Tallahassee Homes Selling Faster

Tallahassee Homes Selling Faster

The chart below shows the average number of days a Tallahassee single family home has on the market (DOM) before selling for each month over the last 37 months.

The DOM has been consistently declining since a high of 82 days was reported in November, 2018. The DOM reached a low of 22 in July 2021. The highlighted numbers in the chart refer to the DOM for the month of September over the last four years.

Also, the blue line shows the 3-month average of the DOM over the period. The DOM trend line to drops significantly beginning last spring, but has increased during the last two months. It will be interesting to see if the trend is impacting over the holiday season.

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  1. I’ll bet the surge isn’t around Lake Ella. What a mess Lake Ella is and you can thank the City Commission. Sunday, I took my dog for a ride and a walk around Lake Ella. In 1972, Lake Ella was a nice hotel that my family stayed in while we search for our new home. Late, in 1974, I worked at Lake Ella Motor Lodge as a Porter. My duties included showing guests to their room, turning on the Air Conditioning in their room and bringing them a bucket of ice. My pay was $0.75/hour plus tips. Flash forward to today, and Lake Ella is a camp ground for the homeless, covered with Goose poop, and a dumping zone for those electric scooters the city rents. It’s nasty and I bet the home owners around the place are suffering. I blame the City Council. As most typical Liberals are, they throw money at every problem instead of actually solving the problem. If I was the Mayor, I pick up all the homeless and truck them out of the city or to a shelter where I would make them work for a living. Liberals never support self-reliance. To a Liberal, it isn’t your fault that you are a failure, but you are someone the tax payer should support. Wake up, Leon County, Gadsden County and Tallahassee Residents, your local government will continue to take your money and waste it on liberal causes.

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