City Commission Meeting Briefs: October 13th

City Commission Meeting Briefs: October 13th

The City Commission appointed Alexander Harden for the Joint City/County Bicycling Workgroup. The Workgroup functions as an ad hoc focus group that provides collective input to staff regarding proposed cycling-related projects, improvements, events, and ordinances of community interest and for the betterment of the Tallahassee- Leon County community.

The city accepted the donation of artwork offered by a local artist, Ron Yrabedra. The painting, titled Rainforest, will hang in City Hall with the city’s permanent art collection.

The city approved setting a date for a public hearing and moving forward with revising the outdoor burning ordinance. On September 8, 2021, the City Commission approved changing the ordinance language to delegate all permitting authority for outdoor burning to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida Forest Service Division. This will be accomplished by amending the Code of General Ordinances to remove Article XI from Chapter 21. The public hearing is set for October 27, 2021.

The City Commissioners collectively agreed to join litigation which challenges the constitutionality of HB1, the anti-riot bill. Also, the city agreed to enter into a professional services agreement with the attorneys engaged by the Community Justice Project, the Public Rights Project, and the Southern Poverty Law Center to represent the City of Tallahassee pro bono.

The city approved the final sale of 650 W. Gaines Street to 908 Group Holdings, LLC for $4,000,000. The 908 Group plan to build a student housing community on the site. There have been no additional offers made on the parcel since the last meeting.

The city unanimously approved an emergency two-year contract for $1.8 million, with a one-year renewal option to Southern Property Management Services LLC for landscaping services.

The city approved a $439,258 payment to Giddens Security Corporation for services rendered from January 1, 2021, through July 31, 2021. The city also unanimously authorized the City Manager to amend their contract to add/delete facilities using Giddens for security services during the contract term and increase funding by $2.1 million for the remaining term of the contract of August 1, 2021, through July 31, 2024.

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  1. One of two of the final candidates for the CSC position withdrew his name for consideration…

    Hmm… did the candidate view Tallahassee/ Leon County on the national news… the problems in Tallahassee regarding the County Administrator and the School Superintendent and their illegal mandates?

    Did the candidate learn that the local city government promotes violence by challenging that HB-1 anti riot bill, the high crime rate, or the Boulos Corporation developments?

  2. @ Sara… HB1 wasn’t a reaction authored based on a specific instance that may or may not have occurred here locally… hence the “nationwide” premise. HB1 was put forth in recognition of the countless examples of the “nationwide unfettered mayhem, anarchy, insurrection, sedition, treason, arson, looting, theft, rape, and murder financed and organized by the DemoKKKrats, and promulgated by their Media PACs“… and to make it clear that such illegal and heinous acts would not be tolerated in Florida.

    For our City “leaders” to oppose such common sense legislation is inexcusable.

  3. @ Sara McCabe …… You must be forgetting about the weeks before THAT Protest, the one that happened on North Monroe Street in Mid Town. The morning before the Police found Stock Piles of Rocks on the Side Walks and removed them. Several Businesses WERE Damaged and they blocked the Street.

  4. I do not know how any of the comments posted here can refer to “aforementioned nationwide unfettered mayhem, anarchy, insurrection, sedition, treason, arson, looting, theft, rape, and murder” that “occurred nationwide. or “rioting, looting, blocking public streets, damaging property, accosting/physically attacking police officers” and think that there is the remotest chance that this will occur in Tallahassee. It never has and is unlikely to occur in the future. The only recent demonstration in Tallahassee thatI know of occurred in front of the State Capitol on September 3, 2020. It was not a riot. it was a peaceful demonstration and photographs document the overreaction of the law enforcement officers who outnumbered the demonstrators by 10 to one (my guess, based on photographs of the event) who dragged peaceful demonstrators into police cars. Yes, they were resisting arrest because they know the law and know they were not breaking it.

  5. If the Local Governments are NOT going to protect the City, Citizens and Businesses from Harm then, the State must step in. They Trow Rocks at Me or Mine, I throw back Bullits. If I walk out and Block Traffic, I would get arrested……… If I get several others to join me, it’s considered a Protest and the Cops will help me……THAT is Wrong.

  6. Our City and County leaders are way too much in tune with the narative being pushed by CNN and the rest of the leftist media.
    In regards to our citizens who identify as Democrats or as Independents or NPA’s (thats No Party Affiliates which is the moniker conservatives who did not like Trump prefer) the vast majority of these voters are not in agreement with our City and County leaders hard push to the left. Sure while Trump was in office it was “hip and cool” to pretend to fight Trump with the fresh new leftist push against Trump for moderate Democrats, Independents, and the NPA’s.
    But now that Trump is gone the economey, international affairs, and basically everything is going to $#!+ and for 80% of ALL voters it is no longer “hip and cool”.
    Thats why the time is now for anyone who wants to serve locally to get started to run for elected office as an Independent. No not as a Republican you will just waste your time and money. You or another Independent the voters like better than you will win. Its been long enough since Steve Stewart ran as a Republican that he would likely prevail as an Independent/NPA.
    The time is here to start up the process to put good people in the place of our current dinosaurs running our City and County. Reasonable minded citizens have never had a better chance at bringing Tallahassee and Leon County under control.

  7. Our City Commission is against a law that prevents protesters from hurting people, destroying property and blocking traffic???Why???

  8. So the Mayor and all City Commissioners disagree with the HB1 Anti riot bill. Is there something I am missing? I applauded our Governor for supporting this law. After the 2020 summer of “peaceful” rioting in cities across the country, we saw thousands of businesses destroyed and looted and hundreds of policemen and women injured. Our legislators passed this law so people, businesses and police in our cities would be protected from violent riots.

  9. Sorry Charlie, I’m burning, dude, because there is burning allowed… and because it drives busy bodies like you crazy. I got a big pile I’m gonna light Sunday night when its nice and cool outside.

  10. HB1 prevents people for rioting, looting, blocking public streets, damaging property, accosting/physically attacking police officers and may actually result in violators being taken into custody and jailed until their case is reviewed. How cruel the state of Florida has become.

  11. So… the Mayor and City Commissioner are against “anti” rioting legislation that was a reasonable response to all the nationwide unfettered mayhem, anarchy, insurrection, sedition, treason, arson, looting, theft, rape, and murder financed and organized by the DemoKKKrats, and promulgated by their Media PACs… which can only mean one thing… they support and are in favor of the aforementioned nationwide unfettered mayhem, anarchy, insurrection, sedition, treason, arson, looting, theft, rape, and murder financed by the DemoKKKrats and promulgated by their Media PACs.

    … good to know come election time

  12. Revise the burning ordinance?. There only needs to be three
    words in the ordinance. No burning allowed. They don’t need others to handle the permits, because they should be no permits peroid.

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