Leon County Commission to Vote on “Shoppes at Summerfield” Proposal

Leon County Commission to Vote on “Shoppes at Summerfield” Proposal

During the next County Commission meeting, the commissioners are set to vote on the approval of the Shoppes at Summerfield within the Summerfield development.

The proposed Shoppes at Summerfield is a mixed-use commercial shopping center consisting of 42,050 square feet of non-residential building square footage within the retail-office land use component of the Summerfield PUD. The subject parcels abut both North Monroe Street and a main spine road through the development, Summerfield Drive, which bifurcates the two commercial areas of the PUD.

Summerfield Development

The Summerfield development is a 107-acre, mixed-use development located between Old Bainbridge Road and North Monroe Street, approximately four (4) miles north of the I-10 interchange.

Growth management regulations currently allows for a maximum of 148 single-family detached homes, 312 multi-family dwelling units, and either a maximum of 60,000 square feet of general office or a maximum of 58,000 square feet of retail, or a mixture of office and retail uses not to exceed 12,500 square feet per acre.

During a meeting on August 25, 2021, Summerfield submitted a final site and development plan application for the Shoppes at Summerfield.

If the shopping center is approved, the developer aims to give the area a “town square feeling,” with cohesive architecture for the shopping center, a public pavilion for gatherings, and plenty of green space for pedestrians.

The Development Services Director reviewed the application and recommended the Board approve the proposed Shoppes at Summerfield plan. The director believes it provides a creative and innovative design to support pedestrian activity in the community.

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  1. What the hell is a “community preservation area”? Is that what they call a pond now? I guess it sounds better than a storm water catchment basin…

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