Invest in Fiber Broadband

The pandemic has shown us how crucial a fast, reliable internet connection is. Whether it’s online learning, remote work, or staying connected to family, we can’t keep up without it.

In 2021, it’s almost shocking that any community in the U.S. lacks access to fast and reliable high-speed internet, but that’s the reality for roughly 77 million Americans who live in rural parts of the country and don’t have a sufficient internet connection. They can access the internet, but they experience slow speeds and spotty connections. With an historic amount of money being allocated to broadband expansion, our elected representatives have the opportunity to make a smart investment in fiber broadband. Fiber, the most cutting-edge internet technology, is faster, more reliable, and worth every dollar over its lifetime. Partnering with a trusted provider in our community to deploy fiber will help our residents, students, and economy succeed for years to come.

Jim Maxwell, Vice Chairman
Floridians for Government Accountability
158 Audubon Drive
Havana, FL  32333

2 Responses to "Invest in Fiber Broadband"

  1. Well, it was a proper noun, when it meant the federal government part of the internet. But that was absorbed, along with BITnet, usenet… to create the more general internet, i.e. interconnected network of networks, government & non-profit, & private enterprise.

    But I agree with Jim Maxwell… kind of. We now have fiber-optic lines…serving us at telephone speeds, at speeds that seem and show on billing records slower than we could achieve in LANs back around 2000 merely by running router software, DNS, & BIND on a home micro-computer, and connecting with CAT-5 cables. Coax should be faster (it was in tests we ran back in the 1990s), and fiber should be several orders of magnitude (speeditude?) faster. Most important, we should have our choice of 3-5 fiber-optic telecomm service providers (including a couple created by locals; local individuals did set up limited fiber connections for government ops in the early 1990s), not be stuck with one government-blessed (crony socialist, politician dealing, kick-back) outfit.

    (Yah, I know, “Tallyburg will never need a limited-access circle freeway.” “Only a dozen people will need cellular phones.”… Heard it repeatedly on several topics for decades, though we’ve needed it since before that flyover abomination was constructed.)

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