DOH Fines Leon County $3.57 Million Over Vaccine Mandate

DOH Fines Leon County $3.57 Million Over Vaccine Mandate

The Florida Department of Health (DOH) has issued a notice of violation to Leon County Government assessing fines totaling $3,570,000 for its violation of the law relating to the ban of vaccine passports. This fine has been assessed for 714 instances of violating Florida’s ban on vaccine passports. Leon County Government ultimate fired 14 employees. A copy of the exit disclaimer iconNotice of Violation to Leon County can be found here.

“It is unacceptable that Leon County violated Florida law, infringed on current and former employees’ medical privacy, and fired loyal public servants because of their personal health decisions,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “We will continue fighting for Floridians’ rights and the Florida Department of Health will continue to enforce the law. We’re going to stand up for Floridians’ jobs, stand up for Floridians’ livelihoods, and stand up for freedom.”

Leon County Administrator Vince Long recently vowed to fight back. Long said “there is a genuine disagreement about the applicability of the statute and rule, and the County will enforce its rights using any remedies available at law, if necessary.”

Long believes the DOH fine is political.

“It’s obvious to me that the governor’s position here is political strategy which has nothing to do with the positions we’ve taken,” Long said.

On July 28, Leon County Government mandated that its employees provide verification of vaccination to its human resources department no later than October 1. On October 4, Leon County terminated 14 employees for their refusal or failure comply with this requirement.  Leon County Government required 700 of their employees to provide this proof in order to keep their jobs.

While Leon County has broken the law and received notice of a multi-million dollar fine, other local governments have reversed course. Last week, after alerting the City of Gainesville of their possible violation of the vaccination passport ban in Florida, the Florida Department of Health received a response indicating the City of Gainesville rescinded its employee vaccine mandate. This reversal also follows an Eighth Judicial Circuit Court temporary injunction preventing vaccine mandates for city employees.

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  1. Vote For Edward “Education” Lyle your Superintendent of Leon County Public Schools!!!!
    It will work. You got my vote. I have to finish up what I got going for a few more years befor I can run for public office.
    All childern will benifit from conservative local leadership. Right now minority kids are suffering the most under leftist control of our schools.

  2. Well Snidely… what say you step up to the plate. I’m contemplating several positions, but leaning toward helping to turn our current “Fool” Board back into a parent-controlled “School” Board. All positions are important, but the safety, security, and proper education of our children (aka: future) is key to a successful and productive society going forward. What say you?

    Ed Will Put the “Ed” back in Education… ahhh, too tacky 😉

  3. Theres nothing like flushing Millions of Dollars needlessly for no other reason than “woke” virtue signalling to get the attention of about 80% of the Leon County moderates and normally Democrat voting independents.
    I predict this expensive “wokeness” to be the beginning of the end to Democratic rule in Leon County. Only the leftist extremists which account for less than 20% of Leon County voters will continue voting Democrat in the next several elections. Hey I suppose we should thank radical Vince Long and his like thinking “woke” idiots for being the “woke” idiots that they are.
    Thank you “woke” folk.

  4. @Tony,

    The numbers are correct. 🙂

    193,317 deaths (27%) were to people 85 years of age or older.
    658,670 deaths (94%) were to people 50 years of age or older.
    000,499 deaths (<1%) were to people under 18.

    There's no bracketing there (i.e. 50 to 84). The 658,670 deaths to people over 50 include the people over 85.

    The point being that we know who is at risk, and it's not the kids. They're more likely to die in a car wreck than from COVID.

  5. More stats to ponder…

    Median age of people who have died allegedly “from and “with” the China Bio-Weapon Flu = 78
    Average life expectancy for Americans = 76

    Increase in financial gain to Hospitals for each patient coded with having the CBWF = +$28k per
    Increase in financial gain realized by big corp (Amazon et al…) and big tech (Twidiot et al…) from the fear caused by the CBWF = yet to be determined, but freaking huge and growing by the hour

    Average survival rate for people who catch the CBWF = 99.5%
    Average number of garden variety flu cases reported over the past two years = 0

    Approximate number of CBWF coded deaths under President Trump 350k… and it was all Trump’s fault
    Approximate number of CBWF coded deaths under Resident Biden’s 8-months in office 350k+++… and crickets from the blame crowd

    Financial windfall realized by Dr. Fraudci and numerous DemoKKKrat politician who bought stock in the various vaccine producers under the guise of family members and LLCs = immeasurable immense

    Number of American and worldwide snapperheads who have been duped by the China Bio-Weapon Flu Scamdemic plot = immeasurably immense

    Level of damage to our country and the world caused by the China Bio-Weapon Flu Scamdemic = yet to be determined, but freaking huge and growing by the hour

  6. Like Many others, I do not get the Flu Vaccine. Many people contract and spread the Flu and even Die from the Flu. Just like Covid, you have it for Days before you start showing signs of the Flu and you can spread it before you are showing signs of it just like you can with Covid. AND, just like the Covid Vaccine, you can STILL Get and Spread the Flu after getting the Flu Vaccine. SO, why are you not so concerned about the Flu as you are about Covid or is a Flu Vaccine Mandate next?

  7. @ A Skeptic: Your Numbers are way off.

    193,317 deaths (27%) were to people 85 years of age or older.
    658,670 deaths (94%) were to people 50 years of age or older.
    000,499 deaths (<1%) were to people under 18.
    These add up to 825,486 Deaths and your Total says 700,952 deaths (in the U.S.) are attributed to COVID-19.

    What about those 18 to 49 Year Old's? Are they the 124534 Extra?

    ALSO, how many of those Deaths were by something else (Murder, Car Crash, etc) that just happened to test positive for Covid? Many people got Covid and survived and so I believed that many who died by other means that just happened to test positive would had survived had they lived. They admitted to counting those as well because Hospitals got more Money if they Died of Covid.

  8. The science is in the numbers. I do believe that this pandemic is real. I also believe that it’s a man-made phenomenon, not a naturally occurring mutation. That said….

    According to Statistica, on Oct 6, 2021, these are the key numbers:

    700,952 deaths (in the U.S.) are attributed to COVID-19.
    193,317 deaths (27%) were to people 85 years of age or older.
    658,670 deaths (94%) were to people 50 years of age or older.
    000,499 deaths (<1%) were to people under 18.

    This is a disease that primarily kills our elderly, largely because their bodies are already worn and weak.

    Those that hold elected office need to know this, and make rules based on this. People under 18 are about twice as likely to die in a motor vehicle accident than from COVID. The rules should be appropriate to the risk.

  9. Misguided leftist virtue signaling just cost us $3,570,000.00.
    Then the Leon 14 can sue for the top limit of $250,000.00 each.
    So we got $250,000.00 X 14 = $3,500,000.00 + $3,570,000.00 + estimated attorneys fees of $250,000.00.
    Lets total this bish out for y’all.
    $3,570,000.00 + $3,500,000.00 + $250,000.00 = $7,320,000.00.
    Thats some mighty expensive virtue signaling.

  10. This entire malaise left the realm of “health and science” a long time ago, and entered the cesspool of ideology, power, and politics… much to the demise of any reasonable dialog in hopes of gaining any level of true understanding and/or reasonable solution to any legitimate challenge.

    Neither DC politicians, the Media PACs, or the paid-for so-called “science experts” are trusted or even trustworthy for that matter. And to be clear, it is of their own doing.

    Neither face diapers nor the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex cocktail of sugar water and fertilizer runoff keep anyone from getting or transmitting the China Bio-Weapon Flu… on THIS… the Science is Settled.

  11. @Hope

    Re: Bless Your Heart.

    You have a much calmer demeanor than I would have exhibited. I tip my cup of coffee to you and your level headedness. 🙂

  12. @ Mike L: Look at all the College & Pro Football Games on TV, the Indoor Basketball Games & Nascar. 70,000 and UP at the Football Games, Filled Seats at the Basketball Games & Nascar, all those people Shoulder to Should with very very few wearing Masks and ZERO mention of ANY Spikes. THAT ALONE should tell you something. May not be able to spend Christmas with your Family? 20 Kids in a Classroom MUST wear a Mask? The biggest problem has been that, NO ONE knows who to Trust with the Information any more. Their Facts don’t match the Science and the Scientists are Lying about the Facts.

  13. If the County does not Cease and Desist on this illegal mandate – immediately – perhaps in their upcoming – IN THE SHADE – meeting when they discuss legal action against the state, they may want to add how are they going to pay for their legal bills when they are all arrested for felonious assault on employees.

    They should all be charged with one count for each employee and when their trial comes up, may the 14 fired employees be the Jurors.

  14. OK lets mentally play this out to the likely conclusion. State sends County 5+ Mil bill…County wont pay…what will happen next?

  15. Went to see what is left of the Grateful Dead in Atlanta on Tuesday (it was epic). I saw them in Raleigh on the 16th of August too. 36000 people sanding shoulder to shoulder rubbing up against each other, swapping sweat and generally having an awesome time. Everyone was supposed to be vaccinated or have a negative test within 48 hours. The staff was overwhelmed and just started letting everyone one in that had a ticket, to heck with checking their vaccine credentials.

    They have been doing it almost every night since August 16th. I have not seen a single story about the shows being a “super spreader event”. But let Ron De Santis have a dinner party and you’ll see 50 story’s about the governor’s super spreader dinner party.

    If the news media is writing about it, chances are they are lying. Believe nothing.

  16. Paul Dougherty – you clearly have chosen to be uninformed about the vaccine. It offers no immunity. You can get the virus, you can give the virus. The definition of vaccine has been quietly changed by the FDA – the word “immunity” is no longer part of it. The word “protection” was inserted. Oh, and it’s still an EUA vaccine…the FDA approved version has not been released. The County is in violation of state and federal law.

  17. Added note: As of the writing of this note Leon County is in violation of federal law. Pfizer has confirmed its FDA APPROVED vaccine, Comirnaty, is not available and has not been distributed. All vaccines in use are experimental and under EUA. So, the mandate is illegal on state and federal levels.

  18. Wow – this is a funny discussion. Nothing wrong with proof of vaccination. I don’t want my health impacted by those not wise enough to get vaccinated. I value my right to life – more than someone else’s right to not take a vaccine.

    The County should just raise taxes on property owners to pay the fine, and that way everyone shares. If you don’t like the way the County does business – move to Alabama!

  19. I say take the $3.5-million fine from the accumulated salaries, savings, and pensions of Vinny “The Tyrant” Long and the Board of County Communists. They are wholly responsible for this ignorance and should be held individually and collectively liable.


  20. Since Mr Long thinks the fine is political, I suggest the Florida Democrat Party pay the fine, so it doesnt affect taxpayers.

  21. Unfortunately, this vaccine mandate is filtering down to the private sector in Leon county, too. I know of several businesses that are requiring the vax to keep your job, even for people that have no interaction with the public.

  22. Why should the fine go to the State? Why not levy the fine, but force the fine to be given back to the taxpayers? Still punishes the County without punishing the taxpayers.

  23. Vaccinated people can still acquire infection (symptomatic and/or asymptomatic) however they are better protected from severe disease and death. Right now hospitals are not overwhelmed. CDC states: vaccines shorten the time that an infected person is contagious but does not prevent transmission – so without testing – we don’t know who is contagious and for how long. That’s why many doctors are now arguing for more accurate rapid testing, including home kits. People have pandemic exhaustion and don’t want government overreach. Leon County needs to take a step back and discuss better choices to help it’s citizens. Stop making Covid a political ping pong game!

  24. 3.57 Mil just imagine if you can all the campaign contributions, kickbacks on contracts awarded to cronies, nepotism, ect…ect…ect… our esteemed County Administrator Vince Long along with the go along with Vince Bill Proctor and the all the lesser County Commissioners will have to forgo with that $3.57 Mil taken out of their pool of “play money”.
    Makes me almost feel sorry for them. They thought they could call Desantis bluff and maybe get interviewed by CNN. They thought The Resident of The United States Sleepy Joe Biden was going to bail them out for the 3.57 Mil.
    ps: yes I said “Resident” above, I ment it, its not a typo its not an error.

  25. I am not happy about the County’s vaccine mandate but I am mad that their political
    ideology has cost Leon County taxpayers 3.5 million dollars!

  26. Watch out Kiddies, the Government is Making Adults take a Vaccine Today…….. Tomorrow, they will be making YOU eat your Brussel Sprouts………….. You can’t ask people Applying for a Job if they Smoke, if they are Pregnant or will become Pregnant in the near future, if the own any Guns, if they have any Mental Issues or Medical Conditions, (except for any Disabilities that you have to adapt to) or what Medications they take but, THIS you have full control over? HOW? Sorry but, this is WAY over the line.

  27. Leon is wrong and the State is right here. Municipal and/or County ordinances do not and cannot preempt State Constitutional Law. Some liberal activists in robes have ruled otherwise based on a misinterpretation of the different between True and Limited Home Rule Charters… but their ideological and politically based activism does not change the fact.

    Vinny “The Tyrant” Long should be terminated for cause and with prejudice (with no golden parachute), and the Leon County Board of County Communists should be investigate for a Violation of Government in the Sunshine. Vinny “The Tyrant” clearly acted (in violation of the Sunshine Law) as a intermediary between the BOCC Members, and advised of and sought approval for his unconstitutional, tyrannical, unlawful, and discriminative targeting of a select class of people whom with he disagreed.

    Corruption and deception permeates the whole of Tallahassee and Leon governments.

  28. The FBI tapes exposed activities by County Administrator Vince Long in his involvement in securing positions for friends who facilitated securing taxpayer-funded positions for Paige Carter Smith who has since been convicted of felonies.

    Now, in another instance the County Administrator who was supposed to protect taxpayers is faced with an over 3 million dollar fine against the taxpayers he is supposed to protect.

    The harm Vince Long has done to the taxpayers of Leon County… he should not be at his position for one more second. He needs to be removed immediately or the Board of County Commissioners are derelict in their duty.

    When does the dereliction of duty turn into felonious aiding and abetting?

  29. Vince Long doesn’t know what’s best for anyone in this county. I’m so tired of county, city and school board members telling us what’s best for us and violating privacy laws. He’s right it is political, Leon County made it political.

  30. What I want to hear from Vince the Tyrant:
    “Governor, do you take Visa?”

    What I want to hear from America’s Governor:
    “Not for bail.”

  31. There was no genuine disagreement, there was genuine defiance. It’s so refreshing to see a Republican politician stand up to the leftists and enforce the law. Thank you Governor DeSantis for fighting for your voters’ freedom.

    There are more registered Democrats than registered Republicans in Leon County but most people, in both parties, don’t vote in the elections for local positions. If Republicans would turn out and vote in large numbers, we could eventually get rid of these local leftists who are running Leon County into the ground. Some people vote against the incumbents to keep any individual from gaining too much power. Maybe that’s a good start; vote against Democrat incumbents.

  32. Perhaps they should criminalize forced mandates and those in positions who take it upon themselves to set medical mandates who have no medical training.

    The vaccines have not received full approval and it is a matter of choice and no one should be made to take it if they do not want it.

    This is practicing medicine without a license and infringing on the rights and liberties of human beings.

    It is an abuse of power and a criminal assault.

    It is sad to watch our County Administrator carry water for the worst President and Vice-President in the history of the United States. Fortunately, we have a Governor who is the best Governor in the United States.


  33. They will just add a new assessment like they do for everything else they need to pay..we will add vaccine fee to go with fire, storm water, and trash!

  34. And now your local Leon County leaders can jack every property owner’s property tax around $75.00 per year for each 1/4 acre to pay the fine. You idiot local voters still gonna vote straight Democrat down the ballot after that?
    Oh you think sleepy Joe’s gonna bail the County out? Better check with Desantis on that you local idiot leftist voters. This is your fault local voters its on you. Idiots.

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