Marco Rubio Proposing GOP Divorce from Big Business

Marco Rubio Proposing GOP Divorce from Big Business

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) called for Republicans to break from big business in policy and politics when he spoke at the National Conservatism Conference yesterday. He also penned an op-ed in the Orlando Sentinel saying America’s largest companies have peddled “anti-American ideologies” and “wokeness” which has contributed to America’s growing partisan divide.

Rubio’s comments from the conference were pared down into another op-ed posted in The American Conservative where he said if conservatives do not fight back using “corporate patriotism….we would lose America.”

“The collapse of corporate patriotism opened the door for these companies to fall for anti-American ideologies we see in the news and our workplaces. The companies that control the vast majority of America’s economic resources and curate the information we see and hear on a daily basis now say that America is a racist or sexist country. These oligarchs believe the very existence of America is fatally flawed, and they are devoting hundreds of billions of dollars to advance corporate propaganda that reflects these beliefs. They aim to remake our society, our culture, and our country. They aim to redefine what constitutes a good life in America.

For over a century these have been the tactics used by Marxists to take over countless nations and societies. If we do not fight back, we will lose America. This is not hyperbole. In fact, it is very familiar to the Americans I was raised by and those I still live among, who witnessed Marxist revolutions take over their homelands.”

Historically, the Republican Party and the conservative movement has found allies in large corporations backing free-market policies even as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement gained traction among socialist-type voters who advocated for raising corporate tax rates and “making the rich pay their fair share.” However, Rubio says the big businesses who GOP politicians previously defended, have taken on positions to appease the left-wing of American politics.

Rubio would propose requirements for large companies to ensure there is no conflict of interest between their investors and board of directors with America’s enemies, primarily the Chinese Communist Party.

After the 2020 presidential election, Rubio said the GOP needed to rebrand itself as a party for the working-class  He echoed those sentiments again in his most recent comments.

“Promising to just cut more regulations and corporate taxes that’s going to get applause from campaign donors and get some glowing coverage in media outlets focused on the stock market,” Rubio said. “But it leaves millions of hard working Americans, people who do not want a woke socialist America, it leaves them with no voice in our politics and no answers to their problems.”

Republicans have also typically found friends among business trade associations, like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, finding agreement over lower taxes and regulations for American businesses. But last year, the Chamber endorsed over two dozen Democrats, who the Chamber claimed were political centrists.

But Rubio said the way to preserve the values he believes in is to raise up a new generation of businessmen and women who believe in America.

“The ultimate way to stop the current Marxist cultural revolution among our corporate elite is to replace them with a new generation of business leaders who consider themselves Americans, not citizens of the world.

That is how we defeat this toxic cultural Marxism and rebuild an economy where America’s largest companies were accountable for what matters to America: new factories built in America, good jobs for American families, and investments in American neighborhoods and communities.

It is not too late to get it right, but we have no time to waste in restoring what has made this nation great for so many generations.”

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Grant Holcomb is a reporter at the Florida Capital Star and the Star News Network. Follow Grant on Twitter and direct message tips.

Republished with permission from the Florida Capital Star.

8 Responses to "Marco Rubio Proposing GOP Divorce from Big Business"

  1. Marco is a US senator, his “district” is all of Florida.

    I thought businesses and corporations were people? Are people not entitled to their own cultural and political views and speaking out in favor of those views? Maybe some right-wing politicians are beginning to rethink the broad powers and rights they’ve given to corporations over the last few decades.

    It’s interesting that only now Marco describes corporations as oligarchs rather than agreeing at any point over the last 20-40 years when leftists were (and still are) saying the same thing.

    And it’s only happening now because he disagrees with the direction these corporations are trending towards. A direction they are trending towards because they are following the free-market principles of “appeal to your consumer base”. Corporations have done the math and found that they can afford to lose Marco as a consumer/promoter and he’s not happy about no longer being the target audience.

    Corporations are not your friends. I’m glad conservatives have finally learned this.

  2. Marco is speaking from his feelings but he is off target with zeroing in on big business as the way to get Conservatives in control. Its so much more simple. What Conservatives have lacked is what Leftists always win with. The ground game. Conservatives should get workers out in the suburbs and in the inner cities knocking on doors and holding meetings with food giveaways like the leftists have always done. Give rides to the voting places. Stuff like that. The country is ripe for the taking if conservatives are willing to invest in a ground game like Leftists have been so successful with.
    Blaming big business is not going to bring in votes Marco.
    Marco has always been just good enough in the respect that hes not a leftist and he is useful in his own district. But Marco has reached the top of his political journey and should not be looked as a national leader with national ideas and advice. Hes just putting this out there to get reelected in his district.

  3. This is long overdue especially when both parties have sold out the American worker for massive corporate profits, the importation of cheap slave labor (especially via H1B Visas) and illegal votes. Look up the ESG rating system now in place for these corporations and banks. It stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria as a set of standards for a company’s operations that socially conscious investors use to screen potential investments. It’s a nice way of making these filthy corporations into Marxist hellholes, bullying their employees, their customers and pushing out woke trash from these Marxists. Only an America First agenda with wage and environmental parity tariffs on these evil corporations can begin to tear down these garbage woke companies.

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