City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow Discusses Stadium Vote, Ethics and More

City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow Discusses Stadium Vote, Ethics and More

City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow recently joined Steve Stewart on Above the Fold. He discussed topics such as ethics, corruption in Tallahassee, and competitive bids on projects.

Commissioner Matlow was asked about his Blueprint vote on the $20 million economic development grant to Florida State University for stadium repairs. The grant passed the Board , however Matlow voted against the project. Matlow said that providing the funds to FSU would not allow Blueprint to bond any other economic development projects until 2028.

Commissioner Matlow was asked why he views the roughly $55 million funding for the Northeast Gateway project as subsidies for the developers. His response was, “when the project was first proposed to us, we did a traffic study and learned that based on existing conditions, only 500 cars a day would use the road. So it wasn’t solving any traffic problems.”

Matlow said there is a push is to develop the 4,000 acres in the Welaunee Plantation. “Historically, new development has always paid for itself, as far as roadways and new transit… it’s very bizarre to put city funds into a roadway before any type of development has even been proposed,” he explained.

When Matlow was asked about whether the government is in the business of subsidizing growth, the commissioner said, “to me, it boils down to who’s tax dollars are they.” In the case of the Northeast Gateway project, “we are funding road projects for people who may not live here yet and have not paid into the system.”

The Commissioner Matlow also addressed his ethics proposal.

“If we do anything, it’s got to be putting our government on the right track. But, unfortunately, a couple of convictions, I don’t think, fixes the issue. So we have been soliciting outside proposals for how they might be helpful, we held a community meeting,…the Ethics Board has given proposals too,” Matlow said of the steps taken. Matlow hopes the suggestions and ideas on ethics will be presented to the city commission for a vote.

The discussion then turned to lobbyists and the problem with public relations groups that run campaigns, lobby those that get elected and secure local government get contracts.

Matlow said he recognizes that Tallahassee is a small town, and a lot of people work together, but an “elected official should say, ‘if you work on my campaign, don’t apply for contracts.’

Regarding the Scott Maddox trial, Matlow was asked if he felt like many do, that Maddox was convicted and now the city can move forward or is there a systematic problem.

The commissioner quickly responded, “yeah, when I ran for office, in one of my first campaign ads, I say, “if we want meaningful change, we have to turn the system upside down.”

Matlow asserted, “I didn’t know the breadth of corruption that was happening here. I was just a business owner noticing that when you tried to approach the city, it fell on deaf ears.”

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  1. Yesterday’s election in Virginia and New Jersey should be a wake-up call to the local government that people will not tolerate the political games, corruption, grandstanding their leftist liberal agendas such as abortion, Mr. Mayor…

    The people are ready to vote in candidates that concentrate on real issues and not wokeness.

    I am disappointed in Porter and Matlow for following that lead by the mayor. It will come back to bite them if they use the mayor as a mentor. Time to think for yourselves do the right thing and not attach yourself to the mayor’s cockamamie political schemes and ad nauseam publicity stunts.

  2. Its difficult for most to grasp the reality of the FBI investigation which began way back in the day when Gillum was an up and coming political star. The law enforcement branch of the Democratic National Committee was ordered to begin their “investigation” as a way to protect Gillum for he at the time was a rising political super star on Hillary’s short list to be her VP.
    That was the entire reason for the local FBI investigation. Which technically was over a while ago in that Miami Hotel room of fornication.
    The recent court action re: Maddox and Burnett was no more than the FBI finishing up the housekeeping. So in answer to your question yeah the FBI investigation is over.

  3. Does anyone know if the FBI has shut-down the Tallahassee corruption investigation and left town? I hope not. Even though Halloween has passed, there’s still a lot of “skeletons ” left in the city closet and a lot more over Leon County way.

  4. “Regarding the Scott Maddox trial, Matlow was asked if he felt like many do, that Maddox was convicted and now the city can move forward or is there a systematic problem.”

    I’ve lived here all my life, I know, or know of just about everyone worth knowing in this county. And I don’t know anyone that feels that way. Everyone I know feels like the Leon county machine takes care of its own… and its corruption as usual at city hall.

  5. Who wants to get elected. It is so easy.

    Spend a little money. Get a FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT (who understands governmental accounting) to analyze the budgets for the last 10 years or even 2022 budget AND YOU WILL FIND a lot of mind-blowing illegalities.

    The Commission or the elected body, mayn’t or doesn’t have the experience or governmental accounting knowledge to understand and comprehend budgets, if they did, they would ask for a line item budget to be reviewed – so they get the wool pulled over their eyes by the PRETTY PRESENTATIONS AND HOW GOOD “IT LOOKS”

  6. @ Snidely Whiplash He has 3 Locations. The two Gaines Street Pies and he has Mid-Town Pies across from What-A-Burger between Thomasville Rd and Monroe St. I like the Pizza’s, could put more Pepperoni on them though.

  7. I didn’t listen to this episode, but, based on the above summary, I’m surprised Matlow wasn’t asked about his support for the murder of, on average, 1,800 black babies a day via his “yes” vote on the recent city commission abortion resolution. Was this episode recorded before the city commission meeting on October 27? If not, did Matlow mandate that the abortion resolution not be raised during this interview?

  8. @ Snidely…

    I also heard PS talk about who might be behind the various Gender Dysphoria groups attacking the Chief. And his wrap-up on the matter was brilliant as well.

    Although Matlow, Porter, and the Mayor talk a good “local” game… their actions on the Dias seem to focus as much if not more on state and federal government partisan bloviation.

    Like I always say; No matter how you arrange the letters D E M O C R A T… it will always spell HYPOCRITE

  9. He’s doing the best he can under the circumstances and push back from the establishment. Give him a break and listen to his reasoning which is needed. This dialogue is vitally needed and keep him in office and let him represent the people instead of the connected.

  10. I would counsel Matlow and Porter to back off the police chief for his relationship with Billy Graham.

    I think the police chief made a mistake at the Amelia Island Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce junket by associating himself with State Attorney Jack Campbell. Everyone makes mistakes.

    Matlow and Porter need to reel in their liberal leftist agendas that has no relevance to what they were elected to do.

    If Billy Graham is on the police chief’s side then they have a conflict on their hands against God and they will not win. The Billy Graham Foundation is one of the most Christian Bible based foundations in the world.

    I think they need to use their energy to find a new city manager through a nationwide search.

    Having a hold over from the corruption as manager is the biggest issue facing the city at this time and no one except Matlow is showing leadership on this. Porter will follow Matlow, but the mayor needs to step-up and show some leadership.

  11. Welaunee Plantation Subdivision never should have been approved the way it was designed. Bordered by Canopy Roads that can NOT be widened was the first mistake, Building that many Homes was another Mistake.

    Doak Campbell Stadium has been under Construction for many YEARS. Why wasn’t any of those Repairs addressed during that time?

  12. A highly respected local talk show host feels Matlow and maybe that Porter woman are behind the push to cancel the Chief of Police. Now you know Conservatives dont try to cancel anyone for practising their religious beliefs thats what leftists do. Now you know Conservatives dont boycott leftist businesses but thats what leftists do. I’ve never been to either of Gaines Street Pies 2 locations for pizza but as a conservative I do not suggest anyone boycott either of the Gaines Street Pies 2 locations because Matlow, the owner, tried to cancel and perhaps force our local Chief of Police out of his job for practising his religious beliefs on his own time at a Rev. Billy Graham Retreat.
    Again Matlow’s local business has 2 locations “Gaines Street Pies” and I do not suggest anyone upset with anyone else boycott or just stop going to any leftist owned business that goes after anyone for practising their religious beliefs on their own time. Got it?
    I only wish that Porter woman had a local business we could also not boycott.

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