Stewart: Tallahassee Democrat Ignores Federal Lawsuit Related to Gender Policy, Covers Superman’s Bisexual Son

Stewart: Tallahassee Democrat Ignores Federal Lawsuit Related to Gender Policy, Covers Superman’s Bisexual Son

The Tallahassee Democrat, who has a full-time K-12 education reporter, has yet to inform their readers about a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of a Tallahassee family related to a controversial Leon County School Board policy on gender.

However, the Gannett-owned paper found the time to inform their readers about the “Heroes of Diversity.”

Beyond the coverage of Superman’s son sexuality, the Tallahassee Democrat has scheduled a Facebook live event to dig deeper into the issue. The announcement states:

When DC Comics announced that Superman’s son was bisexual, the news was met with praise and criticism. To dive deeper into the topic, we assembled a panel of comic book fans to talk about what the changes in the industry mean. Join us for a live discussion at 1 p.m. Wednesday here on Facebook.

But what about gender issues in our local middle schools?

Tallahassee Reports has published two stories about how Deer Lake Middle School officials developed a gender transition plan for a struggling student without informing her parents. These same officials then told the parents that the had the right to keep them in the dark.

The parents have filed a federal lawsuit and have yet to be contacted by a Tallahassee Democrat reporter.

WCTV has recently covered the lawsuit.

The absence of coverage by Tallahassee’s Gannett-owned “paper of record” is alarming for a couple of reasons.

First, there is the bias issue.

You need only follow the twitter feed of the Democrat K-12 education beat writer to understand that her progressive bias might be part of the problem. However, in my view, the bigger problem is management.

You would think someone in a newsroom would say, “hey look, a federal lawsuit against the Leon County School Board, lets get someone on that.”

This did not happen and someone should take the time to explain why.

Second, you have to ask what else is the legacy media ignoring?

TR has recently written about the advocacy by school officials of a progressive cause at Montford Middle School. The advocacy was so blatant that Superintendent Rocky Hanna took action to curb the outside influence that seems to be determining policy at these schools.

E-mails clearly show the activism by district and school level officials to promote a cause at Montford. When questioned by teachers about the parent-student relationship, these teachers were told by school officials that middle school students have a right to privacy.

However, again, the Tallahassee Democrat has decided not to address this issue.

Interestingly, in both cases Superintendent Rocky went on the record supporting the parents at Deer Lake Middle School and he took action to with the Montford Middle School situation.

Coverage of these issues by the Tallahassee Democrat, and the likes of WFSU, would reveal there are common sense positions related to these divisive issues. This revelation would force our community to engage and recognize that the national divide on cultural issues does not have to define Tallahassee.

However, coverage requires an acknowledgement that what is happening is newsworthy. It also requires difficult questions for elected leaders. Without acknowledgement, there is tacit endorsement and no accountability.

On these issues that impact your middle school children, the Tallahassee Democrat has made the decision to remain silent.

For our part, this week Tallahassee Reports will attempt to get answers from the school board members about these important issues related to parental rights and the use of school classrooms to advocate for divisive causes.

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  1. Pretty sure obits are online. But since dead people seem to be voting, maybe the Tallahassee Dumbocrat thinks they can also pick up more subscribers by advertising to dead people?

  2. You guys are kicking a wounded giant while it’s down. After 30 years of subscribing to the Tallahassee Democrat, I cancelled my print subscription. Not because the paper has gone way downhill, which it has, but because they couldn’t deliver the paper to my house before 8:00 a.m., after I am long gone to work. The poor carrier covers five routes and throws the TD, WSJ, USAToday and NYTimes. He can’t leave for his route until all four trucks have come in, and many times they’re late arriving. Moreover, he has to himself stuff all the inserts on Wednesday and Sunday. I don’t want to read a morning paper at 5 in the afternoon, so sayonarra, TD. It’s almost as if they want to chase away the print subscribers and shut down the presses. Once the governor signs HB 7049, which removes the requirement that public notices be in a printed paper, another revenue source will dry up and the decline hastened. Sad to see.

    Project Veritas video exposes media bias at a Tenga (Gannett) affiliate:

    Complete with indoctrination from The Poyntless Foundation (Tampa Bay Times’ non-profit arm) advocating that objective journalism is no longer viable.


    There’s a name for journalism that lacks objectivity.

  4. To the Tallahassee Democrat, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and all our local TV stations, I stop believing you years ago and I stopped watching, also. All the mentioned have a liberal political agenda. I do trust Tallahassee Reports, Preston Scott, Ben Shapiro, and Mark Levin.

  5. @ Stanley,

    A City employee or member of the public who suspects a violation of the City’s Code of Ethics can notify the Ethics Board through the hotline by dialing 850-891-6550.

    Please report the mayor’s misuse of using WCOT to do campaign ads… a misuse of City resources (and an election violation).

    It would be a legitimate complaint and they would have to take it seriously because it is serious. You would be doing a huge public service.


  6. @ Mike L,

    Hatfield wrote an expose on Gillum and did not do a disclaimer, but was caught that Gillum had paid for the article, so this is the integrity level of Hatfield.

    The former publisher Pate screamed at me like I was a lunatic and liar because I had reported some unfairness in the editorial department, and Gabordi was worse than all of them put together.

    Reporter Jeffrey Schweers needs to go to a Woke detox center and Cotterell sold his soul to Let’s Go Brandon!

    They covered up a terrible terrible thing that Sheriff Campbell (and Jack Campbell) did and James Rosica could have exposed it, but walked away because he didn’t understand the depth of what was going on. By not exposing it he left a swath for corruption and madness to repeat itself, continue and get worse. Many, many were affected and hurt by this terrible era. Fortunately there is a God.

    I wonder when they’ll break the story and disclaim the millions and billions they are receiving from Soros, Zuckerberg, etc…to continue their bias, lies, and madness?

  7. Wow ? Is this the Pot calling the skillet black? Where are the articles about Mayor John Dailey’s bully attitude towards people he don’t like?

    When Tallahasssee went from a black City Manager & Mayor, so did the great decline in negative articles regarding City Hall…. Steve clean up your news pimping company! Thank me later

  8. I sent Hatfield an email detailing the placement of Afghan refugees in north Florida. He replied by mocking me saying he asked about any “Conair” flights coming into TLH and there weren’t any for me to worry about. The next day his paper published a story about the “much anticipated” placement of Afghan refugees in Florida.

    Bill Hatfield is a liar. And if he isn’t telling an outright whopper, he’s lying by omission. It’s the same thing.

    That’s why he had to sell his building to a storage company.

  9. My Father-in-Law, after moving to Tallahassee in 1985, said that he never saw a paper (TD) begin their editorial opinion page on the front page.

  10. Who cares, about what the TD prints or says. Moved here 40 yrs ago and they were called the mullet rapper then. Stop looking in your rear view mirror Tallahassee Reports.

  11. The TD should bump this school article up to the news editor instead of the K – 12 reporter.

    To their credit they did report on the city commissioners ID scam.

    We also need to see some reporting on the mayor’s misuse of WCOT as using it for campaign ads disguised as promoting Tallahassee.

    Whoever is over WCOT should question this and also how did this get by the city manager? Another reason why would they need to do a nationwide search for a city manager. The city manager should never allow something like this to happen to let the mayor misuse taxpayer-funded resources for a re-election campaign TV ad.

    If you are up for re-election you should be barred from using City resources to do TV ads. This is a huge, huge violation and for the city manager to allow this he should be fired immediately. But, they all look the other way, all of them…

    I think this should be sorted out in an ethic’s complaint against the mayor and the city manager.

    Keep up the excellent investigative reporting, Tallahassee Reports!

  12. The Democrat is a propaganda rag, and everyone knows it. It’s not the “paper of record”… it’s the “rag of radicals”. It only exist because of the the wealthy wackjobs who underwrite its existence in order to bloviate to the bubble of its bassawkward base. It panders to those who seek a cover for the scientific/sociological designated mental disorder known as Gender Dysphoria… while attempting to lure impressionable youth into their evil, unnatural, unhealthy, and depraved lifestyle.

    The end is near for these wackjobs, and they know it. Superman and Superqueer has ended there conversion propaganda attempt to recruit players in perversion.

    Fools are they who dismiss the reality of normalcy and God.

  13. Thank you Steve for exposing how The Tallahassee Democrat cheats its readership out of the truthful news their paying readership has the right to be informed of. And why The Tallahassee Democrat does this is to spoon feed its gullible readership only the news fit to follow their leftist narrative. Other important news…oh no The Tallahassee Democrat does not what their paying readership to know about. And why is anyone still paying The Tallahassee Democrat any money whatsoever???
    Seriously you folks still paying should find something else to read in the mornings after coffee when you are sitting on your throne taking a dooty.
    Thats why I only use The Tallahassee Democrat to check the obituaries to see if any of my friends passed on.
    Steve free us of having to do that. Start printing the obituaries.

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