Leon County Commissioners: Vince Long is Almost Perfect

Leon County Commissioners: Vince Long is Almost Perfect

Leon County Commissioners gave Leon County Administrator Vince Long a near perfect score for his 2020-21 annual evaluation. Long’s average score of the commissioner ratings was 4.98 on a 5 point scale.

Individual commissioners scores are provided below.

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Four commissioners gave Long a perfect score. The lowest score was 4.93 by Commissioner Kristin Dozier.

Commissioner Carolyn Cummings wrote that:

The County Administrator has shown and continues to demonstrate strong leadership and management skills not only to Leon County but to County Administrators throughout the State of Florida and the nation. His leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been stellar and his recognition for the protection of first responders and all county employees has been lauded.

Chairman Rick Minor wrote:

Throughout this evaluation period, Leon County’s government has continued to face a multitude of challenges stemming from global and national issues: protecting citizens and the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring racial equity and equal justice, navigating the heightened political divisions and disruption within state and federal government, etc. As such, the demands upon local government are greater than they’ve been in many years. In my assessment, our County Administrator and his staff continue to do an exceptional job serving the citizens of Leon County and assisting the Board of County Commissioners in making some very difficult decisions.

At next week’s meeting, the Board will ratify the County Administrator’s annual performance review.  To ensure that the performance evaluation process is conducted in a fair and open manner, the Board adopted a policy which provides that the County Administrator shall present an Annual Report to the Board in September of each year summarizing the state and performance of the County over the past fiscal year. 

Following this presentation, each Commissioner was requested to complete an individual performance evaluation of the County Administrator. 

The Commissioners evaluation focuses on seven key areas:

  1. Professional Skills and Status
  2. Relations with Board of County Commissioners
  3. Policy Execution
  4. Reporting
  5. Supervision
  6. Fiscal Management
  7. Citizen/Community Relations

Completed performance reviews by each individual Commissioner and his or her comments can be viewed here.

According to the County Administrator’s contract, Long shall receive a 5% annual increase and an annual merit increase as determined by the Chairman. 

Notwithstanding the Board’s performance rating of the County Administrator, as he has done in most years, he has requested once again that the Chairman not grant the additional merit increase for this year.

11 Responses to "Leon County Commissioners: Vince Long is Almost Perfect"

  1. Yeah, he is a perfect xxxxxxxxx
    All these commissioners and the attorney should have to come up with the money for this stupid fine. It should not fall on the innocent tax payers of the county to pay for their stupidity.
    They should have acted before and fired the ‘kool-aid’ man before it was too late

  2. “F*** VINCE LONG!”
    I like it, Hope.

    Chant away Seminoles, at the UMass game, now that America’s Governor has SPANKED Long with a $3.57M fine. What an embarrassment he is.

    Dear Vince the Tyrant:
    If you think you are going to push that fine off on the property taxpayers, YOU ARE WRONG!

  3. Agreed News Maven!

    So, the football stadiums are full across the nation with no masks and there has been ZERO super spreading of the China virus, but 14 county employees did not comply to the illegal mandate made by a non-medical person.

    We have 14 heroes in Leon County and they should get their jobs back with a raise in addition to danger pay for duress due to a maniacal county administrator.

    They will chant in the football stadiums Across the Nation £@#! Vince Long!

  4. Wonder how the 14 ex-employees would rate him?

    When DeSantis fines Leon County $3.5 million for the unlawful firings conducted by Vince the Tyrant, he needs to pay it out of his own pocket.
    Not ours.

    There needs to be a 15th person fired.

  5. Recommendation:

    Board of County Commissioners terminate County Administrator immediately!

    Initiate a nationwide search for a County Administrator

  6. The Board of County Commies’ evaluation of Vinny “The Tyrant” Long is as much a reflection of themselves as it is of him. It validates, on paper, their own ignorance, blindness, disconnect, and impotence. They are ideological partisan hacks who not only knew about, but also approved of “The Tyrants” discriminative, unscientific, and unconstitutional targeting of the Leon 14. Pencil pushing go along to get along corrupt troglodytes is all.

    More proof that they ALL suck and they ALL need to go.

  7. The perfect example of the cover-ups, the look the other ways, say nothing and do nothing… then they give themselves awards, and accolades.

    Here is a more accurate review:

    Facilitated with Gary Yordon and Scott Maddox (recently convicted felon) in negotiations with Waste Pro for their illegal personal gain.

    Vince Long colluded with Scott Maddox in securing a position for Ben Pingree so that a position paid by taxpayers was procured for Scott Maddox’s girlfriend, also a recently convicted felon. Verified on tapes in FBI investigation.

    Illegally ordered vaccine mandate for county employees in collusion with Democratic Party Operatives to fulfill a partisan agenda going against science, medical efficacy, the law, and humanity.

    Rating – 0.0

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