. We sat on our hands and let them steal a Presidency and two senate seats using fraudulent mail ballots… and they have every intention of doing it again by any means possible.

    @ Snidley… I know you already know this, but no ones pay was actually withheld. The Board Clowns are paid via the local tax confiscation process. The State simply withheld an amount equal to their salaries from the State’s contribution to their general fund coffers. It amounts to a rounding error in the annual budget process. Just like the Texas State Legislamers who abandoned their Elected duty – and violated their Oath of Office – in a futile attempt to thwart reasonable changes to the state’s voting laws… none of them lost a dime, and in fact, likely made money.

    It’s all a stunt… it’s always a stunt when it comes to DemoKKKrats.

  7. The only thing that changed is Rocky saw that Biden promised to pay the salaries which the best Governor in the USA is holding back on Rocky’s far left counterparts in the Alachua County. So there thats Rocky’s motivation for his change back to violation of Florida Law.

  8. If Hanna and the LCSB don’t comply with State laws and rules, why should students and parents comply with their rules?

    Defund these non-essential obstructionists. The USDOE won’t rescue them indefinitely.

  9. Personally, I can’t believe no one is pushing Washing Hands often, using Disinfecting Wipes and using Hand Sanitizers every chance you get. I believe that MOST who catch Covid got it by touching something and then touching their Face. JMHO.

  10. “I find it very disturbing that our governor has no intention of respecting the separation of power, which serves as the foundation of our democratic society,”

    Ummm… the Separation of Powers refers to the “Federal” Executive Branch, the Administrative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. And BTW dufuss… we are a “Republic” not a Democracy.

    One would think the a former Civics Teacher would/should know this. Then again, it explains a lot about education prowess and intellectual capacity of these Board Bozos and their Stupidintendent… not to mention the product the produce.

  11. Would someone please remind Rocky, again, that he is not a medical doctor, the chief medical officer, or the Surgeon General. He is a school superintendent not The Waterboy for the local Democratic Party.

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