Leon County Commission to Consider Workshops on Alternatives to Incarceration

Leon County Commission to Consider Workshops on Alternatives to Incarceration

The Leon County Commissioners will consider setting dates for two workshops during the upcoming meeting on November 9, 2021. The workshops will be held to discuss alternatives to incarceration for the possession of small amounts of marijuana and on the jail population.

At the October 12, 2021 meeting, the Leon County Commission directed staff to schedule a workshop on the issues.

The commissioners will hear a comprehensive report on the local jail population and related matters such as bail, reentry initiatives, and the county’s electronic monitoring program. The second workshop will immediately follow, and the commissioners will discuss alternatives to incarceration for the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

The state attorney will be invited to attend the workshop addressing small amounts of marijuana, and the sheriff will be asked to participate in the jail population workshop.

If the commissioners approve the scheduling, the workshops will be on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

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  1. As I’ve said before, I used to be in favor of legalizing drug possession. No more. As most sane critical thinking folk have seen, Big Pharma has exposed itself as a significant contributor in the ongoing de-evolution of our society with their constant push for more expensive pills and “vaccines” to get folks addicted. These are legal drugs pushed by our sick care system. Now consider legalizing pot. Today’s pot ain’t the same weed you or your parents or hippy grandparents smoked. Today’s weed is wildly more potent. Don’t believe me look at what has happened in states that decriminalized this weed. Folks, especially young ones have experienced extreme psychotic events from this more potent weed. Also, look at the out-of-control homelessness and tent cities of these states. This is how today’s legal weed dealers get folks addicted and keep customers returning, just like Big Pharma.

  2. If you don’t want to incarcerate people for small amounts of marijuana, you shouldn’t keep laws on the books that incarcerate people for small amounts of marijuana. That’s a fairly simple solution that doesn’t require workshops and never ending virtue signaling.

    The fear of retribution is how our little planet works. It kept me from skipping school and hanging out with my degenerate friends, the same way it kept the USSR from nuking us. Its axiomatic, you aren’t going to change someone’s behavior with less punishment.

  3. As I’ve noted… the only and most effective concept needed as an “alternative to incarceration” is a simple three word phrase.


    The only money to spend is on billboards stating this simple fact:


    … there… and I’ll even waive my consultant fee

  4. What the heck, we don’t enforce speed limits or other traffic laws. You can sleep on the street, loiter, j walk. you can publish lies and misinformation without penalty. You can even vote for your dead mother!

  5. BEEP BEEP…WAKE UP CALL…our Nannies are just dangling the marijuana aspect in front of the communities collective nose to avoid pushback on the other crimes the nannies woke minds really want to place in the alternatives to incarceration status. Those darn sneaky nannies do know how to play the game in this liberal minded city/county.
    I’m going to say I told you so right now: you will not like our nannies final product.

  6. This is on my Campaign Platform: The County and City Commissioners have been talking about Diversion for those who are first time offenders. I would be an advocate for that as long as they ARE first time offenders of minor offense’s BUT, I would like to make a few changes to their plan such as, the Offenders are given bigger Fines AND Community Service. The fines should be $300.00 to $1,000.00 depending on what the offense is and the age of the Offender AND include 100 to 500 Hours of Community Service. “They are given a Date that both must be met by and if they fail, they are then arrested and put into the System. If they have time to be out breaking the Law, they have time to perform Community Service. The objective is to give them a Punishment that they will have to actually work at to complete and harsh enough to make them wonder what will happen to them if they break the Law again. The Community Service could include Mowing Lawns for people who can not, Painting over Graffiti, Washing Government Vehicles, etc. If the Offender cannot afford to pay the Fine, the fine can be paid down by adding Hours to the Community Service Total and for each additional Hour performed, $10.00 will be subtracted from the Fine.”

  7. I’ve always been in favor of “decriminalizing” the possession of personal-use marijuana. I don’t see the point of ending/hampering someone’s future because you caught the with a joint. Large scale dealers and DUI is another story.

    As for local jail population and related matters such as bail, reentry initiatives, and the county’s electronic monitoring program… the solution to these issues has been, is, and remains a simple one.. to wit; DON’T COMMIT CRIME.

    It’s bad enough that we have a senile old fool residing in the White House who wants to make millionaires out of illegal aliens simply because they violated our laws by breaking into our sovereign nation… and got caught.

    Leave the crazy to the clowns in DC. Stand for law and order… or resign.

  8. The state attorney should be incarcerated himself so why would he be included in this exercise? The people less capable are now in charge…

    The rest gave taxpayer dollars to J T Burnett a now convicted felon, bought a house from J T Burnett below market value, and the sheriff gives mega taxpayer dollars to Sean Pittman, his campaign manager, under the guise of a lobbying contract… The inmates running the asylum.

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