Children’s Services Council Used Anonymous Scoring in Executive Director Selection Process

Children’s Services Council Used Anonymous Scoring in Executive Director Selection Process

Tallahassee Reports has learned that the scoring by the five-member search committee for the initial executive director of the Children’s Services Council (CSC) graded the initial interviews anonymously.

In other words, the interview scoring across six categories by the the five members of the CSC Search Committee for the five candidates under consideration was released without providing information on which search committee member assigned what grade.

See the scoring sheet below.

Tallahassee Reports was told that the grading process was approved by CSC officials and is an acceptable methodology called an “objective selection process.”

However, the process does not allow for questions of search committee members about their grading.

The search committee members include Jonathan Sjostrom, Chief Judge, Chair, Carmen Adams Conner, Carolyn D. Cummings, Paul Mitchell, and
Mark O’Bryant.

Questions on Grading

The interview scoring shows that the clear choice of the selection committee was Chris Letsos, who received 140 points out of a possible 150 points.

The second and third choices were Cecka Rose Green (119) and Kelly Otte (118).

A review of the scoring shows two of the five members of the search committee scored Cecka Green above the the committee’s clear choice – Chris Letsos.

One anonymous search committee member gave Green a perfect score (30) and Letsos received 27 points. Another anonymous search committee member gave Green 29 points and Letsos 27 points.

Also, 11 of the 12 perfect scores (5) awarded by category to Cecka Green came for two search committee members. In contrast, each of the five committee members gave Letsos at least 3 perfect scores across the six categories. In total, Letsos received 20 “five” scores out of the 25 scores.

Anonymous Approach Lacks Accountability

The anonymous approach employed by the CSC does not allow for questions about search committee member scoring. For example, it is clear, from the above analysis, that two selection committee members heavily favored Cecka Green’s candidacy. But, why?

The anonymous approach keeps these two committee members from explaining there rationale for scores that are not consistent with the overall grading of the committee.

In addition, this lack of transparency during the process minimizes the information available to the community -via media reports – related to the CSC. A community that approved the CSC by a referendum which is responsible for allocating approximately $8-$10 million in property taxes each year.

The Next Step

Today the CSC Search Committee and the CSC is faced with a decision on the next steps in the hiring process of the executive director. It was recently reported that two of the top three candidates withdrew from consideration, leaving Cecka Green as the remaining finalists.

The next step was supposed to be a a second round of interviews of the final three candidates.

Will the selection committee add other candidates and proceed with interviews?

Will the CSC decide to interview Cecka Green and then make a decision?

Or will the CSC vote to hire Green?

Stay tuned.

14 Responses to "Children’s Services Council Used Anonymous Scoring in Executive Director Selection Process"

  1. Perhaps the only hoax greater than Scott Maddox is the Children’s Services Council. This $8 million annual scam was rammed down our throats by powerful lobbyists including Ron Sachs, Brian Ballard, Gary Yordon and Paul Bradshaw’s Southern Group which made boatloads of money working on behalf of big tobacco.

    The CSC in bed with big tobacco. Think about that!

    Edward Holifield, MD

  2. One the one hand they demand millions of tax dollars “for the children”… while on the other hand they support the genocide on millions of innocent babies.

    Oh… the warped dichotomy of the progressive mind.

  3. There needs to be an explanation as to why Chris Letsos was not offered the position outright. I think we already know why, but we need to see it publicly acknowledged.

    This has happened before with city managers where they put in their Insiders so their corruption will stay on the down low. This is very serious and I don’t think we should let this one slide this time. The chairman needs to give a full accounting.

  4. As long as @Edward Lyle threw his hat into the ring when he said “….. just give me the spot”, I’ll also volunteer to become a candidate for the position.

    The first thing I would do is call for a vote of the CSC board to disband the CSC and forget that Tallahassee every went down this John Dailey instigated rabbit-hole.

  5. (Attn: TR – FYI)

    Will the illegal aliens being transported here to Tallahassee from Texas, who are displacing current residents – and placed at Kona Apartments located at 1616 McCaskill Ave – be eligible for these funds?

  6. Would have expected nothing less from this 8 Million-10 Million a year entirely Taxpayer Funded Scam..What a Joke…This will be a Rainmaker for Juiced Insiders..The only candidate left is straight out of central casting for a Boondoggle like this..Tally never fails to entertain in its outright audacity for graft and corruption

  7. This has turned out to be just as corrupt as every other aspect of Tallahassee’s political bs. What a surprise…?!

    Yes, lets put the bisexual meth addicts info babe in charge of the CSC. Brilliant…

  8. A quick look at the bios available for Mahoney and Mackinnon show at least the potential for a conservative leaning if not outright. Could this be the reason for the low scores? Were these interviews recorded? Anyone on this thread watch them if so?

    The cronyism radar is going wild on this one. Awesome, more group think is just what Tallahassee needs….

  9. Fist of all, the “Anonymous” nature of the grading process is suspect and effectively invalidates the entire process. We’re talking about $8-million+ of taxpayer dollars (annually) being managed (insert wink here) by these political appointees… NOTHING about their business and activities associated with this appointed responsibility should be anonymous in any way, shape, or form.

    Secondly, what qualifies any of these members of the “selection committee” to be the judge of anyone’s answers to these ambiguously-titled categories?… “Results-Based Accountability”, “Cultural Competence”… seriously, what does Cultural Competence even mean?

    The only proper next move for the CSC is to scrap this entire round and restart with total and complete transparency… or just give me the spot.

  10. The scoring method in a leftist run operation is really nothing normal thinking citizens should concern themselves with. Sure their chosen method allows more opportunity to hire who they want without annoying questions from the concerned public. But you have to learn to expect that from leftist nannies in a leftist area such as ours. Yeah they are going to be as dishonest as they can get away with. Its the leftist way of doing business you know.
    No we dont need to wast time on the rigged system and method.

    What is important though is for citizens to note that the entire CSC annual budget is about the same amount of money Vince Long cheated the citizens out of by failing to see the Governor was serious in telling Vince Long the citizens of Leon County will have to pay millions if Vince Long did not comply with Florida Law. Yes citizens Vince Long just cost you the same amount as the entire CSC annual budget for being an incompetent leftist virtue signaling idiot with YOUR MONEY. In case you dont know government has no money of its own to pay the fine with. My citizens every penny of that fine will be paid with YOUR MONEY.

  11. Lestos was the clear choice. The usual suspects nonsense drove away the best candidate.

    Cecka Green is a Guillum/Dailey insider and should be disqualified due to interference by Ginny Dailey, the mayor’s wife.

    Award it to Lestos or start over.

  12. If the two, Kelly & Chris, dropped out then you must add the remaining two to the second round of interviews, that’s how the process works. Your second option would be to start over and re-advertise the Position.

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