City of Tallahassee Abortion Resolution Back, Critical of Pregnancy Centers

City of Tallahassee Abortion Resolution Back, Critical of Pregnancy Centers

A resolution supporting abortion is on the October 27th Tallahassee City Commission agenda after being pulled from the agenda of a previous meeting. The resolution supports abortion rights and is critical of abortion restrictions and pregnancy centers.

The text of the resolution is provided below.

Origin of Resolution

At the September 8, 2021 City Commission meeting, the City Commission directed the City Attorney to prepare a resolution supporting legislative efforts to protect citizens’ right to reproductive healthcare including abortion.

Specifically, the minutes from the meeting indicate commissioners wanted “to take a formal stance on attempts to erode or outlaw Roe v. Wade via a Texas-style anti-abortion law.”

The Texas law bans abortion as soon as a heart beat is detectable, which usually occurs around 6 weeks.

The action by the city commission is significant because the Tallahassee City Commission is composed of non-partisan officials and has no statutory role related to abortion laws.

City Commissioner Curtis Richardson, who proposed the resolution at the September meeting, said that an official with the Florida National Organization for Women (NOW) asked him to introduce the resolution.

Richardson also indicated that Florida NOW is seeking local governments to take a position on abortion as a strategy to put pressure on statewide officials.

The resolution goes beyond supporting the right to an abortion detailed in Roe vs. Wade by addressing Florida’s laws related to “restricting young people’s access to abortion.”

In addition, the resolution is critical of the state funding to what the resolution calls “anti-abortion pregnancy centers.”

Pregnancy centers usually provide a range of pregnancy services. For example, A Women’s Pregnancy Center has been serving the Tallahassee area since 1985. They provide services which include early-detection pregnancy tests, non-diagnostic ultrasounds, information on abortion and associated risks, referral to adoption services, and post-abortion counseling and education.

City of Tallahassee Resolution Supporting Abortion

38 Responses to "City of Tallahassee Abortion Resolution Back, Critical of Pregnancy Centers"

  1. @ Chase,

    If any of the commissioners or mayor have previously or currently received endorsements or contributions from the NOW organization they are guilty of quid pro quo and that is illegal. And the attorney would be complicit.

    I cannot imagine where any of these commissioners have not received anything.

  2. I think the date of this is wrong. The commission hearing – during which time a voice of opposition can be made to this resolution – is scheduled for 3pm October 27th, not 28th. For those opposed to abortion, please join me in coming.

  3. The Pastors of Color are on attack and a political vendetta against the Surgeon General because he wouldn’t wear a mask when asked ( he doesn’t have to), yet, they are silent when City Commissioners promote abortion.

    What is wrong with this picture?

  4. Just ask your Pastor….Abortion is Murder.

    Eternity is a long time to spend in the Lake of Burning Sulfur, if the Mayor and Council Members were Christians they would know that….may God forgive them for their sins.

  5. @Georgia 20 — I’ve live on the Northwest side most of my life. The only time I lived in the city limits was when my neighborhood was annexed into the city. It took a bit, but I moved further out to shed the city taxation and shenanigans.

    The city has long lusted after the properties on Lake Jackson. Only a handful of them are in the city limits. I’ve long been impressed that the people that own them seem to be able to stave off annexation and avoid the city taxing for which they’d receive almost no benefit. (More power to them!)

  6. In the blinded by wokeness leftist eyes of our foolish elected nannies eyes TalTran is a sacred cow with its main purpose being signaling fake caring and vote buying virtue to help lock in the Black vote. There will be no pulling back on the millions of dollars being poured into TalTran even if we dwindle down to ZERO ridership.

  7. Would like to see an analysis of StarMetro routes, profitability.
    They have now suspended night services, eliminated routes:
    Is it because of a lack of drivers?

    There’s lots of fat that could be cut there – why run full-size buses for times when only 1-3 riders are ever on board? Have smaller buses, and longer operational times, not less.

  8. There is so much evil and support of murder on this city commission. I thank God I moved out of this awful city and my hard earned money does not support this.
    How do you people sleep at night especially the women who are mothers???

  9. Even the CDC has confirmed that babies in the womb are life. They did this (unknowingly I suspect) while pimping the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex cocktail of chemicals known as the China Bio-Weapon Flu shot(s) to pregnant women (yes, I SAID PREGNANT WOMEN)… telling these women that the two shots of sugar water and fertilizer runoff will also benefit their yet-to-be-born “baby”.

    So… according to LAW, the CDC, and SCIENCE… abortion IS MURDER.

    … start dealing with reality you left demented left-wing wakjobs… your own DemoKKKrat-controlled CDC confirmed it…

  10. @Hope — This decline has been going on for a long time and involves all levels. I find it particularly troubling that so much of the decline involves the church itself. It seems as though they’re more afraid of scaring off members, and their donations, than they are of the truth.

    Back in the late 80s I was seeing someone that attended the small church on Miccosukee Road next to the hospitals. The first (and only) time we attended there together the minister announced that in lieu of a normal sermon, he was going to read a letter from the church’s governing body. The letter said that the church would take no position for or against abortion, that the matter was too personal for the church to interfere.

    How’s that for spiritual guidance????

  11. @Snidely

    1. You are correct, Catholics that actually believe in and adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church absolutely are opposed to abortion.

    2. I believe the City Attorney, Cassandra Jackson, prepared the resolution and therefore, will presumably sign it (to her disgrace).

  12. Who would like to bet that, Planned Parenthood will start to receive Tax Dollars through the City Commission now? Possibly as early as in 2022.

  13. True Catholics including most of the Hispanic population of Tallahassee/Leon County are also disgusted at your Mayor and Commissioners have done with their resolution supporting and promoting abortion.
    James O. Cooke, IV along with Cassandra K. Jackson should both refuse to sign your Mayor and Commissioners totally inappropriate resolution.

  14. For Black, White, and Bible believing Christians of all races and nationalities your Commissioners resolution on abortion is the same wrong inappropriate slap in the face it would be if your Commissioners put out a resolution in support of lynching Black people. Your Commissioners are disgusting discriminatory animals that belong in prison.
    I hope people can see how wrong and inappropriate your Mayor and all the Commissioners are for having done this.

  15. Seems to me the lack luster suck up commissioners should focus on doing the job they were elected to do and not take up another “woke” agenda. This city is going down the drain and all the elected suck ups can do is suck up more to the radical left agenda.


  16. News Maven,

    Please write a book and I believe every word.

    At first there was hope, but after a while I realized that he made a wrong left turn.

    Looking at the mainstream media today I guess one could say he was ahead of his time.

    All the way around it is very sad.

  17. Hope:
    I was so disappointed the fawning obit story by BG’s #1 bootlicker failed to cite even a single controversial issue during his failed dictatorship. Massive newsroom losses, massive circulation losses, advertising dollars leaving in droves, as biased reporting to fit his agenda (and don’t let ethics get in the way) became the unwritten law. Do you know the details about a sexual harassment lawsuit in HIS newsroom that was very quietly settled for $40,000? I bet you don’t. He let the offender be reassigned, and the poor victim quit!

    More than anyone or anything, HE is responsible for the destruction of that place.

    I am here to tell the real TRUTH.
    I was never a sycophant.
    And if there is a God, Hades TODAY got a new executive editor last week.

    That obit has to be the biggest piece of Fake News the Fake Newsocrat has ever printed. It was like letting Hermann Goering write Hitler’s obit.

    PREDICTION: Another 2-3 years, max, and it will stop killing trees altogether.

  18. @ Tony,

    If this resolution is accepted…
    Then any endorsements and political contributions given to the above commissioners and mayor by the NOW Organization, then this will be quid pro quo which would qualify as ethics and campaign violations.

  19. Even though this is not a law and will not have legal authority, it is wonderful that the Tallahassee Commission is taking a stand for women’s rights and women’s health. We need more cities to follow Tallahassee’s example.

  20. Yes, News Maven…and yet the evilness continues at the Tallahassee Democrat.

    Simply read any article by Jeffrey Schweers, but be warned, to wear your mask, over your eyes, when reading.

  21. Curtis Richardson is kowtowing to the NOW Organization for Women for political favors, endorsements, and contributions. He is carrying water for the mayor for the same reason; the mayor is up for re-election. He is bringing the wrath of God down upon us for his despicable disregard for human life.

    It wasn’t too long ago that Curtis Richardson was stacking the deck for Elaine Bryant to become the next commissioner to fill the seat previously held by the disgraced City Commissioner Scott Maddox. Curtis never did divulge the content of the text message between he and Elaine Bryant minutes before/after the vote. A sunshine violation.

    It was only hours ago that two candidates withdrew from the CSC director’s position…coincidentally, leaving the mayor’s wife’s pick for the position who was many points away from the first choice

    I think the better agenda would be to ask why Curtis Richardson and Mayor Dailey are unfairly influencing the process when vacant positions need to be filled.

    Out of all the things that they could be doing for humanity, but instead they work against humanity and for their next re-election campaigns.

  22. This resolution should be taken to every pastor in Leon County, and ask their signatures on this document. Im curious as to how many would sign it.

  23. And Edward many local Reverands in the local churches work very hard to keep the communitty voting for the status quo. I will go out on a limb and postulate there has always been a financial incentive for the Reverands to rally the community to vote against their own best interest.

  24. You’re so right Snidely. From the keep them stoned and stupid Public Indoctrination System, to the keep them dumb and dependent political system… the injustice and lies these communist progressive pukes have fed our communities of color is reprehensible. But the reality is that we deserve the government we elect… and so long as we continue to take the government provided trip around the mountain over and over again, we will never endeavor the independent passage up and over the mountain.

    Our school system surrendered its honorable and important mission of educating our future, and transitioned into just another social program focused on keeping the oppressed, dependent, and malleable among us… the oppressed, dependent, and malleable among us.

    It is way past time for parents in our communities of color to wake the hell up. If not for themselves… for their children and grandchildren. Give them the chance you lament never having… or you’re simply complicit in the oppression of our own.

    … there, I’ve said my peace on reality my brother and sisters… start dealing with it

  25. Not only do local leaders support the mass genocide of our precious Black babies they also support the failed local education system that leaves uneducated young Blacks with little choices other than gang life, drugs, and prostitution to make money in Tallahassee and Leon County.
    Our local leaders are so proud they put it in the form of a resolution. Black lives do not matter to our local voters responsable for voting into office these types of leaders again and again.

  26. Excellent point(s) Hope. Their blatant hypocrisy is astounding, and they don’t even bother hiding it anymore. One the one hand they demand millions of tax dollars “for the children” (CSC)… while on the other hand they support the genocide on millions of innocent babies, particularly within our communities of color.

    Oh… the warped dichotomy and imbedded evils of the progressive mind. They are satan’s tools of destruction, and they’re proud of it.

  27. Curtis has meetings that I have witnessed in a church speaking about the black caucus. The same church where the pastor was seen making TV ads with Andrew Gillum for campaign contributions. (This same church where a black youth was found shot to death recently). This should automatically disqualify this church from any tax-exempt status and also any other Church that endorses candidates, and holds political events for candidates.

    Sad that they are not more concerned about the drive-by shootings, the crime rate, the poverty rate, the hunger problem in Leon County…

    They are now on public record in favor of genocide…How these people call themselves God-fearing, religious, and Christian? May God have mercy on their souls and God will deal with them in his way, in his time.

    They sell their souls for votes…

  28. So… the so-called “leaders” of our City support the systemic genocide of innocent babies, particularly within our “Communities of Color”. Even more disturbing is that the proposal was initiated by Commissioner Richardson (a black man). Is Richardson not aware that one of the DemoKKKrat Party’s idols (Margaret Sanger) founded the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) for the express purpose of using abortion/genocide to stem the growth of the black population? This is why the majority of PPs Genocide Clinics are located in our Communities of Color. How easily they will sacrifice their own just for an endorsement and campaign check.

    Leave it to the Alinsky progressives to frame the murder of millions of innocent boys and girls as a “human right” and simply a function of “women’s “healthcare”.

  29. Is there any significance to this action? Or, is it nothing more than a political stunt that plays to the segment of liberal voters in Tallahassee that vote for these people. Like the BLM sign they painted at the intersection of Gaines and Railroad.

    Commissioners, Tallahassee has some really serious problems that really need your attention. Perhaps things like increasing crime, shootings, city government ethics issues, corruption and the homeless to name a few.

  30. Everyone knows how much the City Commission loves abortion.

    Here’s an idea… why don’t you do something about the rampant crime in our city? Why not resolve to do something about that? Its homecoming week, the south side of T-town sounds like the gunfight at the Ok Corral every freak in night and these idiots are wasting our time on useless pronouncements everyone is already aware of!

    I ain’t lyin’ to ya, all of those people are vapid bags of bile that aren’t worth the gas and oil to drive them off a cliff. (they won’t let me post how I really feel)


    None of the City Commissioners speak for me or represent me in this matter.

    “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”

  32. Abortion is not a constitutional right according to a direct reading of the text of the Constitution, but it has been justified as a constitutional right under the Fourth Amendment’s protection of privacy. In short, the constitutional right to abortion is found not in the Constitution itself, but in a loose reading of it as a “living document,” as “progressives” like to call it.

    This “living constitution” argument is often used by pro-abortionists. As former U.S. President Barack Obama once asserted, “I remain committed to protecting a woman’s right to choose and this fundamental constitutional right.”1 Obama, formerly a law professor, obviously must know that this “right” does not actually exist ? the Supreme Court literally conjured it out of thin air in its efforts to justify the most illogical, sloppily written opinion that it has ever produced.

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