Leon County Commissioners Updated on Crawfordville Road Project

Leon County Commissioners Updated on Crawfordville Road Project

Leon County Commissioners heard a status update on the widening of Crawfordville Road (US 319) to the Wakulla County line during the Tuesday, September 14, 2021, meeting.

During a meeting on May 11, 2021, the Board requested an update concerning the Crawfordville Road (US 319) widening project from south of the merging point of Crawfordville Road and Wakulla Springs Road to the Leon County/Wakulla County line. This segment of Crawfordville Road is approximately 3.3 miles and functionally classified as a Rural Principal Arterial Road located on the south side of Leon County.

Crawfordville Road is maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). FDOT conducted a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study between 1998 and 2003. The study resulted in a recommendation for widening the road to accommodate the high average daily traffic volume, which is approximately 12,900 vehicles a day.

The Crawfordville Road project in Leon County consists of two segments for widening. The first segment is from L. L. Wallace Road to the south of State Road 61, approximately 1.61 miles. The second segment is from the Wakulla County line to L.L. Wallace Road, about 1.693 miles.

After the PD&E Study, the project continued to the preliminary engineering phase and reached 60% design completion. However, due to a lack of funding, the final design has not been completed. The estimated project costs in present value are summarized in the chart below.

Crawfordville Road Widening Project Costs

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Although funding for the Crawfordville Road widening project is not included in the current FDOT five-year program, the FDOT has prioritized these segments for resurfacing. The design for the resurfacing project is 60% complete, and bids for construction will occur in summer 2022.

The Crawfordville Road project is ranked ninth on the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency’s (CRTPA) priority list. The CRTPA ranks projects annually for which the agency is seeking transportation funding.

Should the Board wish to advance the Crawfordville Road widening project, the Board may request the CRTPA consider moving the project up the priority list as part of the annual review and approval process. Alternatively, the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (IA) Board may direct Blueprint staff to provide an agenda item with an analysis of funding and financing options and the process for adding the Crawfordville project to the Blueprint list.

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  1. Leon County is decades behind in much needed road widening projects due to a variety of misguided proposals from the liberal agenda to make MORE parks, bike paths, over landscaped r/w for the few decent highways we do have, etc , etc., etc,…..when a road improvement project is contemplated , it takes YEARS to plow thru all the enviromental and needless impact studies before the first spade of earth is turned …..just do nothing paper work by many simply sopping up tax payer monies ……….. get the engineering r/w drawings done , R/W maps prepared, acquisition appraisals for right of way parcels, R/W agents out in the field dealing with property owners, enter an Order of Take for non negotiable parcels,try them in the District Court, and let the bull dozers roll !! (it ain’t rocket science , folks, just the will to get something done and the ability to ignore the ever present complainers worried about a few trees (Lord, we have plenty),and some near extinct two headed purple stripped lizard that no ones really cares about……..and DO IT !!!……AMEN

  2. The traffic on highway 319 from Leon County to Wakulla County is a major problem. Thousands of vehicles travel highway 319 daily. It’s bumper to bumper with traffic going and coming. Extremely dangerous. For GOD’S sake finish the widening of Hwg 319.

  3. After months of designing, it is only 60% done? Bring me a Black Marker and some Legal Copy Paper, I can have it designed in 5 Minutes. Two Wide Lines with an equally wide space between them for the Median and white dashed down the middle of them and a long Turn Lane to get onto the Wakulla Springs Road. Include the needed items for a future Traffic Light there. DONE. Not EVERY Highway needs to have Side Walks and Bike Paths and expensive Land Scaping.

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