Tallahassee City Commission Supports Divisive Abortion Resolution

Tallahassee City Commission Supports Divisive Abortion Resolution

During Wednesday’s City of Tallahassee Commission meeting, elected officials voted 3-2 to support a controversial resolution supporting legislative efforts to protect citizens’ right to reproductive healthcare, including abortion.

In addition, the resolution was critical of state funding for “anti-abortion pregnancy centers” and of the Florida law that requires parental consent for minor to get an abortion.

The resolution was requested by officials with the Florida National Organization for Women, who are seeking support from local governments for pro-choice laws in Florida.

The City of Tallahassee has no legal authority related to abortion.

Mayor John Dailey and City Commissioners Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter supported the resolution.

Commissioner Curtis Richardson and Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox voted against the resolution.

City Commissioner Discussion

After public comment on the resolution, Commissioner Matlow made a motion to adopt the resolution, and Commissioner Porter seconded the motion.

Porter explained that she was raised in a religious household and that this is not a topic she takes lightly. However, she believes in the right for women to choose what is best for them.

Commissioner Williams-Cox stressed her dislike of how “conflated the issue had become.” She said she could not support the resolution, though she believes in a woman’s choice to make the decision regarding her own body. “We are out of our lane here,” she said, “we should not be dealing with this issue. This is an issue for the legislature.”  

Commissioner Curtis Richardson agreed with Williams-Cox. He said he is a Christian, and he still believes in the right for women to choose. “My history in the support of women’s rights is well documented. I believe in a woman’s right to choose. It is a personal choice. But this is an issue for the Florida Legislature; what we have to say won’t be heard there.”

Mayor Dailey had little to say regarding the resolution, other than he supports it. He also recommended that the resolution language be changed to reflect the vote, possibly by adding the names of the two commissioners who were in the affirmative.

None of the city commissioners proposed pulling the resolution. And none of the three city commissioners that supported the resolution showed any understanding toward those citizens who were staunchly against it.

The Resolution

The resolution states that the mayor and the commissioners support “access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including abortion, contraception, prenatal care, labor and delivery services, and postpartum care. It defines the necessity for people’s overall health and healthcare as a fundamental human right,” regardless of race, gender, or income level.

The resolution also states abortion is one of the safest medical procedures in the United States and blocking access to legal abortions jeopardizes women’s health. It further says the impact of abortion restrictions is predominantly felt by those who already experience barriers to healthcare, including young people, people of color, and those with disabilities.

Lastly, the resolution discusses Florida law, which in some cases restricts access to abortion care and funds anti-abortion pregnancy centers. The mayor and city commissioners urge the Florida Legislature to join other states in protecting and promoting access to reproductive healthcare and abortion.

An already divisive issue nationally, it seems the resolution may stoke the fire locally. During the meeting, the commissioners heard over thirty speakers both for and against the resolution. Many speakers became tense and frustrated as they heard from those with opposing views. Some cited statistics and studies on the impacts of abortion, and some quoted the bible. Others recounted personal stories of their inability to obtain a safe abortion and its effects on their life.

The resolution did not mention adoption as an alternative to abortion and adoption went largely unmentioned during the course of the discussion.

14 Responses to "Tallahassee City Commission Supports Divisive Abortion Resolution"

  1. I had the opportunity to listen in on both Steve’s and Preston’s shows this weeks, whereby the each interviewed the Mayor. I think it would behoove both of them to get together over a cocktail (or other beverage) and listen to each show… together. I’m betting on an “aha” moment.

    I’m thinking Steve’s show was simply a rehearsal of sorts (unbeknownst to Steve)… which set up the “call-ins” (insert wink here) for Preston’s show. Note to Preston (with much respect): Ad-lib free-willy interview shows do not involved screening… but I do understand the position. That said… It was clear that most of the question put to the Mayor on Preston’s show were set-ups… likely phoned in by his aide and/or other acolytes.

    However, the most telling interaction on Preston’s show – which I suspect most people may not have caught – was when Preston offered the “traditional” Merry Christmas to the Mayor, and the Mayor would not (or could not) bring himself to respond in-kind… instead opting for a quick diversion to a self-aggrandizing happy birthday and anniversary prompt to Preston.

    Wake up people. This Mayor isn’t the least bit interested in the citizens/taxpayers of the City of Tallahassee. His focus – as evident by his agenda and actions – remains on the alt-left ladder of a progressive political career on the public’s dime.

    Our city remains covered by a cloud of systemic corruption, glowing from a socialist/progressive lining of left-wing lunacy.

  2. No surprises here from the Kapital District Kommissars. They are just affirming their racist, pro-genocide, anti-Christian agenda. They are also promoting the continued experimentation on murdered babies such as those funded by Fauci’s NIH at the University of Pittsburgh. These Satanic monsters have no problem with the grafting of murdered baby scalps on mice. We already know human embryonic kidney cells (i.e. murdered baby kidney cells) were used to test the clot shots on. God only knows what these pro-baby murderers have done with other baby remains.

  3. CORRECTION for below (TONY) It is supposed to read “AGAINST the Florida law that requires parental consent for minor to get an abortion are SICKIN THE HEAD”.

  4. ANYONE who is FOR the unfettered genocide of innocent babies (particularly within communities of color), and AGAINST the Florida law that requires parental consent for a minor to get an abortion… IS SICK not only in the head, but in the HEART and SOUL as well.

    … there Tony… did I get that right?

  5. ANYONE who is AGAINST an “anti-abortion pregnancy center” and FOR the Florida law that requires parental consent for minor to get an abortion are SICKIN THE HEAD.

  6. I agree that women have a right to choose…whether to get pregnant or not. After that they have no right to kill a baby in their womb that they allowed in there in the first place. Planned Parenthood was begun by a woman who wanted to get rid of black people. Weeds as she called them.

    Yet almost all of the black churches in Tallahassee support PP and the 3 commissioners who voted for this terrible act. These so called Christian pastors voted to kill innocent babies. They joined the ranks of Pharoh and King Herod. These black pastors are not preaching the true gospel of the bible. They are preaching the gospel of democratic socialism. One day they will have to face at the Great White Throne and give an account of their actions. God will have the final say. Not the Planned Parenthood of America.

  7. It’s time to play this out to the fullest of its premise. There needs to be a strong push to eliminate any and all taxpayer funded entitlement programs associated with children… and eliminate father-paid child support as well. No more taxpayer funded food, clothing, housing, healthcare, et al…

    After all… if we are going to say that women can be God, and be solely responsible for determining if their baby lives or dies… then they should also be solely responsible for all costs associated with her godly responsibility.

  8. Pregnant women – Nancy Pelosi says she was blessed with 5 children but for some reason she and our Mayor and City Commissioners don’t seem to want you to be blessed. Your child is one of the few people in the world who will love you the rest of your life. Don’t let anyone take your gift from God away from you.

    The term “reproductive rights” is ironic. You have the legal right to reproduce. The slogan is actually aimed at stopping reproduction.

    Planned Parenthood – are they helping you plan for parenthood? Or are they selling you a plan to give up your parenthood?

    I wonder how many of those who say you should get an abortion, have children of their own? And why do they think you don’t deserve children?

    There are pro-life clinics located near the Planned Parenthood abortion facility and there are other such clinics in town. They will help you plan to become a parent.

  9. Please make it stop…

    The mayor has no self-control… Another campaign related political theater publicity stunt at taxpayers expense.

    This mayor cannot concentrate on doing the job he took an oath to do. It is Non-Stop campaigning for his next re-election campaign.

    Insert vomiting Emoji here.

  10. This foolishness had no business being before the City Commission in the first place. All those behind this ignorance and in support of it should be terminated and/or removed from their positions on the grounds of misappropriating and wasting public time, money, and resources in a feckless effort to forward a warped political agenda. There is once valuable lesson to come from this through…

    This exorcise in ideological idiocy proves once again who the real racists and segregationists are in this country… the DemoKKKrats of course. Here we had the three, white, progressive, liberal “racists” in overwhelming support of the systemic genocide of millions of innocent babies, particularly within our “communities of color”… and furthermore “segregating” themselves from the two commissioners of color.

    Daily, Matlow, and Porter have solidified their standing as official Margaret Sanger Genocidal Racist Acolytes, in favor of eliminating cultures of color and clearing the way for the white liberal elites.

    I remind you all of the serious warning to us from MLK about the “polite” racism of the white liberals.

    A disgraceful and shameful move by the Mayor and Commission

  11. This could hardly matter less. It is a piece of paper stating an opinion.

    The Chamber and insider network will try to distract you with stuff like this while they get away with murder on land use, development, major spending on huge projects, and things that are actually under City purview.

    Please Steve and Lynsey, keep your eye on the ball and let’s get this kind of tough coverage on the corruption and pay to play we will see as elections approach.

  12. Ok, I think I understand this:
    Matlow is full throated in support of killing babies.
    Porter, although she was raised in a religious household (?), is fine with killing babies.
    Williams-Cox and Richardson are ok with killing babies but think that is the responsibility of another level of government.
    The Mayor is ok with killing babies anytime, anywhere and wants everyone to know who else favors killing babies
    What I don’t understand why we allow men and women ok with killing babies to serve in public office.

  13. This is not a matter for the City Commission.

    It is obvious Matlow is a hard left progressive activist but Porter was sold as a conservative voice to us who voted for her. I guess her Chief of Staff changed her to activist also.

    Allowing NOW to sway the commission from it’s stated goals is nonsense.

    I have no idea what the Mayor is thinking.

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